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One Owner 1972 Corvette!


This orange Corvette has been under the care of the same owner since new, and for some reason we all love a one owner car! Listed here on craigslist St. Louis, MO. a one owner car is listed for $21,600. This is said to have just 35,884 original miles on it. It was locked and has been sitting in a garage for over 20 years, but is now in need of a new home.


The owner has the original title and the original 350 cubic inch engine is under the hood. The present owner (we hope a family member and not a flipper) didn’t have a key to open the door but somehow he opened the hood.  We have posted the only images available from the ad.  This is a matching numbers car. A total of 4,891 Ontario Orange convertibles were produced in ’72. This one has a Saddle colored interior.


The hardtop is included with this automatic, PS, PB and AM/FM radio fitted car.

All of the original paperwork is included with the car. The owner just found more keys and one fits the ignition and other is for the alarm. The owner believes that only the the tires, exhaust tips and battery are not the factory originals. So, if the present owner purchased and/or received this “one owner car” it would appear to now be a two owner car, will you be the third owner?



  1. Avatar photo Jeff V.

    Nice, CARFAX needed 4 sure! 12K$ tops, imo???

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  2. Avatar photo Art M.

    I agree the price may be a little high. I wonder how the seller knew it was number matching before they found keys and opened the hood? CARFAX Info will be mostly nonexistent on a car this old. Still I would like to own it, just not at the current price.

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    • Avatar photo Oldstuff 1941

      These C3’s were relatively easy to open the doors with a ‘slim jim’ and access the hood latch which is kinda what he eludes to in his ad….If they now have found the Keys to the ignition and the alarm,… they have a complete set for the doors and rear cargo compartments too, there were only two keys for these. I’ve owned 2 – 72’s. Also owned several other years, but the 72’s were some of my favs… I graduated High school that year…couldn’t afford one back then, but made up for it later lol…

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      • Avatar photo Nxpress62

        A lot of corvette guys never latched the hood anyway, just set closed. You can barely tell its not latched and it makes it easy to open in the garage or if your cables aren’t adjusted well..

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  3. Avatar photo RonEBee

    to much money for a 350ci auto that hasn’t been touched in two decades, around $9500 and it would be attractive, lotsa of work to do

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  4. Avatar photo rancho bella

    I know these cars…………….and I wish I had never met them.

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    • Avatar photo Oldstuff 1941

      LOL… I spent alot of money on them too rancho bella…

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  5. Avatar photo Bob Baird

    Convertible is good. Base engine small block is not good. Automatic is not good. Price is not good.

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  6. Avatar photo Duffy

    A little over priced.. But as they say.” There’s an ass for every seat”.

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  7. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    I always hate it when the ad says “the more I do the price will go up”. Especially on an already overpriced car. He probably paid 4500 for it from the original owner’s family.

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  8. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    When I looked up the value of a ’72 350 LT1 convertible in the current SCM Guide I was surprised to see that it was valued at $25-51K for an excellent condition/possible local concours winner car. Values don’t differ on std. vs. auto.

    That (over)valuation aside, I also think this car is overpriced especially when you don’t know whether it runs/drives or even if the engine turns. I’m guessing if the price goes up, interest will go even lower.

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    • Avatar photo Craig

      Dolphin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this car is not an LT1 !

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      Right. I forgot to remove the ‘LT1’ part from what I wrote before I hit the send button.

      The value range above ($25-51K) is correct for a regular 350 convertible. The value range for a ’72 LT1 convertible is $36-67K in the SCM Guide. Thanks for bringing the error to my attention Craig.

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      • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

        If the SCM guide is anything like Hagerty’s, then the numbers for Corvettes will be too high.
        They were when I went to sell my ’70 convertible, manual, numbers matching, build sheet, aux. hardtop, etc.

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      • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

        I agree about those values being high. I think of them as mostly based on the results of high-end auctions of mostly perfect or near-perfect restored cars, especially at B-J, where there is a lot of hype and “I’m on TV!” excitement.

        They are easily available numbers that are a kind of upper boundary for values, at least that’s the way I think of them. Something listed on CL or Ebay isn’t likely to come close, even if it’s in pretty good condition.

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  9. Avatar photo don

    once again, not buying the “original mileage” look at the wear on the drivers seat and door panel and the console. Price is way to high, $9500 at best.

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  10. Avatar photo The Chucker

    I agree this is a big ask for a base/auto non-running early C3-especially in these colors. I’m also dubious of the mileage claim. Watch for frame/birdcage rot on these…don’t ask how I know.

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  11. Avatar photo KN

    Certainly a good find. I’ve seen similar T-Top cars go for 10 to 15. I would think that being a convertible it might be worth 20 but no A/C will make it a tough sell when it’s done. I’m not crazy about the colors but I just sold a ’71 T-Top in the same colors and it wasn’t an issue. As they say there is an a_ s for every seat!

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  12. Avatar photo MIDNIGHT M

    I dunno….I’m thinking there’s a “hidden 1” in front of that “3!” These were especially popular cars down here in Tx. because of the UT Orange….but the Tx. heat wasn’t kind to them…4 speed would be more attractive…2 high for the current condition!

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  13. Avatar photo Chebby

    Copy sounds like it’s written by an auction firm, agreed I hate the whole “price goes up as I fix” attitude. How much extra you gonna charge after you wash it, pal?

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  14. Avatar photo Steve

    Not worth the money in this condition, imo

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  15. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    Due to the lack of information, as to if it even runs (condition #4) however better than a condition #5 (not running/inoperable, needing complete restoration, I would price this around $13-15K at a maximum. As noted in the ad it does have the hardtop, but no A/C, or much in the way of options, except the afore mentioned hardtop and the AM-FM radio option. After having sat for so long, there is quite a bit of mechanical work to do to fire it up and make driveable. Just my personal opinion. As a condition #5 it is worth between $7-9K.

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  16. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    As an owner of a 1972 base Stingray naturally I like this rig. I think it has potential. Low mileage roadster, possibly clean up easily. I really like driving mine, slide in the corners and hammer down. T tops off and back glass in the glove box, so fun!I am sure anything new would kick its ass but it is still so fun to drive! KN, how much did you get for your 71?

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  17. Avatar photo Jamie

    I have to agree with the wear on the driver door and seat. But back in those days there were only 5 digits on odo for mileage. Pics of the engine and nose would have been nice,along with the hardtop. For this price, lots of pics would have been even better. I have to say there is even more mileage than pictured… My opinion…. Lower the price.

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  18. Avatar photo Craig

    From what I see on the seat and door panel it just looks dusty or dirty not necessarily worn,

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  19. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    I have seen many ads where the seller assumes that since the car sat for 20 years it is low original mileage. What they forget is that the car was driven for close to 25 years before that and the ODO has been around at least once. Wear on the door panel is a dead give away.

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  20. Avatar photo krash

    Love the three rectangles on the tail shot..

    ..shows where the owner stored the three cinder blocks that he tired of repeatedly tripping over in the narrow garage..

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  21. Avatar photo cache

    While looking through your comments and opinions I see only two questions. As the caretaker of the Corvette you are expressing your thoughts about, let me answer your questions. Starting with Robert Rothbard the staff writer, who decided to take and post this listing he found on CL without notifying me, however I do appreciate the additional exposure. Whoever purchases this Corvette will indeed be the second owner. The attorney that handled the estate of the original owner of this car holds the title signed by the seller to be filled out to the new owner. We have the original title. I am not a family member nor a flipper nor auction service or dealer, but one that was asked to inspect, report findings, and oversee the selling of this Corvette. Answering your question… CHEBBY pal, the price has indeed gone up but not for washing it, but for the little (in my opinion) expense it took to get it running and drivable as it should be. And as for the mileage in doubt…The owner states that the miles are correct and not over 100,000. This is also the opinion of a couple of NCRS judges that have looked at the Corvette. If you all or anyone else would like the facts as we know them, please call 620 724 0319.

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  22. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Thanks for the update cache, best of luck on the sale. Very fun cars and chicks love them. As I do. Take care, Mike.

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    • Avatar photo cache

      Your welcome and thanks Mike. I started cleaning it up yesterday and it is polishing up great. I’d post an updated pic if I knew how?

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  23. Avatar photo socaljoe

    You could always update your craigslist ad.

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  24. Avatar photo cache

    Sold! I registered it to myself….

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    • Avatar photo leiniedude Member

      Wow! Looks great! Congrats and I know you will enjoy your two owner Stingray! Take care, Mike.

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