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One Owner: 1956 Buick Special 2-Door Riviera

56 buick special 1

In 60 years of existence this 56 Buick Special has had one owner. It is not common place to find a 60 year old car with one owner, but there are some out there. We love seeing cars that come from a one owner home as they usually reflect a past of being well kept and maintained. This 2 door coupe is in excellent condition with low miles and the paint combination is really drawing our attention to this classic Buick. Currently priced at $20,000, and we still want it! Find it here on craigslist out of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

56 buick special 2

The interior and exterior look grand on this one owner Buick. The seats, carpet and dash look great with little to no wear showing a very well cared for classic. The exterior appears to be blemish free, although we would love some clearer photos of the exterior, to paint a better image in our minds of the condition of the paint. The steering wheel looks awesome and it truly a grand piece of history looking to be a great joy to captain.

56 buick special 3

The engine and bay look clean and original and this Buick is also very well optioned having Air Conditioning, and Power steering. This Buick has crossed less than 77,000 miles in its life time. We suspect there are many more miles ahead of it, and you can do it on any hot summer day with the joy of air conditioning.

56 buick special 5

This Buick would easily haul your family, and it has air conditioning! Your family would love that! Being a 2 door coupe means it has the looks that you want and the originality of this car is phenomenal. What would you do with this low mileage survivor? Preserve it? Enjoy it with the family, and go to car events and on trips? Tell us what you think would be best for this old Buick.


  1. Mitch

    Those Buicks would peg the speedometer once you got the Dynaflow rolling. My Dad got his ’56 Super up to just over 120 once back in the day.

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  2. Fred w.

    Finally one where I can believe the stated miles. Engine compartment looks untouched. 20K might be within reason.

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    • Armando Valles

      Hello everyone I have this 1956 Buick special I no longer advertised it due to my add being repeatedly flagged for no reason my email is mouse.magiver8@gmail.com if you all are interested send me an email, pls all I ask is for serious cash offers and or possibly a partial trade big cruiser motorcycle and cash, I will reply as soon as I can due to my work schedule thank you

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  3. RayT Member

    Don’t really care if the price is in line…if I had the scratch, I’d pay it! These are wonderful old boats, and the styling has gone from “overdone” and “bulbous” when new to “beautiful” today for me.

    Too bad “the posting has been flagged for removal.” I’d be happy to head down to Las Cruces and “remove” the car for them.

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  4. David

    Really nice looking car. Flagged already, one can only wonder why.

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  5. Fred w.

    I think dealers and prospective buyers see a desirable car like this and flag the ad so they can have it all to themselves (not knowing it has been republished here!) A dealer will swoop in, buy the car for 15K, detail it and put it in their showroom or send it to Barrett Jackson. Maybe Wayne Carini?

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    • RayT Member

      I think you may be right. Get hold of the owner — who, if the actual first owner, has to be pushing 90 — and do the whole Mike Wolfe thing: “You gotta leave some meat on the bone for me. I’ll give you $8K, and that’s steppin’ up to the plate…” and then turns it around for $30K. Or more at auction.

      Much as I love bargains — and wish I could pick up a find like this on the cheap — I find myself feeling sorry for unsuspecting owners who get badgered into selling for pennies.

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  6. Alan

    I wouldn’t buy it for flipping. If I had the dough, I’d buy to use and enjoy. It’s a beauty .

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  7. Howard A Member

    I agree too, this is a pretty nice car. ’56 was one of my favorites. In the late ’70’s, I was visiting in the small town I live in now, went to the grocery store, my friend got out, I stayed in the car. He came back about a minute later, and said, “Howard, you gotta see this”.In the next parking aisle, was an elderly woman with a red and black ’57 Buick four door, in perfect condition, even had the plastic on the seats. She had it flooded, you could smell the gas, so we opened the hood, it had the original tar top battery and was spotless. We held the choke open, it started right up. She thanked us, and I thought the mileage said 19,000. I always wondered what happened to that car.

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    • Roselandpete

      I wonder how a battery more than 20 years old would still work.

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  8. Joe Howell

    Never cared for these Buicks when I was a kid, tri five Chevys were the cat’s meow then. Now as an old guy I like them.

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  9. Owen McNamee

    As I recall there were no Rivieras during the 50s. There were special body Wildcats always with wire wheels. Buicks were Special, Century, Super and Roadmaster. ALmost all old Buicks I see on these ads are labled Riverias which I find questionable.

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    • Bob

      Buick used the name Riviera to denote a pillar less hardtop regardless of the series. The riviera name was first used in 1949.

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  10. Michael D.

    Went to look at the ad…..removed.

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  11. Jack Quintrall

    Those Oldsmobile spinner hubcaps were like gold in the 50’s! I confess I paid a kid to swipe four for my ’53 bel-air back then. Paid him $10.

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  12. SPLITZ

    would prefer a century but these are just marvelous

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  13. Loco Mikado

    In the late 60’s-early 70’s a friend mine had the 4dr hardtop version of this car that his grandfather had left hm. The unfortunate thing was he was an epileptic and could not get a drivers license. So he had his friends including me drive him around in it. It was in good shape for a 15 year old car but you could tell that many improvements had been made in automotive technology in the mid 60’s cars(they were only10 years newer) we owned and drove at the time.

    It appears to be a well preserved time capsule of the way cars were in the mid 50’s and does not seem to be overpriced given it’s condition and one owner status. I hope that the next owner preserves the car as is, as you can get a lot of enjoyment just driving a well preserved stock survivor. Rat rods and customs should be built off of the not so nice, incomplete or otherwise not economically restorable to original in my
    opinion. Of course you car, your money but I am entitled to my opinion.

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  14. Fred

    Factory A/C in a 56.Very rare.The wheel covers look like 57 Olds.I believe it was a trunk mounted unit.

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