One Owner: 1958 Chevrolet Impala Coupe

Montana DanfordBy Montana Danford

Said to be a one owner car, this 1958 Chevrolet Impala needs some love to restore it to its former glory. Unrestored, running and driving cars like this are certainly becoming harder to find.  This specific car is for sale here on Cars on Line, in Santa Paula, California, with an asking price of $19,000. The owner says the price is firm.  What do you think? Is an all original, one owner car like this worth a premium price?

The interior shows the typical wear of a car that’s been driven and enjoyed.  The drivers side of the front bench has seen better days.  The warm California sun has certainly kissed the upholstery for several decades.  The owner claims all the trim is there.  They even claim all the electrical components work including the radio and horn.

The engine bay is what you would expect from a car that has been driven for nearly sixty years.  The ad claims the engine is the original, numbers-matching 348.  It looks like it’s had a hard life (at least at first glance).  Hopefully the owner has been more diligent with maintenance than they have with keeping it tidy.

I love the lines of these cars!  There’s something about the styling of late 50’s and early 60’s Chevrolets.  The slanted fins and tail light pods work really well together and make these cars look great.  The ad claims all the trim is there and based on the few photos in the ad, I tend to believe it.  Tracking down the trim on these cars when parts are missing can be a nightmare.  If the new owner is going to restore it, having all the chrome and stainless bits will be a huge bonus.  What do you think, drive as-is or jump in to a full restoration?

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  1. Steve R

    The ad reads like it’s one owner, if you don’t count the current seller. I would much prefer an ad that stated, “bought from original owner”, that wouldn’t come across as a bit deceptive.

    If he doesn’t get the asking price, he should come close.

    Steve R

  2. Rex Kahrs

    This car is awesome! I’d be tempted to drive it as-is. You’d think the seller could include a lot more photos at that price point.

  3. Mike

    All I can think of when I see one of these needing a little love is American Graffitti. Has to be white with red interior!

  4. 68 custom

    58 with a 348 this deserves a full resto, then boy would you have something!

    • Angrymike

      I prefer the 58 to the tri-fives myself, the problem is they started rotting after one year, my gramps had a black on black 58, in Ohio, the tops of the fenders we’re bubbling after the first winter. It was a beautiful car, with a 283 if I’m not mistaken.
      I love it !

  5. Joe Haska

    I was selling a 58 Impala last year it was Black, 348 4brl, PB, PW, PS, Pos-traction, and factory A/C. Beautiful Stock interior and numbers matching. It was not an easy sell at the mid 50K. If you do the math and you pay 19K for this car and restore it, I don’t you can do it for under 50K. So if you want to sell it, or keep it ,the math says your going to be upside down in this car, at the asking price. Of course everybody always thinks that they can do it cheaper. Good luck!

  6. Mountainwoodie

    Thats a lot of coin for the work it needs……..magic thinking

  7. Loser

    I’d love a pair of those 348/409 valve covers hanging on the wall in my shop.

  8. jw454

    I had a black on black ’58 with a 1967 327 and 4 speed. This was in 1976. It got a lot of attention at the Friday night cruise at the local Big Boy. The front end was lowered a bit and had Cragar SS wheels.

  9. Bobby

    Dull paint doth not a bad car make. I’d much rather have this than a car that has been through 15 owners, most of whom thought they would make modifications to “improve” it. A car with shiny new paint is the last thing I want. Think lipstick-on-a-pig. This is a great car for someone who wants one to restore.

  10. OJM

    My favorite body style….
    George Lucas got it so right.

  11. Dogfather

    He’s a little steep on the price. 19K for a project car? Although it’s a great foundation and a desirable car,it still needs body, paint, interior and maybe mechanics. I think about 12k would be top dollar on this one

  12. jdjonesdr

    Had a old neighbor when I was a kid who had a 58, but with a six cylinder engine with headers and dual exhaust with glass packs.

    Brother, did it make some noise. He was one of the original hippies with long white hair and a big scraggly beard.

    Half the town thought he was nuts.

  13. Jack Quantrill

    Roommate had one like this, 348 tripower and Hurst floor shift. That thing would fly! Black with red interior. Brings back good memories.

  14. Fred W.

    Once upon a time, the ’57 2 door HT was desirable and this was the ugly stepbrother. Gradually these have started to grow on people. American Graffiti probably had a big influence.

  15. Motrbob

    Yes, one owner at a time…….

  16. Chris Nemeth

    As was already stated, this beauty needs a full resto. By the time you do paint, interior, chrome, tires, exhaust, all mechanicals, plus the 19k purchase price, you’re pretty close to 50g’s.
    Well worth it unless you plan on making a buck off it.

  17. CaCarDude

    Current price guide on these put them just north of $68k, and if you had a drop top in no.1 condition you could add another $20k to the price tag, dang I wish I had bought the ’58 Impala hardtop back in the mid 70’s for the $1000 bill it was offered, it had the 348 with 3 deuce set up also…

  18. Moosefeather

    Everybody has a mem0ory of a first car. I should hate these since it was the first car I ever got hit by as a kid. (Believe it or not I was hit 4 times by cars) But they’re just way to nice to hold a grudge against. Maybe even my favorite 50’s car.

  19. Brad C

    That paint looks to be original, and I’ve seen unbelievable before-and-afters where the old finish is massaged back to life, yielding an extremely presentable – infinitely more interesting – and far less expensive option to a re-spray. Anybody can repaint an old car…. so if there’s any way to save this, I’d move heaven and earth to try.


      But was the car red or pink?

  20. LAB3

    Bubble top delta fin cars are my favorites but I’ll take a LaSabre at about 1/3 the price.


    The original owner must be around 80. Makes me wonder what this flipper gave him for this car. I suspect not a lot.

  22. Phil Harris

    Little bit too pricey.

    • jdjonesdr

      That’s like saying the Pope is a little bit too Catholic.

  23. Graywolf

    A friend of mines uncle had a root beer brown Impala 348 auto, chrome wheels and “baldy” hub caps. We were 13-14 years old and our thrill was a ride down Hawthorne Blvd. Ca. cruising with cars full of girls! Beautiful car that also had a record player and my collection of 45’s! GREAT TIMES PEOPLE!!

  24. Pete

    I am thinking this car was pink from the color of the engine bay which is less likely to fade. The interior looks pink as well. That is a lotta jack for a pink on pink car. 12K maybe if it runs and drives. But hey it is in California and them Vatos will pay that kinda money for it.

  25. Fritz T.



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