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One Owner: 1969 Dodge Charger

The owner of this 1969 Dodge Charger purchased the car new in July of that year, and it has been his constant companion ever since. The car has spent most of its life in Massachusetts, but when the owner retired to Haines City, Florida in 2014, the Charger retired with him. He has now decided that the time has come to part with his beloved car, so has listed it for sale here on eBay. Bidding has now reached $24,600, but the reserve hasn’t been met. There is a BIN option available for those who are seriously interested, and this has been set at $40,000.

The owner states that he has tried to keep the car as original and unmolested as possible, and says that the black vinyl top is original to the car. I’m not sure whether this would indicate that the car has undergone a repaint at some point in its life, but the factory Red paint does appear to be in good condition. The owner doesn’t indicate whether there is any rust in the Charger, but the photos do look promising. There is some slight bubbling visible under the vinyl on the passenger side rear pillar, but i’m not sure if that’s anything sinister. He also reveals that there is a small leak in one lower corner of the windshield, but this should be fairly easy to rectify. Otherwise, this is just a nice, clean, and original looking car.

The overall condition of the interior is also extremely good, with only some pretty minor issues to address. The owner says that the Charger could use a new headliner, while the kick panels are missing from both foot-wells. The “cardboard” interior of the glove compartment has also deteriorated, and this will need to be replaced. The rest of the interior presents very nicely and is a great indication that this car has been loved and cherished throughout its life.

Under the hood of the Charger is the original 318ci V8, while the transmission is 3-speed TorqueFlite. The car is also fitted with power steering, which should take the sweat out of tight maneuvering. The engine received a bit of a refresh back in 2014 so that it would be happy to run on unleaded fuel. One refreshing aspect of this listing is the fact that the owner doesn’t attempt to make any outrageous claim about the Charger being a low-mileage survivor. The owner says that it has 154,000 miles on the clock, and he seems to be proud of this. If they are looked after, these old engines and transmissions seem to last forever, and the owner says that the car runs and drives nicely. He also says that the car hasn’t had a lot of use since he relocated to Florida. Apparently, warm weather and a lack of air conditioning have been the cause of this inactivity.

The owner of this 1969 Charger says that the car isn’t perfect, and if it was, then the BIN price would be significantly higher than it is. What it appears to be is a clean survivor, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone hits the BIN button on this one-owner classic.


  1. Avatar photo Fred W

    Outside and interior presents a lot better than engine compartment- but it looks like an honest car.

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  2. Avatar photo George mattar

    Most beautiful muscle ever. I love this car. Wish I had the money. I remember these cars new when in high school.

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    • Avatar photo Andy

      A beautiful car no doubt, but I would offer up the 69 Trans Am as being every bit as beautiful, and more.

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  3. Avatar photo Skorzeny

    So an Automatic Charger with a 318 is now 40K? Wow…

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    • Avatar photo bone

      and a muscle car ?

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      • Avatar photo Fiete T.

        Nice appearing car…$40k nice? Good starting point to build something with, but not $40k

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    • Avatar photo Bill

      Yeah right,
      Only 40k and no Air conditioning, bet one could find a General Lee with a blond to boot for that kinda money , grin grin
      Unreal expectations
      All the best anyway.
      Bill in Florida

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  4. Avatar photo Superdessucke

    318 40k? I bought my 1972 Charger with a 318 automatic combo for 1800 back in the day LOL!

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  5. Avatar photo glen

    Beautiful car on a beautiful driveway! I can see someone swapping out the motor for something bigger.

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  6. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    The most bad-ass sheet metal on any car ever. Absolute perfection. Who designed it? (I could google that question, but I’ll throw it out to the gallery).

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  7. Avatar photo cunnanm

    I love Mopars, but I can’t see this car as a 40K car. Fun street machine to hop up like in the good old days. I don’t know why anyone would want a 318 Charger to be matching numbers unless it is super low miles.

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    • Avatar photo Dave

      A few years ago I was in Hagerstown for a wedding and saw a nice 68 Charger B5 blue, vinyl top, Magnum 500 wheels. The owner was nice enough to give me a tour and when I asked him why he kept the 318 he said “Two reasons. One, it doesn’t bankrupt you to drive it and two, when gearheads see the 318 they don’t bother trying to get me to sell it.”

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  8. Avatar photo Joe Machado

    Grandson in Florida told me of this car in Florida. He is 16, but not knowledgeable enough to know, No Air, no RT. No sale. I was going to go get it after I deliver his 70 Barracuda with air next week to Florida. It is a done car. 318, auto. Zero rust, as in never ever had a speck of rust. White interior. Factory two tone, lime with white painted factory top, not a vinyl top car. Daughter is thinking Mecum auctions.
    I went to Florida and delivered my daughter her FM3, factory Moulon Rouge 70 Barracuda convert, 4-speed, with factory air, and an original Zero rust ever car. P S, it now has a Hemi. We cruised Destin, Fl the other day. She loves it.
    I just left Florida Saturday morning to be back in Calif Monday nite. I will make it. Need sleep here in Deming.
    But, that 69 is a beautiful car.

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    • Avatar photo Ross Murphie

      Hey Dude
      Dropping you a line from Australia. Would like to talk cars with you if you can find the time!
      Cheers Ross Murphie

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      • Avatar photo Joe Machado

        Ross, what is on your mind? We have sold several Mopars to Austrailia over the years.

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    • Avatar photo Douglas Malinowski

      Would love to see the Cudas if they are for sale Joe.I live in SW Fla.Doug

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      • Avatar photo Joe Machado

        Doug, how far from Destin are you? I delivered the Pink 4-speed convert last week. It is not for sale. The 70 Barracuda, factory two tone, Lime and white, white interior, factory air, Zero rust, will be for sale. Battery will not take a charge. I bought an auto zone battery today. Car is in a museum collection. I am going today to load it in my enclosed trailer. I have pics and my # is 760 423 9602 text ok pics.
        Grandson wants a done Charger.
        The Lime car is with a thick folder of receipts. Sold new in Long Beach, Calif. Has window sticker, build sheet and fender tag.
        My son went over the car, serviced everything. Trans, brakes, bearings, air, heater, etc. I will see what else was done today.
        318 2 barrel stock, auto

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  9. Avatar photo Keith

    More Mopar madness, 40k for a 318? Oh well some Mopar freak will pay the price, Why? because it’s a Mopar and us non-mopar owners wouldn’t understand……..Wow.

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      Yes, Keith. We are all aware of how crazy us Mopar lovers are. You will never let us forget.

      Maybe a Fiero would be a better car?????

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      • Avatar photo Dave

        The heart wants what the heart wants, ya know? Although I’m a Mopar man, if I could get in and out of a Plastic Poncho without help one would be in my driveway.

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      • Avatar photo James R Griffin

        Isn’t that just “free market” ? Don’t think its worth 40k? Don’t buy it.

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  10. Avatar photo Car Nut Tacoma

    Sweet looking Dodge Charger. It’s nice to see an original, unrestored survivor. 1969 has always been my favourite year for this generation Dodge Charger.

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  11. Avatar photo Del

    25 grand tops.

    Engine bay shows neglect.

    But if you are going to clone it then by all means give him 40

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  12. Avatar photo Jake

    Which is why I’m going the less popular car route when I can afford an older car, or one that may not be perfect so I’m not afraid to drive it. I used to want a big block, big pony car, but the truck I have has a 4 Barrel 318 and that’s good enough for me. When I hang out with my friends who have cars with big engines and I follow them to the gas station to get gas, I go park and grab a coke. Doesn’t have to have a big motor to have fun. Realistically, how often are you going to race it? This car can be all show and no go as far as I’m concerned, but 40 grand?

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  13. Avatar photo bigdoc

    I for one love the 318 motor and would love to have this Charger but not for 40 grand. Even if this had a 440 Magnum 40 is not worth 40 grand to me.

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  14. Avatar photo Little_Cars

    One of the nicer ones to show up here in forever. But, the passenger side view does show the ubiquitous bubbling under the vinyl top which tells me there is some nastiness underneath. Looks like the owner may have forgone the headrests for a number of years. In the photo they look dusty and recently manhandled. Still, an honest looking Mopar and one I wouldn’t mind having roll into my driveway.

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  15. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    40K is the “Buy It Now at my price” price.
    It is now at 30K and reserve is met and BIN is gone.

    Good luck to all the bidders. It’s been repainted but looks like a good one.

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  16. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    Leaving aside my well known antipathy to slushboxes of any variety, you have to admit it is a well kept car STILL owned by the original buyer. That checks two non negotiable boxes for me, were I spend 5 figures for a car.

    The color combo is a favorite of mine so that is a biggie and because of its originality even I would be hesitant to yank the tranny for a 4 speed.

    Somebody will be happy with it I hope.

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  17. Avatar photo TimM

    That $40k is for a pristine body not the 318 with the automatic!!!

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  18. Avatar photo WH

    Engine color is blue. Is that correct or should it be red/orange?

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  19. Avatar photo Kevin

    $40k??? So does that mean my 69 Charger R/T 440 Magnum with all original drive train that is in much better shape is worth way north of that? Hmmm…

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  20. Avatar photo Dave

    Beautiful car…I don’t think a small block is $40k unless it’s perfect.And this one has issues. And a hole in the floor? Unless one of the body plugs fell out. And how does the original owner loose both kick panels…and why were they taken off to begin with. And a sloppy spray bomb under the hood.

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    • Avatar photo Jake

      The thing is someone will pay the asking price under the condition that it’s not completely bombed out and they probably either inherited money, or have stupid money, or make poor decisions, they’ll buy it. Then they’ll put a 440, or a Hemi, or a gen 3 Hemi or LS swap it and make it a pro touring car and flip it for three times what they paid for it.

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  21. Avatar photo Bill

    One day I will own an air conditioned Crown Vic 69 Charger kit car, painted bright Orange, so there you go >>

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  22. Avatar photo Dave

    to do it right, that engine needs to come out, engine bay painted, engine cleaned, new gaskets and seals, repainted. But if I’d do that much,a big block goes back in, and no new style mill.

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  23. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    Relisted with a BIN of $35,000. It’s up to $17,600 at the moment.

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  24. Avatar photo Joe Machado

    Just saw my comment from July 24th. Number is 413, not 423. Sorry for all that transpired from that.
    If anyone is up to it, we will have both 70’s at a Cars n Coffee Saturday morning in Destin, Florida at 10 am. Goes till noon. The Target parking lot in Destin.
    One is a factory pink Barracuda convertible, the other Barracuda a two tone factory Lime n White top.
    Dont be shy. We all get a long. Its the people along with the cars.

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  25. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    Car ended up selling for $28,900 with 2 bidders fighting at the end.

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