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One Owner: 1963 Datsun 320 Pickup

63 datsun 1

Here is your classic that can put in some work! This Datsun 320 pickup may be small, but it is still useful in many ways. First off it’s a classic, and secondly, you may be able to convince your significant other that you need a truck. How else are you supposed to get mulch, or go bike riding, or camping? Although this Datsun is small, which is another great selling point, it wouldn’t take up much space. Upon completing your work, you could easily show up to a car event with many second looks and questions. This little Datsun pickup looks like a nice survivor. The seller mentions that this is a one owner truck, hopefully offering a wealth of history and information for the $7,500 price tag. Find it here on craigslist out of Mt. Airy, North Carolina.

63 datsun 6

The Datsun 320 was produced from 1961 until 1965. Just about every early American market Japanese automobile is rare to say the least. Trucks in general have a usefulness that often meant they were used more and harder than a passenger car. This little Datsun looks to have lived a pampered life. The body looks superb, showing clean and straight sheet metal. Even the bed is in nice shape, with no major dents or dings. Although there does appear to be 2 small rust spots in there. The tail gate, the hinges, and hardware look clean and straight as well. The chrome looks to be in fair condition and all there. It would appear that the original owner bought this truck to simply drive and enjoy.

63 datsun 4

What a cozy looking interior. It looks to be original and in fair shape. The steering wheel suffers from some heat/UV damage appearing in the form of a few cracks. The good news is that the original steering wheel is there, and it can be restored. The seat looks inviting to say the least, and we are pleased to see the seat’s covering is original despite some mild wear. Also the stock shift lever appears to have been cut down, but with some luck and patience, an unmodified version could be sourced. Many call these “Datsun 1200 pickups” due to the 1200 badges. The little 1.2l engine produces 60 horsepower, which is enough to scoot around town, but highway speeds may be a little daunting.

63 datsun 3

A classic Japanese pickup is something you don’t see often, and especially in this condition. This truck would make a great addition to anyone’s stable. Whether you are a Japanese car fan, a truck fan, or perhaps a spouse who needs a classic with some “practicality.” What would you do with this Datsun? Make it a Sunday driver? Do some light duty work with it? Haul your cool vintage Japanese motorcycles? Use it as a support vehicle for your Datsun race car? Tell us what you think would be the best use for this Datsun.


  1. Howard A Member

    Now this is the other side of the coin. I can’t believe this truck has 113K miles on it. The engine and underside would be the clue ( dealer left those photos out and clearly detailed the heck out of this) but what a neat truck. These seem to show up from time to time, so they must have sold a few, but rarely will you see one like this. Not sure what to do with it. I’d be worried some “texter” would clobber it, then what? Trucks like this paved the way for the mini-truck movement. Should be in a museum. Great find.

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  2. JW454

    Those rear bumperettes give you a real sense of safety should one of those “texters” linger too long staring at their last message. LOL I’d have to find something that presented just a bit more in the way of safety back there.
    Otherwise, not a bad little hauler.

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    • rustylink

      O’ Boy is what you say when you see that teenaged texter in a Civic getting ready to barrel into you at a stoplight!

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  3. boxdin

    I like the later models w the 1.6 engine, 1.3 or so just doesn’t cut it.

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  4. George Glass

    Daughter has same truck in beige there putting a r 24 and 5speed in it they just put r25 in a 1970 240z,skyline rear end and 6speed

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