One of 2,954: 1976 Buckskin Corvette

I would call this cream or flesh color but in 1976 Chevrolet produced a Corvette painted in Code 64 Buckskin.  According to Corvsport, only 2,954 Corvettes were finished in this color. This car is listed for sale here on craigslist for $8,750 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This three owner car has an odometer reading of 60,000 miles.

The car appears to have damage to the nose piece but sits on stock rally wheels and cheap aftermarket tires. One nice feature is that the car is equipped with a 4-speed transmission mated up to the base L48 engine. In 1976, the L48 350 cubic inch V8 engine was rated at 180 horsepower and the optional L82 350 cubic inch V8 engine pumped out a disappointing 210 horsepower. But this was 1976 and the only US car close in power to this was the Pontiac Trans Am which could be optioned with a 200 horsepower L75 455 cubic inch V8 engine.

The seller states that the Buckskin Corvette has a new rear leaf spring and trailing arm assembly on the right side. I can’t see the interior because there are only three pictures in the ad but the car is said to be equipped with high back bucket seats, power windows, air conditioning, and some other options that are standard on the Corvette.

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  1. Howard A Member

    I knew I saw this car before, it more than likely was my 1st trucking company’s bosses car,( 1978) Paul Schmit Trucking of Brookfield. With such a low production for this color, and the fact it’s in Wisconsin, I bet it was his. Paul was a great guy, treated all his drivers like they were his sons. We were all on the lookout for that “Buckskin Corvette”, as he would drive around observing his drivers behavior on the road. I couldn’t have had a better boss for my 1st trucking job. Today, it costs thousands of dollars for sub par training, but if it was Pauls, it had nothing but the best care, assured.

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  2. Jack M.

    My Dad was looking at getting a used Corvette in 1977. We must have looked at a dozen 1976 models. I swear that half of them were this colour. They must have all ended up in Toronto. He ended up buying a black on black 1977 which seems to be the more rarer of the two colours.

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  3. Tony Primo

    Cue up the “I hate the luggage rack” comments.

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  4. CCFisher

    Only 2954 1976 Corvettes were painted “Buckskin.” All this means is that the people who ordered the remaining 43,604 1976 Corvettes had the sense to choose a more interesting color.

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    • Will Irby

      Agreed! I had a ’77 Chevy C20 (3/4 ton) pickup that had the then-popular two-tone paint job; mine was Buckskin and Saddle. It looked good on the truck, but I’m not wild about a Buckskin Corvette. Of course, there wasn’t much exciting about Corvettes of this era. An ex-girlfriend of mine had a ’77; even with the 4-speed, it was a dog.


      bad colors in 76 and the Vega wheel? did somebody spike Zora’s drink?

  5. Frank Sumatra

    $5000.00 tops after applying the $2000 “Buckskin Deduct” Can you even say “Buckskin” in public in 2020?

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    • Morgan Winter

      Yeah, I think saying “Buckskin” is still okay, but “flesh colored” is probably not…

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      • Howard A Member

        “Flesh colored” was the color of the tan crayon when I was a kid, since changed to “peach” in 1962. I bet those “flesh colored” crayons are worth more than the Corvette.

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  6. Thomas

    “and some other options that are standard on the Corvette.” Alrighty then.

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  7. JC lehman

    A guy in my hometown bought one new in this color. I never could understand why? Not on a Corvette! Maybe on a Buick

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  8. 370zpp

    fix the nose and then it goes . .

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  9. gbvette62

    “car is said to be equipped with high back bucket seats, power windows, air conditioning, and some other options that are standard on the Corvette.”

    Those “other options” the seller lists in the ad, power steering, tilt & tele column & power brakes, were all still optional in 76, like power windows and air conditioning. Steering & brakes became standard in 77, while the T & T column, windows and AC didn’t become standard till 80.

    I’m not a big fan of Buckskin, but tan was a popular car color in the late 70’s. Some shade of tan was offered on the Corvette from 76-81. Depending on the year it was known as Buckskin, Light Beige, Frost Beige and Beige. In 77 it was just called Tan, and it was one of the most popular colors, with about 4600 being sold. Buckskin wasn’t even the lowest selling color in 76. That honor fell to a color called Dark Green, that was really sort of a strange dark blue/green color, that only found about 2000 takers.

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    • Rick

      Wow, you really know your ‘Vettes. I still find it remarkable how many things were optional on even nicer cars that are just about every econobox now. My Dad had a Cadillac with crank windows.

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      • Rick Rothermel

        Some customers just wanted it that way. My dad bought one of two non-Air Conditioned, crank window ’64 Pontiac Grand Prixs sold in Huntsville Alabama that year. Traded it for an A/C equipped ’65 sedan, and the GP was sale-proof on the used lot for months.
        Later he bought a new ’69 Riviera, black bench seat interior and crank windows. I called it the ‘Road Runner’ Riv.
        Nice cars but they took a hit at trade-in.

  10. Joeinthousandoaks

    Ugliest Corvette color ever

  11. Jcs

    3 photographs.


    Why do people do this?

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  12. Stuckin2nd

    Yup. I have this same car. Same color, same year, same options, nicer wheels and tires. Probably paid too much. Mechanically runs like new. Not going to win any big prizes. My 305 hp Caddy STS will blow it away at the strip. Who cares? I get in it and it’s like a time capsule. To me it’s just fun for my wife and I to drive on a sunny day and make us smile, especially since it’s not black, red, yellow, or white like all the others. :)

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  13. Larry

    That front bumper is probably like that due to it having its original bumper. The urethane they used back then was terrible. It warped badly and eventually split, cracked and just generally fell apart.

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  14. Steve K

    I’m in Metro Detroit and I’ve seen a ton of C3s in this color over the years. Maybe some were a slightly different shade and maybe a slightly different year but very similar! I always called it “flesh tone” and it was never my favorite.

  15. 1-MAC

    You can fit a 74 true dual exhaust to this car with little trouble(frame is the same) Junk the smog junk , license as antique, and enjoy it. Amazing how you can wake up a smogged motor. Back in the day when you got the car home from the dealer, the smog trash was removed immediately.

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    • Stuckin2nd

      Did that right away to mine. Really helped out that 350. Custom fit exhaust with Magnaflows. Sounds great too.

  16. Phlathead Phil

    No matter WHAT color a Corvette is, it’ll still catch a skirt and a pair of legs.

    ‘Nuff said, or is that *uff-da?

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  17. FrankY Member

    Had a 79 was called Corvette Beige Last year they named “Corvette colors” I believe. They didn’t make that many in 79 that color either
    But it only had 43,000 miles was fun to drive and that’s all that mattered

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