One Owner 1969 Ford F100

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This 1969 Ford F-100 is said to be a one-owner farm truck that has spent a lot of its life in a Utah barn. Other than some rust, the truck appears to be in good shape. The classic white wagon wheels wrapped in over-sized tires are a good upgrade for a work truck like this. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $3,200. Located in Fairview, Utah, this truck looks like a pretty affordable project for a late 60s pickup. Check it out.

The VIN (F10YRF14848) decodes to: F10 = F-100 2WD, Y = 360 cubic inch V8, RF14848 = Produced in San Jose, California in May of 1969. Other than the seller saying the truck “runs and drives well, both in city and at highway speeds” there is no other information in the ad about the drivetrain. You can tell from the photo that the engine bay looks un-modified. I would guess it could use a tune-up, which is an easy DIY on these particular trucks.

As you can see, the interior is in fairly good condition. The dash pad appears to be free of cracks, which is amazing. The driver’s side arm rest and seat looks like it has some normal wear, but everything else looks great. You can see the shifter for the manual transmission coming up out of the tunnel. Overall, a few small replacement parts and this interior will be ready to use for years to come.

The worst of the rust is the front passenger fender and tailgate. The seller has sourced replacement panels that are located in the bed of the truck. Hopefully, the new owner will keep this truck on the road and enjoy it. What do you think of these old Fords?

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  1. Yblocker

    These are good trucks, well worth restoring, and every part is available.

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  2. Kenneth Carney

    Sure could use it around my house!
    The only question I have would be the
    360 V-8? I know that the 302, 351, and the 390 are a good choice to power these trucks, but a 360? Does
    it have any hidden issues that would
    give you problems down the road?
    Many mechanics I’ve talked to over the years have said that this engine is
    troublesome and should be avoided
    at all costs. If anyone out there could
    set me straight on this subject I’m all

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    • Yblocker

      The 360 is an FE motor, same as a 352 or 390, it has a 390 bore, and a 352 stroke. The only problem was, they were severely castrated, namely in the camshaft timing, so they did lack in performance, although it was more noticeable in the later ones, early to mid 70s, when they were discontinued. They were not troublesome, I’ve owned several in the past, and put many miles on them without any failures.

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    • CobraJ

      The 360 is a destroked 390 and were used in most business trucks.
      It only came with a 2 barrel carb and in the day no one made an intake for a 4 barrel. My first car I bought in 1970 was a totaled 1969 truck with this engine with 3 on the tree. I broke almost everything on the truck except the engine. Change the oil every 3,000 miles or twice a year and it will run.

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      • Yblocker

        So you’re saying nobody made a 4barrel intake for a 360? Borrow a 4barrel intake from any FE engine and bolt it on. Or maybe I misunderstood you.

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    • Randy

      Ford used the FE 360 from ’68-76. Never a performance engine but I think you can rule out “hidden issues” after a half century has passed.

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    • David

      Good motor gas hog

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    • Ron

      They were a troublesome motor. I owned one back in the day but i would never buy another one. The 6 cylinder and the 302 were good engines though

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  3. gaspumpchas

    Ken the 360 is a dog in my experience but would probably be ok in this truck. We had one in a tow truck and that was enough, just no power like a 352 or 390. Look right next to the rust in the fender at the front cab mounts. Conveniently built to catch all the crap off the front wheel Author says that it it has rust but otherwise looks good?? Rust is everything. Look it over good. Still has a lot of life yet. Good luck.

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  4. HoA Howard AMember

    The stories continue into the new year, and I’ll be right there to call them out. Most its life in a barn? Sure it did,,this a tired old horse, and did everything BUT sit in a barn. I’ve driven a lot of trucks in my life and know what wear looks like. Worn steering wheel, pedals, engine, and that door handle been opened a jillion times. Price is right, but let’s call a spade a spade,,but still a great find.

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  5. RexFoxMember

    Is the 360 a gas hog? Are we looking at 9 or 10 mpg? I know driving an old Ford with a V8 and a 4 speed is a rewarding experience.

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  6. longdogs

    I had a 1969 F-100 with a 360 3 speed stick on the column years ago. The 360 was lifeless and used gas at an alarming rate, about 8-ish mpg. I rebuilt the 360 into a 390 (you need a crank, rods & pistons) with a mild cam, headers, Edelbrock RPM intake and 750 cfm Edelbrock carb. It was far stronger and almost doubled the fuel economy. By the way that big shifter on the floor means its a 4 speed with the almost unusable super low granny 1st gear.

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    • DRW

      I had a 1976 half=ton flareside with this engine and the 4-speed. The engine was solid but, as noted above, got poor gas mileage. I got 10-11 with mostly intown driving. Maybe 12-13 on the highway. The 4-speed was a little awkward as also noted. The 1st gear was a granny but 2nd required a little more clutch slipping than I like to do. So started in 1st to about 5 mph then shifted to 2nd.

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  7. Michael Berkemeier

    Best body style of any truck ever…very muscular. ’67-’72 Fords are the best looking pickups ever made.

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  8. Jeff Szal

    I had the same truck in 1988. The real problem was the throttle linkage. Ford made it with a metal U bracket that broke most were welded and only worked for a short time, lots of slop and slow response. Back in 88 I went to a junk yard and removed a throttle cable and floor pedal off a 69 Lincoln. My truck had a 390 with 4.10. I am not telling a fishing story with the Lincoln cable and floor pedal the front tires would lift off the pavement. I personally think the truck is ugly and mine was olive green rusted bad but that made it fun cos everybody wanted to race it. I hurt plenty of peoples feelings.. lol
    There is no such thing as an old truck that gets good gas mileage who cares your not driving across country.

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  9. Kenneth Carney

    Thanks guys! You told me everything
    I needed to know. I’d never heard of
    of this engine in a Ford until I read this article. I knew AMC used this mill in their Ambassador series.
    Wonder if they bought this engine from Ford. No matter, thanks again
    for the info.

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    I grew up on a farm in Louisiana – literally the last on the power line … I’d joke we got Saturday Night Live on Tuesday … my dad bought a yellow one used sometime in the mid-70s – don’t know exactly wgen as I was living in Chicago at the time … I moved back in1981 and the same truck was being used to hay the cows … the bed had been long gone, replaced by a wood flat bed … but the 360 never failed to start … it had a loud exhaust leak and the cows could hear it over a quarter mile away and come running … I moved to CA in ’89 and it was still there at Christmas of ’99 … it was gone when I went back for my dad’s 75th birthday in ’05 … may dad had many Ford trucks but Ol’ Yeller, as my mom called it, was there the longest …

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  11. Rweimer

    Hey i have 2 a 69 f100 and a 74 f350 dually both with 360 and a 4 speed ……. Any1 want em for cheep

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    • RallyeMember


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  12. Mark

    Rweimer My name is Mark I would be interested in both of them where are you located you could message me at M Jackson or 216-313-3280

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