One Of A Kind Custom? Ferrari Dino GT Replica

This Ferrari Dino replica is one of the more convincing spoofs we’ve seen of a supercar in kit car form. The details are executed to a high level, seemingly, and the equipment speaks to a car with sporting intentions. The seller describes it as “one of a kind” custom, but it’s hard to tell whether it’s truly one-of-one or a popular kit that he’s added his own personal touches to. Whatever the case, it finally addresses a common lament I have about nearly every kit car: the owner actually invested in a wheel and tire combo that fits the gigantic rear flares. Find it here on eBay with one bid to $20K and a Buy-It-Now of $25,900.

I’m impressed there’s already a bid to that number, as it’s a lot of cash to shell out for a kit car, even one as cleanly executed as this example. Now, as I mentioned earlier, every kit car – from the Bradley to the Kelmark t0 the Laser – misses one major detail, and it has to do with how the typically wide rear haunches often still house a wheel and tire package more appropriate for the Beetle chassis the kit is inevitably based on. Not here: the seller mentions how he installed a likely pricey staggered set up of 345/35ZR/15s in the rear and 225/50R/15s in the front. They look awesome, with the rears sporting some major dish.

The details are surprising, as kit cars usually reveal some disappointment in the lack of finish work. This Dino replica has a very sporting interior with deep racing bucket seats, a custom gauge cluster, Ferrari-style gated shifter, and matching trim on the console and door panels. The Ferrari badges are a bit over the top, especially since even a real Ferrari wouldn’t have a cheap badge on the dash, but it seems you can’t get away without finding these custom touches on kit car-based replicas. It also has a push button start and functional side windows.

Now, the engine is a question mark, as I don’t see where the seller mentions its origins anywhere in the listing. Perhaps one of you will recognize it just by looking at it, but the details make it sound intriguing. Among the high-performance touches are an electric supercharger and custom exhaust. The engine has been recently rebuild with a new clutch installed, and the four-speed manual is said to shift smoothly. Air shocks are utilized in the rear, with coilovers up front. The carburetor, starter, and electric fuel pump are all new as well. This is as compelling of a case for kit car ownership as I’ve ever seen – do you agree?


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  1. Tony Primo

    “Sure it has an electric supercharger, I bought it from the same guy that sells the dilithium crystals “.

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  2. doug

    It’s a VW air cooled engine. I have owned VWs for over 50 years and would be ashamed to drive this great looking car.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    I don’t see 25 grand here but also could see that the guy could have spent that mich building this. One bid could be a friend of the seller. Anyhoo, know what you are buying…I’m thinking that you would need to look at this and drive it before you buy. UNknown how the floorpan is. Looks like a Ferrari but is a vw. Caveat emptor. Think Enzo would frown at this.
    Stay safe and u washa u hands

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  4. Vegaman Dan

    Bulider went to a lot of trouble putting this together, but things like the chipped paint exposing yellow underneath in the engine compartment, bungee cord holding parts up in that same engine area, and the heavy Ferrari labeling seems to negatively affect this vehicle.

    I would be sorely tempted to see if an Toronado or even a Fiero drivetrain setup could be fit into this. Something other than a Bug rattler. I like VW Beetles- I want one, but their very distinctive sound is not what I want to hear coming from this vehicle.

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  5. Unsagacious

    Let me grab my toupee and rush right over!

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  6. ken tilly UK Member

    Surely it would take more than a fairly standard VW engine just to drive those massive rear tyres, let alone get some performance out of the car??

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  7. CCFisher

    The fit of the passenger side door screams “KIT CAR!!”

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  8. Bryan

    Hate to say it, but it’s a gussied you Kelmark GT. Pretty car in its own right, but still a kit car.

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    • Bryan

      Gussied up…

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  9. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    It needs at least 4, if not 8, more cylinders…

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  10. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Wouldn’t want it at any price. It’s horrendous.

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  11. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Wouldn’t want it at any price. It’s horrendous.

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  12. Robert May

    Subaru boxer engine should be ok with this one.

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    • jerry z

      Or even a Corvair engine.

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  13. Michael Streuly

    Electric superchargers are a scam they don’t work. If that guy selling the car thinks that it’s worth 20k he is delusional.

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  14. Wayne B

    More Porsche 904 replica than Dino

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  15. J_Paul Member

    I would like this so much more if it didn’t have a single Ferrari badge on it — then it could just be an interesting kit car instead of a pretend Prancing Horse.

    And let’s be real here — while the styling is certainly influenced by a Dino, there are too many differences for it to be truly convincing.

    And $25,000 is just crazy.

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  16. Retired Stig

    The problem with all these kit “replica” things with VW engines, is that ‘starting the engine bit’. Every even semi knowledge car guy within earshot starts laughing.

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  17. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member


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  18. angliagt angliagt Member

    Maybe I’ll put some Ferrari badges on my Miata.
    Would that confuse people? At least it’s Red.

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    • J_Paul Member

      Nah. As seen on this site, the only path is to turn it into an Alfa Romeo…

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  19. hatofpork

    Hope the timing gear is metal and not fiberfab!

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  20. VW guy

    “Hair dryer supercharger”!! Laughable
    Been watching this for awhile now. I’ve seen so few of these done “right”
    IMHO worth MAYBE $7500.00. It’s unfortunate if he needs that much to get his money out of it.

    • UK Paul 🇬🇧

      Agree $7.5k feels right.
      Pull the badges off and have some fun.
      Then it makes sense.

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  21. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Fun Fact: The mount used to hold that fire extinguisher is made for stationary (in a home or business) use. In the event of even a moderate impact (perhaps
    riding over a bumpy road while cornering) it will Let Go of the bottle.

    Pretty likely someone could be hurt, even without being injured by the crash itself. Yea, you don’t install that sort of setup in a car.

    And the drum brakes, and… Plus 1 to most of what everyone else has said.

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  22. H5mind

    Two years ago I passed on a real Ferrari 308 with a snapped timing belt. Would have needed some valves and maybe more, but it was $15K. Did I mention it was a real Ferrari? This kit thing is almost certainly a shill bidder situation.

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  23. Reckless

    Sorry BF but have to strongly disagree about built to a high standard.. Looks more like built in the parking lot of home depot with bits from the dumpster. $2500 for the motor, trans and wheels… maybe.

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  24. Ron

    I count about 20 Ferrari emblems, prancing horses. I would doubt even real Ferrari’s tout that many badges. I guess he needed two on the bonnet just in case you miss one of them.

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      And those aren’t cheap, if they’re the real deal! A friend went to the Ferrari dealership and bought two of the crests for his Polaris Slingshot (don’t ask..🙄) at $153 each. The script inside the cabin and outside on the car range from $225 to $650, and the wheel discs are $185.

      Could it be that the seller’s asking what he is based on these, maybe?😆

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      • Clipper

        Cheap repros are available…

      • UK Paul 🇬🇧

        There is a fairly new Porsche Cayenne in the UK in red with Ferrari badges.
        Ironically it looks more like a Ferrari than a Porsche U think.
        It was for sale a few months back.
        Weird as it was a highest value Porsche.

  25. Adam

    These kelmarks were the kit car industries first attempt at a Dino replica…. and it shows. If someone is looking into buying or building a Dino then they should research the Magnum gt from the late 80s. Much much better build quality and the body is just about a mm for mm copy of a real Dino.

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  26. Clipper

    A…sad joke. With a non-VW engine, and all the writing and badges removed…and all the fit/finish issues resolved and painted, well, anything but Ferrari red…it still wouldn’t be worth the ask. It will “sell” for $20k and then get mysteriously and immediately reposted.

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  27. JudoJohn

    I had to laugh out loud when I saw the pics. The homemade shroud with the prancing horse on it, the blue bungee cord, and a VW type 1 engine. The interior is quite horrendous.

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  28. Paul Linton

    Did no one notice the nice blue sock hiding something behind the bungee cord?Class touch.

    • Clipper

      That’s a nylon blue mesh cable sleeve, a la Pep Boyz… behind the factory bungee cord :)

  29. DonC

    The Bungee cord is there in case the fan belt fails! Or was it pantyhose that you can use? I forget…….

    I can’t imagine having people all googled-eyed over this and then you turn the key and the laughter starts

  30. Jaker76

    Kinda sort of somewhat looks like a Dino but really looks like a kit car that someone is dreaming it might sell!!! For that kinda money don’t think so! Save the money and put it towards something real!

    • UK Paul 🇬🇧

      Good point.. 25 grand buys a lot of cool cars.
      What would you guys spend 25k on?

      • Clipper

        The list of $25k alternatives is crowded, and all are well ahead of this example.

      • UK Paul 🇬🇧

        True Clipper. My bucket list is so large I wouldn’t know where to start.
        I used to only buy Audi’s and Porsche’s so it was simple. Then I got into BMW’s and Mercs.
        Got stung by both and sick of depreciation on new cars so ended up with Hondas and all sorts for a while so have lost the brand loyalty.
        Have always had a 8 – 10 year old Range Rover so maybe a run out Autobiography L322 but I do miss a convertible.
        Best convertible for $25k?

      • BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

        Whatever ‘The Prisoner’ drove Paul.

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  31. Ward William

    26k for a frickin beetle ?? WTF.

    At least here in Brazil they often put the water cooled VW 1.8 AP in them and then add some whoop ass to it so it drops around 180-200 horsies.

    Bolts right into the beetle GB with an adapter plate and has the advantage of actually sounding like a real engine.

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Now THAT would be a kickin’ Beetle! Talk about a modern rendition of a Q-Ship..

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  32. SubGothius

    And not just any Jap bike, but a 50cc moped.

  33. PimpDaddy

    He probably has $30,000 into it but that doesn’t mean it’s worth $30k!!!! or $20k for that matter. Can’t even imagine the sound of a bug coming from a Dino?? Disgusting…

  34. DayDreamBeliever Member

    As for it being too slow…. Never underestimate pretty much ANY engine platform, especially one as popular and long-lived as the VW Boxer.

    I’ll just leave this here….

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