One-Off Vruck: 1982 Ford Econoline

While not the prettiest thing on four wheels, this 1982 Ford Econoline – now affectionately referred to by the seller as a “vruck” – looks eminently useful in its modified state. Painted a lovely shade of mint green with a brown interior, the former Econoline sports a Ford pickup bed that’s been artfully integrated to the cab of the original van. Find it here on craigslist for $2,500 needing a few repairs and reportedly containing much bondo.

While the presence of body filler is no surprise, the modified Econoline cab doesn’t look half bad when you consider how much of the original body was chopped off. At least, that’s what I think happened, judging by how close the former barn door glass is to the front passenger compartment. Regardless, I like that it has an actual pickup bed and not the former van interior serving as a luggage compartment.

The driver’s area looks exactly as you’d expect an Econoline interior to look, with captain’s chairs and a column shift automatic. The seller notes it needs a new oil pan gasket and tires, in addition to suffering from rust, peeling paint, and the aforementioned body filler. You have to give a hulk like this some points for clean bucket seats with good upholstery and a seemingly water-tight cabin.

Oh! Here’s a bonus: the front seats swivel! Right there, the cool factor jumps up a few points, and also will make going around sharp turns all the more entertaining if the locking mechanism is weak and the tires are shot. The seller is asking a slightly above-market price for this custom creation, in my opinion, but I’m sure would let it go for less given the disclosed issues. Would you consider driving a “vruck” like this?


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  1. TimS Member

    What the vruck?

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    market Price? Never saw anything like this, you would have to love it, plus see if it was put together sturdily. Might make a good tow vehicle, but I bet it has a rotten oil pan or worse. Looker over good. No picks of the mill or the underside. They might have stretched the frame to get the 8 foot box in it. If its got a 351 or 400 m in it. forget it, too many problems with these. Good luck to the new owner!

  3. Skorzeny

    Good one Tim, and I PASS on this mess…

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  4. Chebby Staff

    I kinda like this, even though it has zero advantages over a regular Ford truck. They should have stretched it a few more inches and added a sleeper bunk behind the seats. But if you just need a schlep vehicle, how can you go wrong for the (presumably negotiable) price.

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    • Pat

      This looks like a Centurion Conversion. They made a lot of them . I’VE only seen them as dual rear wheels + had a trailer hitch in the bed for pulling a trailer.

    • grant

      You could go wrong by buying this instead of anything else.

  5. RobM

    Just because it’s rare or custom, doesn’t change what it really is. Lol, some ideas are best left on the scrap paper they were drawn on.

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    • AZVanman

      If you’ve got a front-end totaled F100 and a
      T-boned E150, this is the greatest possible outcome. As a former fabricator, hats off to this effort!

  6. Dan

    Two things in the ad struck me as odd. The seller states that this thing wears a Pennsylvania historic vehicle plate. What historical significance does it have? And he claims the new buyer could be an Internet sensation. No, thanks…people would be laughing at me, not with me. I can’t see this cobbled-up thing having use as anything other than a parts donor.

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      The main consideration for a PA Historic license plate is the age of the vehicle.

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      • Andrew

        Also the title is branded historic. At least my mustangs title is.

      • Al

        I’m going out on a limb as I actually ‘like’ this concept. I bought an ’86 E150 new back then & LOVED it! Longest owned veh of 3+ yrs other than my ’70 Vette conv (19). Loved the ‘nose’ on my ’86 in case of an accident over the others. The ‘ride’ when hauling a cpl Harleys in back 1200+ miles to Daytona bike week was as smooth a ride one can imagine. I think if I ever see an extended late model E150 with heavy rear damage, I just may….STOP! Stop posting these things giving me bad ideas!

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  7. Darrun

    There was one like that around here years ago. It looked much better done than this one. I believe it was done by an aftermarket van customizer.

  8. Kincer Dave Member

    I can’t believe I’ve never seen this Hoopty, I’m about 30 miles or so from that area and go near the area frequently. That thing is $500 tops, looks like something that should be in a junkyard with torches, tools, and a welder in the back to run around the yard.

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  9. Kenbone

    Laugh all you want i think its damb cool

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  10. Coventrycat

    It’s vrucking ugly, alright.

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  11. Marcus

    I could swear I’ve seen something close to this before ! Back window configuration different more like a pickup? Still it looks like it was done fairly well originally.

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      You probably have seen something like this before. There were several companies that did conversions of Econoline vans into part van part pickup truck. Centurion was one of them.

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  12. Kevin Lee

    It’s a one year only split window.😉

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    • YooperMike

      Good one Kevin Lee

  13. grant

    An answer in search of a question that nobody asked.

    • KevinLee


  14. Ken Carney

    Too much alcohol, too little common sense. Wouldn’t trade our F-350 for this,
    but you’ve got to hand it to the seller, that
    split rear window looks like it grew there.
    He would have been better off to take an
    E-350 cab and chassis and put a flatbed
    on it. Used to see these roaming the roads around here in the late ’90’s. Much
    more practical than what we see here.
    Just my two cents worth…

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  15. Little_Cars

    Wonder if you added a 5th wheel swivel in the center of the bed you could pull a gooseneck trailer if this thing is geared properly? But, without a sleeper behind the front cabin what’s the point?

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    • Al

      Sleeper? That’s what the camper’s for lol!

  16. Mountainwoodie

    Is that the longest wheelbase extant or is it the perspective of the picture? Just looks weird. But you have to hand it to the seller, he or she at least has a sense of humor.

    If it was on the West Coast I would look at it just to understand whats been done. And….I’m tired of pickups trucks with six foot beds.

  17. Chebby Staff

    It’s worth it just to get a license plate that says VUCK.

  18. Bodyman68

    Trash n bash as usual ! This thing is cool and im sure when it was first done it was awsome. Too bad the peanut gallery has nothing to do but trash this as none of you have any clue as to how long it takes to make one . These are still popular to some and yes these were around in 70s to the 90s I’ve seen and worked on a few . To the person that wants odd this is it and im sure would be happy to have it . If its 302 or 351w its under powered ,the cleavland was great in these as they never broke down. If it runs and drives its worth 1500 all day long .

  19. Peter B

    You guys crack my up, Lots of words for a bunch of guys who probably go to jiffy lube to have their oil changed,
    This Truck was made by an older guy in Ohio, Doing these was his hobby, He made 8 of them in his life and when he passed, This was his personal one, It was well made and was a labor of love, Frame was not extended and its quite solid, The oil pan gasket is weary and needs a new one, Engine is a 302, Yes the most underpowered per CI engine ever, But runs smooth and reliably, Truck was pulled off CL because I grew tired of all the foolish questions,,,
    Its heading to Philadelphia to be put in regular driver status,
    Peter B

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