One Owner: 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS

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In 1967, the Chevy Impala SS was still a popular car. But, with the debut of the Chevelle three years earlier and the Caprice in 1965, demand was in decline. The Super Sport still came with bucket seats and special identification, and you could get any engine from the Chevrolet playbook. This one-owner example from ’67 looks to have a 327 V8 under the hood and has had some recent mechanical work done. It’s a good-driving automobile that might need little though the paint may have lost some of its luster. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, this Chevy has a 4-speed and is available here on craigslist for $75,000. This tip comes to us via Tony Primo.

After becoming a series of its own in 1964, Impala SS production peaked at 243,000 copies in 1965. But two years later, the tally was more like 76,000. Demand for full-size cars that had a flair for performance was down, not just at Chevrolet. By 1969, the SS was only available with a 427 cubic inch V8, and the GM division pulled the plug on the Impala SS after the last 2,500 copies. At least for a couple of decades.

We’re told this car was purchased new in November 1966 (where?) and spent much of its life in a garage, which no doubt helped to preserve the automobile. The 327 under the hood is rather common, but the 4-speed is not. We assume the Impala was ordered exactly as you see it. The body looks good as does the original interior, but the blue/green paint hasn’t held up quite as well.

The car has been treated to a radiator, fluids change, and new tires, brakes, carburetor, and main seals. So, we assume you could hop in the machine and drive it cross-country if the mood strikes you. We’re told the original owners took the Chevy on their honeymoon 55 years (perhaps this is an estate sale).  The asking price seems optimistic as most of the ’67 Impala Super Sports you see advertised online are coming in at lower figures.

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Cool car.
    $75,000 worth of cool?
    Not to me.

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    • 8banger 8bangerMember

      What you just said.

      Like 24
    • Will Fox

      Chevy owners always think they own six-and-seven figure cars. This guy is yet another one. “B-b-but it’s a Chevy! It’s worth million$$!” (eye roll)

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    • Bobby venters

      A little to much

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  2. "Edsel" Al leonardMember

    me either….mine is for sale for under half that…

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    • Michael J Hall

      Nice Flag….beautiful Nova!

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      • $ where mouth is

        Stupid flag.. heres your sign ;)

        Ya, a uni-body, post, wheels too wide to hit a bump Nova is cute n all

        but a 67 Impala SS, in that color, original straight metal with lil to no import parts..
        sure, its on the high side of asking price
        simply make a frickn offer folks, no big deal

        As for me, id rather that car than most any other car i can think of, honestly
        If it had power windows, id probably call him and ask about it, maybe he would like to, im sure it had a great story , id tell him how exceptional the car hes been caring for is.. etc
        and if he was busy, rude, dead

        and maybe , id make an offer 🤷

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  3. Anthony

    75 grand ….. keep dreaming

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  4. Richard

    I’m hoping that price is a typo!!! Because that’s beyond ridiculous. No one is going to pay that amount for this car.

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    • CCFisher

      Perhaps that’s the point… “Sure, honey. I’ll sell the old Chevy so we can put your RAV4 in the garage.”

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      • $ where mouth is

        yes Sir :)


        thank you CC

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    • Tim Devlin

      I agree, he’ll with these prices, time to find another hobby.

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  5. 9K2164S

    Pretty sure there’s an extra zero in that asking price…

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  6. Maggy

    You could get a SS w/o buckets.Z03 was the buckets console option.I think u16 was the tach and gauge package which this car has at least those are the codes for 1968.I’m putting my 68 ss z24 z03 427 th400 factory posi tach gauges and matching #’s car up for 45k this summer and it’s a super solid no rust west coast car I put about 10k into the last 3 years.And this guy wants 75k for this? From pics provided I’d say more like 25k.4 speed is really cool though but not 75 k cool.If this was a #’s match 427 z24 car it wouldn’t even be worth close to that unless it was concours or close to it.Glwts….and I hope you’re not counting the $ before it sells.

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  7. Old greybeard

    Had a burgundy 67 SS, 327, 4 speed as well. Sold in 1985 for $2500 with 98k miles. Was a fun car to drive.
    Price on this one is in 2030 dollars.
    But who knows, my Cutlass has doubled in value in 3 years.

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  8. Yes

    screw that price,75,000? more like 8,000 NOPE.think again

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    • $ where mouth is

      sad really


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  9. MoparDoug

    My very first car was a 1967 Impala 2-door, though not an SS. 283/powerglide, Sierra Fawn in color with a black cloth interior. Still to this day one the best and favorite cars I ever owned. Paid $600 for it off a dealer’s lot in 1980.

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  10. Steve

    Even if it had “perfect paint”, a 427-385 engine, air conditioning, power windows and EVERY other option available in 1967 . . . it wouldn’t be worth THAT.

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    • $ where mouth is

      .. ok, as i read down these comments

      its becoming more a state of mind for a certain demographic, or more so society at large.. a study for any passionate sociologist

      Ok, hey yall, PLEASE

      enlighten me by answering this question :

      What car is worth the 75k ?

      There was a 68 KR on here recently and it
      selling for 140,000

      and i would personally prefer to drive and use even look at the Impala

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  11. TheOldRanger

    I don’t know where the seller is coming from with that outlandish price. I purchased a new 1965 Impala SS for $3950 (which was a lot in those days)… must be some funny smelling “smoke” floating around over there

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  12. Jay Martell

    Neighbor had one that color,kinda faded gold.Took a ride with my Dad when he borrowed it.327 was fast and fun.Dad said it ran like a raped

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  13. Paulcug

    75K? Do you know what you can get for that price? Geesh

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  14. Hammer

    Twilight zone or the outter limits? 4spd doesn’t help with the price that much.

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  15. thomas anteau

    More like 7500

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  16. larry goodwin

    I realize the market for classic’s is crazy, but really!

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  17. Jim C

    At 75K you could have two nice Vette’s with much more class. Over the top !

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  18. Ronnie

    Pretty nice car, worth around 30K

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  19. Timothy Phaff

    LS Swap!!!

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  20. Zen

    Neat car, but just another dreamer.

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  21. 64 Bonneville

    priced about 3X what a survivor would go for. $17,500 would be a lot more realistic. I wouldn’t spend the 45.00 to post on craigslist with that asking price. Most guys I know will list an upper dollar limit when searching for a car of their dreams. I top out at $15K.

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