Splendid in Buckskin: 1976 Chevy Corvette


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At first glance, this looks like yet another delapidated Corvette project (and it is). But there’s something a little bit special about this haggard example here on eBay, which shares space with another decrepit project car that appears to be a forlorn Trans Am. You see, this 1976 Corvette came from the factory in one of the rarer colors out there known as Buckskin Metallic, and only 2,954 were painted in this color that year. After Dark Green Metallic, it’s  the shade you’re least likely to find on a ‘Vette of this vintage. 


It sounds like this Corvette (and likely the Trans Am next to it) haven’t moved far from this garage in many, many years. The seller even says he heard the car run but has never driven it. And while the paint code may be the special sauce that makes this a compelling buy for the Corvette collector, the body has had its share of damage that’s stripped away that hard-to-find beige finish. A bunch of extra parts are included, from body panels to seat covers, which gives this Corvette all the classic indications of a project that began with high hopes but fizzled out.


Frankly, there’s very little indication aside from the build sheet that this car was painted Buckskin. Plus, at least the door and rear tail panel have been replaced with pieces from a black car, so there’s no shortage of stories with this L82-powered Corvette. But as someone who is guilty of being swayed by rare color combos, I would absolutely understand another hobbyist buying this beleaguered and butchered C3 for the pleasure of stripping it bare and re-applying coat after coat of OEM Buckskin paint.


I *think* I can spot some original paint above the rear fender, and possibly on the passenger door – but that may be wishful thinking. As an automatic-equipped car, this isn’t a super desirable C3 for its mechanical configuration, but that Buckskin paint code may give someone an itchy trigger finger as the listing winds down. The Buy-It-Now is high at $5,000; however, it may open the door to a conversation about acquiring both of these forgotten project muscle cars. What do you think?

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  1. edh

    That was a rare color for Corvettes?
    Does rare mean all over the place and ugly as hell? I think that people who owned the orange ones were happy that at least they didn’t buy that dookie brown.

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    • edh


      OK I Googled the color, it’s beige not brown. This car looked more brown to me.

      I’d rather have the orange that this but not the brown.

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  2. The Chucker

    The epitome of 1970’s GM yuk. Nothing says gold chain like a flesh colored 1976 Corvette.

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  3. Joe Emmert

    A 1976, almost nothing desirable for that year, rare color or not. Underwater from day 1.

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  4. Bobsmyuncle

    Or since this is a terrible year for the model just paint any better condition Corvette the colour you desire.

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  5. Rock OnMember

    With all of the pigeon droppings in and on that car……. Better bring a fumigator before the painter.

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  6. Bill

    “Give me the ugliest color on the lot” says buyer in 1976.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember


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  7. sparkster

    That’s a ” I don’t like to wash my car ” color. I’m more interested in the Trans Am next to it . Perhaps a 1978 Martinique Blue Trans Am ?

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  8. Vince Habel

    I was selling these at the time and we had trouble getting rid of this color.

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  9. Tom Evans

    I have one. The paint is faded but original. Engine is upgraded with cam and higher compression, glass packs. Fast & Loud. Thought about painting it black, but I like it just fine as is. Has that Desert Storm look.

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    • redwagon

      i was wondering where id seen that color before. spot on – humvee

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    • Barzini

      I like most of the special order paint – including this one – because of the way they stand out.

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    • Chebby

      This is not a color that I usually care for, but I have to say your car looks cool Tom. Which is the most correct shade, the bumper or the body?

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    • Barry T

      I wonder how many of these sold back then as I do not recall ever seeing one that color.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Pretty car Tom.

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  10. SunbeamerStu

    Wow. All the hate.

    Makes me more interested in this one. I prefer the oddballs.

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  11. DolphinMember

    In fairness, I think brown/beige must be one of the least liked colors on any make of car, not just Corvettes. I could be forgetting some counter-examples, but I don’t recall ever seeing a make / model of car that came with a large percentage in those finished.

    But from Tom Evans’ photo I can see that some people might like the desert storm look, maybe especially in the Southwest.

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  12. stevee

    There is an old saying: want a red car, buy one. If you do not want a red car, do not buy one. Remember Mercedes and Volvo of the same period? Pea soup green, old gold and shades of tan– very popular and desirable colors now!

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  13. scott

    What with the anemic hp from mid 70’s engines, there can be only one fate for this Vette-Restomod!

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  14. Joe

    There’s a reason why Buckskin was a rare color on C3 vettes.

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  15. Mark S

    There is plenty that can be done to these 70’s engines to get more pony’s out of them. Roller cams and lifters, shaved heads, bigger valves, rejetted carb, offset cam sprocket pin, different distributor weight springs. These are just a few ways to get it going faster. The paint on the other hand would have to change. In this case rare does not mean valuable. I guess the one thing I don’t get is the seller goes to the trouble of storing these two cars in a building out of the elements but doesn’t stop the flying rats other wise known as pigeons., not only does he let them crap all over them but he also thinks it’s a good idea to leave the tee tops off. I just don’t get it how can you leave your cars to go to crap like that.

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  16. Dave Hollen

    While it’s true Buckskin was a low production color – it’s a shade that was part
    of the 70’s. I have a 76 in Buckskin – and hate it all you like – it’s a very nice example and is being well taken care of. Will it ever be worth any money ?? Who knows…… but for what I paid for it – I’m going to hang onto it and take my chances.

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    • JeffAuthor

      Dave, I actually love the color. Folks in the know realize that this “Desert Storm Sand” tone is all the rage right now. Many of the Jeep products are being shown at the big shows in this color, and the Toyota FJ Cruiser was an absolute smash success in “Sandstorm Metallic.” Sorry so many guys think it’s ugly, but today’s buyers feel otherwise.

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    • Roger

      My Dad has one. He worked at GM Design. We only had it for about a year ( It wasn’t a family car! ) being 15 at the time, I hated to see it go. I always wondered what happened to it. I was able to trace it to Virginia in December of 1991.

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    • ROAR

      For all the sniveling, Vetts are the BEST buy in the world for a super car! Not only have they long been top competition on course but can be inexpensively maintained by an intelligent owner, try that on a XJS!

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    • ROAR

      WHO wouldofthot that a 54 vett with a six and AT would be worth more than a case of beer?? Yes– the 76 AND every Vett will be worth good money–in time. They’re Americas sports car-for better or worse!

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  17. Gary K

    The only year Corvette I ever owned was a ’76, Black on Black, bought it right many years ago, did not like it enough to keep for long and actually traded it even up for a low mileage ’86 Camaro Berlinetta. Camaro was trouble free and a great driver for 4+ years, sold it for a newer Silverado P/U. If I ever own another Corvette it would have to be a mid sixties roadster.. I also agree with Mark S how can you just leave your car in that setting and just let it go to crap over the years?

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  18. Nessy

    Buckskin rare on a 70s Corvette? What? Every other Corvette on the streets in the 70s/early80’s was Buckskin. In LA, everyone wanted the Buckskin color or silver. The next hot color was that orange. The New York City guys went for that dark brown or the dark green. You never saw a red Corvette the way you do today. There is a Buckskin 77 Corvette that I see parked almost every Friday night at our local car cruise night. It always seemed like every other Corvette was painted Buckskin. Yucky color.

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  19. JackT

    That’s not bird poop, it’s “patina!”

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  20. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    My worst ever deal was trading a Camaro for a Corvette, a slightly more attractive 78 to this 76, but the real dumb part is it was a 1968 Camaro convertible, what was I thinking? As fate would have it, the Silver Anniversary painted Vette impressed my current wife, something a grey primered convert Camaro probably wouldn’t have. Oh to have a time machine.

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  21. Ty

    In 1976 I bought a Buckskin Corvette off the Showroom floor in South Carolina, loved the car and the color…. but traded it for a family vehicle.

    I have always wanted to find that car someday.

    Now I just located a 1976 Buckskin Corvette with Buckskin interior and will be buying it this weekend.

    When kept clean with clean black walls this color actually shows off the beautiful shape of the 1976 Corvette.

    Locally the guy that owns the only 1976 Corvette in Buckskin is currently taking all the trophy first place in our local shows and meets.

    People are attracted to the Buckskin color as they walk past red, white, blue etc. Corvettes to get to his to vote for his.

    I have tried buying it several times and he will not sell….so now finally I will have one of my own.

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    • Roger

      Looking for my dads 76 Buckskin. 430595 I think it is in Virginia now, painted red

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  22. Classic Steel

    Good luck with the histoplasmosis from the bird droppings..

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