One-Off Hatchback? 1973 Eckler’s Corvette

I recently had the opportunity to write up a funky Corvette wagon, and although this hatchback Vette is similar, it derives its design from a very different place. To quote the seller, “Today, Eckler’s sells aftermarket parts for a variety of different models from different manufacturers, but back in the ’70s it was all Corvettes all the time.” This Corvette was taken from the factory when new and converted by Eckler’s into the mean-looking hatchback it is now. Though it was restored three years ago, the car retains its custom silhouette. Find it here on eBay in Michigan with a starting bid of $7,500 and no reserve! 

Under the hood sits a 383 that was built and installed at the time of restoration and for which the seller has $18,000 of receipts! Though the seller posted no numbers, the car is said to be very fast on the track and has yet to be beat. It is unclear what this car had under the hood when in the possession of Eckler’s, but I would imagine it wasn’t quite this powerful.

The interior of the car is certainly set up for drag racing, minus the lack of safety equipment. As stated in the ad, “This is a no joke grab you by the seat of your pants car. its not for the inexperienced driver. This is a full on drag car and must be driven as such.Has line locks and will float the front tires @ 9 grand release.”

This hatchback Corvette is unique with very cool history. It was featured in a few catalogs, so it would be fun to compare the current car to what it looked like when it was originally done up by Ecklers! Regardless of what the seller spent three years ago (around $60k), someone is going to get a deal here. There is too much information provided in the listing to cover here, so be sure to check out the ad!

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  1. LAB3

    The width of the rear tires makes it look rather cartoonish but you need that kind of meat for a good launch. Some add on wheel flares are better looking than others but adding them tees off the purists, which is my only complaint with this car since it has none.

    • Cben

      I wonder how upsetting it was to have a drag car with no cage or anything else for safety. All you could do at the strip is park and watch other guys actually running their cars lol.

  2. Ron E Bee

    I’d love one of these hatchbacks, I just think they are sooooo cool.

  3. John T

    The hatchback for some reason just does not look right, but it does seem to add some useful practicality. Still, I can not imagine bringing it for the Home Depot run unless they are having a car show. According to the number$, it appears that the poor seller is going to take a beating on this one.

  4. jw454

    I wonder how they talked all the necessary engineers and laborers to come in to work on the fourth of July 1973 to build this car?

    • LAB3

      They went to the old school, the boss needs you and you show up, no questions asked. The UAW made sure you got a fat shift premium for giving up your personal life and you made it up to your family once a sales slowdown or model year changeover at the plant allowed you some time off. Growing up in Detroit in the 60’s and 70’s we went for long periods sometimes without seeing much of dad, but lived large when we did.

  5. Show73 show73 Member

    Don’t know where he spent 60K, not on the paint job, it’s not very nice.

  6. King Al

    How come the seats looks so rough for a car with only 2.5K miles?. Just another run of the mill 70s Vette that was mutilated by an aftermerket company, and subsequent owners. Maybe somebody can get this train wreck cheap for their kids to drive to high school and to their evening job bussing tables at Golden Corral.

    • AMCFAN

      HaHa King Al for sure!

      But the kid bussing tables or pushing burgers will still have to hit you up for the insurance……and then probably the gas. It will be all fine until the newness wears off. Then bitch about the thing getting so freakin hot on the inside with little to NO working A/C or can’t haul his friends etc etc.

      I’ll bet he will be back driving your Camry in no time then the plastic fantastic will be in your driveway with yet another for sale sign and looking for a Honda Civic!

  7. gbvette62

    There seems to be a few things in the seller’s ad, that just don’t add up.

    As the seller says in his ad, Eckler’s brought the hatchback kit out in 1976. I know this is correct, because a friend of mine installed one of the very first kits, on his new mahogany red 76 Corvette.

    The ad talks like this was a new 73 converted by Eckler’s, to promote the hatch. He talks about it being shown at the 73 NCCC Convention, but how is it that they were able to show this car with a hatch in 73, when they didn’t offer the hatch until 76? Also, the rear bumper on the car is a 75-79 design, which would have been pretty hard for Eckler’s to get a hold of in 73.

  8. Pa Tina

    1982 Collector Edition is a better way to get a hatchback.


    Love it, but I’m a Vette guy.

  10. Tueboomni

    The hatchback has an added advantage to accommodate the new modern collapsible walkers for those not yet wheel chair bound.

  11. Troy S.

    This vette looks like it can get up and go.The engine maybe a stroker motor and all that but it is not overdone with a tunnel ram or some stupid blower sticking up. 9000 rpm launches seems pretty extreme.

  12. Jack H

    I am glad that someone else noticed the back end is not a 1973. 1973, was the first, to have an extended nose.( plastic), And a flat backside!!!I am SO,oooooo Confused!!!

  13. Keith Keith

    The owner claims this is a 9 second quarter mile car but if you look at the picture (on EBay) of the car at the drag strip, the windshield is marked with 12.39? So which is it? a 9 second car or a 12.39 second car? Big difference! I’m sensing a little B.S. here…..

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    • Wayne

      Me too……9-second car with no roll cage? Where’s it running that allows that to happen?

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  14. Charles G Van De Sampel

    I personally knew old man Eckler when I was a kid. He lived a few blocks from me in Rock Island, and had his first shop on Airport Road in the next town over of Milan, IL. A day never passed that he didn’t have his garage full of parts. Later when he moved it all out to Milan, his business just bloomed. Vette’s everywhere. Even though they are not my cup of tea, he did push and fuel my interests into body repair and modifications using fiberglass.

  15. R.hernandez

    Nah…and why!?.the hatch looks like it came off a Monza.and the window is huge for a vette.

  16. jaymes

    errh, hideious, sorry

  17. rbtempe

    I’d take it as a toy for cheap but that’s it. I don’t see any collectible value as it sits.

  18. bobby c

    i personally witnessed the car being restored and all by my father and can confirm the buyer did NOT pay 60k for it and it was in fact a 12 second car and not a 9 second car. The car was originally white and the interior was rotted out from sitting in a barn before my father got to it. thats why everything is the way it is. nothing else has been done to it since my dad and i restored it.

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