One Owner 1971 Chevrolet Corvette 454!

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The C3 Corvette has always been a popular collector among classic car enthusiasts, and for good reason. This American icon has been at the forefront of the sports car world for over half of a century, and shows no signs of slowing. Performance? Check. Style? Check. Luxury? Check.  The “Vette” has it all, and consistently delivers. Only 2,269 units were produced in 1971 with the Ontario Orange exterior paint color, and the one featured here proves semi-rare as it combines that with the convertible option.  Located in Elgin, Illinois, this car has a current bid of $18,100, and you can see more here on eBay.

When in the market for one, Corvette’s are relatively easy to dig up, but the rarities get the car buffs salivating.  The convertible option, the classic 454ci V8 flexing 465lb-ft of torque, and the low-produced original Ontario Orange exterior and black interior, makes this a special addition to any family.  The seller states that the odometer reads 90,000 miles, has the factory 4-speed transmission, and holds a clean title in hand. A little about what you will find underneath is a full-length steel ladder type frame, with welded steel box sections providing a rigid structure necessary for such a no-compromise kind of car. A fully independent rear suspension with Positraction differential allows independent reaction from each wheel. In the front you will see variable-rate coil springs that provide cushioning, but maintain masterful control. Any automaker can make a car that looks nice, but Chevrolet made sure to focus on where it counts in their Corvette, and that’s underneath.

Judging by the exterior pictures, this car looks straight. The original paint held up nicely, and the trim appears tight.  I would not be so inclined as to call this a “barn find,” but would offer up more of a “garage-kept, occasionally maintained” description.   The sleek exterior lines give the impression that a shark is lurking nearby, and to no surprise, the C3 Corvette was modeled after the Mako Shark II concept car design. The chrome looks relatively polished, and included in the sale is an orange top for the cockpit. The interior appears the way an unrestored 50+ year old interior typically would. Though fully functional, it would need a good deal of work, and it looks like you will need to install a new stereo. This car runs and drives daily, and there are no notes regarding needing any major mechanical work.

The 1971 Corvette is apparently one of the most aerodynamically tested models ever built. Everything about it has been “wind-tunnel” tested and developed. This car looks like it’s ready to fly.  Currently there are over 20 bids, but it is still sitting at a pretty moderate number. The lack of information included in the listing would make one want to ask a few more questions before mashing that blue “place bid” button.  That should not be an issue, as they claim to be the original owner, and should know this car inside and out.

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  1. Frank Sumatra

    Hope it was aerodynamically tested. The 1968 C3 really did fly. The front end lift caused a lot of headaches for Mr. Duntov and team until they got it sorted.

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      My ’77 had the tendency to “float” at higher speeds, but my ’75 didn’t … hard to tell how fast I was going as the ’77only showed 85mph on the speedometer but judging from the ’75 it was around 110 or so … it would “undulate” and actually made me nervous to drive it at higher speeds … traded it on a ’78 Mark V – no way that car would float or undulate …

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  2. Gary

    I had the opportunity to run one of these around the track at Mid Ohio. The front end is so heavy it plows horribly in the corners but the back end gave plenty of warning before going bye bye. Stronger sidewall tires would have helped a bunch. What’s up with the different colored top?

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  3. moosie moosie

    I had an Ontario Orange ‘ 71 Corvette Convertible, it was an LT-1, I loved that car . It ran very strong, I won a lot of street races with it. I didnt know that Ontario Orange was a rare color when I bought it , only that it stood out from all the others that were in stock at Reedmans in Langhorne Pa. I still wish that I would have kept it. Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of it, this picture shows the folding top but it did have the hardtop . I added the factory side exhaust & American Racing Wheels 200 S. After this picture was taken.

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  4. 370zpp 370zppMember

    My first one was similar to this; 1971 with the Ontario Orange exterior paint color, and a convertible, only with the base 350, 270hp. Had no idea it was a rare combination.
    Sold it to a guy in Vermont (circa 1978) who was going to use it as his winter driver . . .

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  5. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $18,679.

    That appears to be a solid deal for a 454 chrome bumper C#, but like all of these, just too many questions to know for sure.

    Condition of the soft top (if there even is one), bird cage, and frame will determine how much of a deal this turns out to be.

    And whats up with the hood being off?

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  6. eric robinson

    I had a 454 1974 with the oil crisis the power was knocked down top speed 132 mp and the cornering made me very nervous felt like it was going to shoot of the road at speed

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