One of 544: 1987 Chevy Camaro Z28 Convertible

To some extent, the listing for this 1987 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 convertible gets into the weeds of what makes a car rarer than the next, or when options begin to make a vehicle a one-of-nine or other variables that make its production more limited. Still, it can hardly be denied that drop-top Z28s pop up for sale fairly infrequently, and this one looks like of the better cars that the seller says is made rarer still for being optioned with leather. Find it here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $13,900, a $2,000 price reduction from its last listing.

While I generally find some ASC-converted vehicles to be less desirable than their factory form, this is a very nice looking convertible conversion. The soft top is nicely hidden away, and that hard tonneau cover is a nice, slim design – none of those ungainly aftermarket creations that swallow up three quarters of the rear deck lid. The seller notes mileage is low at just 56K, and that of the 744 convertibles made, 544 were Z28s.

The interior is holding up incredibly well, and the period cell phone is a nice touch. The seller makes a point of mentioning that 1987 was the only year with vertical stripes on the door panels and also the only year a Ford-sourced part was used for the third brake light. This is the kind of thing that drives people nuts when a seller is establishing rarity based on some very minor details, but I suppose some enthusiasts might prefer this style interior.

The seller notes that the second owner acquired it just six months after the first owner was given it as part of winning a raffle. Since then, it seems to have been gently used as a fair-weather driver, as this Camaro didn’t receive undercoating from the dealer and is still said to be super clean underneath. The carburetor-equipped 305 is said to run well and is paired to an automatic transmission. With clean styling and cheap upkeep, this is a rare convertible that’s easy to live with.


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  1. NotSure

    The 305 is uninspiring but it’s a nice looking car. I prefer the lines on this one compared to the 1979 from last week. I haven’t delved the into the pricing but I wouldn’t be embarrassed to drive this!

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  2. TimS Member

    Really should have included a photo with the top up. It doesn’t look like a cartoon car in that state, as so many conversions do. Unless there’s an unpleasant surprise waiting underneath that cover.

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  3. Bakyrdhero

    I really like this car. I like third gen F bodies in general and convertibles are always a plus for me. Looks like maybe a paint chip around the right light housing. Are this seats leather or vinyl? Looks like vinyl. The crooked license plate bothers my inner OCD. Nice car, but is the price a little high for a non IROC car?

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    • TinCanSailor

      The crooked license plate bothers my inner OCD. – Glad to see I’m not alone!

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  4. jw454

    I’m in as long as it includes the “brick” of a mobile phone! That makes it so authentic. I had an ’88 T-top. It was a great little car.

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  5. erikj

    These 3rd gen. camaro are starting to get wanted. I bought a black and gold 84 z-28 It was a 305,5spd preety decent. That was 2005 Paid $275 at auction. I think it would be fun to pull the motor and drop a pumped up 350 in one of these. Like taking an animek(sorry for the spelling)mid-late 70s vette and simply pop in a nicly preped. 350. Instant fun!!!

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    • firemedic2714

      The bad news is the T5 5 speed trans. can’t handle the torque of a 350. The good news is, at least in 1992, the 305/T5 combo had the same rated horsepower that the 350/700R4 did.

  6. OhU8one2

    Rare because of having leather? Really, you hook us in with being rare and its because of leather. While reviewing the seller’s photo’s I noticed the license plate in the rear was crooked, I just hope everything said and the sale goes smoothly. Ya know the first Mustang’s sold had a bench seat available. But they didn’t hardly sell. Bet if you find a Mustang with that rare bench seat you’ll really have something. What if that seat was covered in “Pony” interior? Now that is something that truely would be rare. Would I want it? No way………

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    • Bakyrdhero

      I believe it’s rare because only 744 Camaro convertibles were made for 1987 and 544 of those were Z28’s..I don’t know about the leather, but those numbers alone make it rare.

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  7. Bestguest

    Is it just me or does the old 80’s phone still look boss ?

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    • Bakyrdhero

      Whenever I see those old phones still mounted I think of the movie Wall Street. Total boss phone.

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  8. AndyinMA

    No power, shoddy build quality, mullet reputation – I’LL TAKE IT! I grew up in the early 80’s and I can’t help it, I yam what I yam.

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  9. Miguel

    I don’t remember that short third brake light being what was used on these cars.

    Chevrolet, by 1987, had the longer CHMSL in the real spoiler and at least on the 1988 model, they used that one.

    I don’t know if they used the one on this car in 1987. It seems odd they would go look for a different light when one was made by Chevrolet.


      That is the correct CHMSL for the ’87.

  10. mark

    Lately on here it seems as though every vehicle featured is some rare make, model, trim, special experimental car that left the factory by mistake or whatever. Starting to wonder if there are any “non-rare” cars left on the road?

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  11. Shingo

    Apparently 1987 was also the only year for the license plate on a diagonal.

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    The 1987 IROC Z28 Convertibles were the 20th Anniversary Editon.

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      Also the only year the IROC was an IROC Z28.

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  13. Sundaydriver

    This one does not have the phone, but it does have a five speed!

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    • firemedic2714

      This one is an even rarer Trans Am. It has what’s left of the mount for a phone and it’s also a 5-speed. I know the carpet’s atrocious. I have a brand new one ready to go in. I just need the time to do it. The steering wheel’s going, too.

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