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homemade on trailer

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Sometimes you just don’t know what might show up and what is out there. This is a strange one and we honestly don’t know much about it. Listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri is this “Home-made Car” that is based on a ’64 Pontiac. It’s currently sitting on a trailer in Jacksonville, Illinois with an asking of $2K.

Homemade int.

The body of this car is crafted out of steel. Gary, the owner, says he had to make up a title for the make, model and year for the ad, which he did. He decided to call it the 1935 Colorado.

Homemade left side

Gary says there is a Pontiac V8 under the hood that is paired to an automatic transmission. There is even A/C and power steering in this creation. There is also a rumble seat with an access door on the right side of the car. The rust under said door looks pretty bad, but thankfully the body is pretty flat and should make fixing this spot relatively easy.

Homemade rear on trailer

The owner has the doors and trim for the car.  The price is firm and trades won’t be considered. Gary says to bring cash and a trailer. The transaction will involve a bill of sale only, as the title is missing. OK, we are just passing the information along and it has been posted here many times that there is a butt for every seat. We don’t know who, when or where this car was produced, but there surely has to be a good story behind it. If you want a one-of-a-kind that isn’t made of fiberglass, this might be a great chance to have something unusual. What a lucky day! You might be able to learn more if you contact Gary.


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. sunbeamdon

    Needs to have “cowhide seats” to go with the power steer-ing???)

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  2. Mark S

    Well Nice idea but to many zero’s in the price. This would be quite the challenge for some one with ambition and skills. Good luck to the buyer.

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  3. Mark E

    I wonder how many calls he’s gotten about if the trailer is included? For $2k that would be about right…

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    • RobertAuthor

      Mark E,

      The owner said to bring cash and a trailer. You have to bring your own and it appears he is keeping his.

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  4. hhaleblian

    saweet trailer

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  5. Wayne

    Looks very similar to the 6×6 1952 Studebaker army truck in an earlier posting

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  6. brakeservo

    Not home made at all – produced in the Philippines as an alleged “1930 Rolls-Royce replica” but pretty hokey if you ask me. I do remember a guy in Albany Oregon about 25 years ago that had one and was adamant that it was an actual 1930 Rolls-Royce that had been fitted with a Pontiac engine! You gotta wonder just what rock these guys crawl out from! They show up every so often on eBay too, they must have made quite a few of them.

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  7. Wayne

    Yes, and pigs fly.

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    • Thorsten Krüger

      At a certain stage: if no knowledge – only keep your mouth shut That helps.

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  8. brakeservo

    Simple google search for Philippines Rolls Royce Replica turns up photos of examples of these cars in much better shape than the one featured here –
    apparently built by Cencio & Sons.

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  9. brakeservo

    Another view – clearly took design cues from the Excalibur and American “Neo-Classic” school of design . . . just can’t imagine any sighted person really mistaking these for a 1930 Rolls-Royce!

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  10. AMCFAN

    Seems ole Gary just bought the car off ebay for only $480 on October 29th. Way to go Gary ebay item # 191721715925 Whatta guy! Wonder why he is selling it so soon and at such an inflated price? Can’t outrun the information highway that of the internet. Flippers beware

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    • brakeservo

      Why do we beat up on flippers? I know I flip finds when I can, and I suspect nearly all the readers of this site do too. For myself, I try to do it honestly and honorably, which means I don’t make stuff up just to try to sell something. Example – I once found an old Bentley Mark VI that spent 20 years under an oak tree – yet I was still able to get it to run and drive. We all know how bad a car that spent two decades under a tree will look so when I advertised it on eBay I advertised as a “Bentley Four-Door Coupe” and went on to explain “You may wonder how it can have four doors and be a Coupe? Well the answer is simple – it looks and smells as if chickens have been living in it for years!!” Yes, it was a flip but the buyer was happy – he even DROVE it back to Chicago from Portland, Oregon and he certainly couldn’t complain that the description had been embellished or exaggerated in any way. For what it’s worth – here’s a tip to my fellow flippers – NEVER exaggerate or or mis-reprepresent the condition of a car – even though most sellers do. But if your buyer shows up and finds it’s actually nicer than he expects, he will always buy and for your full asking price as well. Good example – I bought a ’67 Buick convertible. Nice all original car but I sort of underplayed the description when I advertised and described it. Buyer shows up from California. Says he needs to talk to his wife first. I overhear him from around the corner saying to his wife “Honey, this is better than I expected, if I don’t buy it now, the next guy to see it will.” When he finished his phone call and walked around the corner to make a lower offer, I simply smiled and said, “Well, gee, there’s another guy scheduled to come see it tomorrow if you don’t buy it . . . ” He paid my full asking price and went away happy. And that is the way to sell cars!

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  11. Wayne

    Probably regained his sight

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  12. sunbeamdon

    Thanks Wayne – that put a smile on my face with my Sat am coffee!

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  13. Jason Houston

    They only made ONE? That’s one too many.

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  14. MikeW

    It pays to read BARN FINDS. Better than Google, great info, thanks BRAKESERVO

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  15. AMCFAN

    Mr. brakeservo I feel your rant is targeted to me. So sorry for calling out this same car was just bought off of ebay weeks ago for $480. Then without doing anything and infact still on the trailer now he wants $2000. Good for him. Maybe it wouldn’t seem so blatent if he would have at least stopped at a car wash on the way home and get the dirt and mud off of it to see what you are buying. It might justify the new asking price. To each their own. My point was mainly toward the internet. making it harder to flip cars. Just as with a rusted or burned vehicle with a posted vin later shows up as fully restored. Those interested looking on the net may turn up some interesting history. I have bought cars on the web myself and no matter if the seller is honest and telling the truth on condition I take it with a grain of salt. I do like to know interesting history but that is it. Chances are if I am looking at say a 1970 AMX I know more then the seller. I have bought cars with only a few pics and have relied on what I know. So I always get the same result. It is important for ANY buyer to look and study a vehicle and do not rely on an honest seller unless you are buying from the Pope

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