One-Owner ’73 Corvette… What Happened?

'73 Corvette Body Right Front

This may very well be a one-owner Corvette, but you wouldn’t guess it by looking at the photos. It’s currently sitting on blocks of wood in Bedford, Pennsylvania and is list here on eBay. Bidding started low, but is taking off surprisingly fast. We would like to hear the story behind this Vette. Wouldn’t you?

'73 Corvette Body Tag

This is, as per the owner, a 927 Dark Blue with a Dark Saddle interior ’73 Corvette. Well, some of it anyway…

'73 Corvette Body Int.

The owner claims that the body has never been hit and that the bird cage is solid.

'73 Corvette Body 350

There was a 350 in here at one time, but there’s no engine or transmission now.

'73 Corvette Body right side rear

There are many image in the auction description.  The owner asks you to contact him though if you have any questions.  Who reading this doesn’t have at least one question?



  1. Rick

    “Ran when parked”…

  2. Chris

    The owner should be proud of his car care skills.

  3. Clay Bryant

    Where do you start on something that’s already finished………..?

  4. JW454

    Here’s my theory. Someone, needing a lot of parts for their car, found this car that had been sitting for a long time and got it for cheap from the original owner. They then stripped out everything they wanted and are now selling what’s left. Just a guess but I’ve seen this done before. Sad if true but it happens.

  5. Scott Allison

    This is more likely a frame-off restoration that stalled out.

    • JW

      I agree with both JW454 & Scott as either way it’s a sad case to behold. Now not ever being a corvette owner what exactly is a birdcage and does every Corvette from beginning to now have one? Sorry for my stupidity but I’ve never seen the question asked by anyone and every time I see that phrase it makes me wonder WTH.


        Birdcage is a rollcage that holds all the c3 Corvette panels together and it bolts to the frame on pillars A and B. Usually rusts pretty bad specially in the frame-birdcage attaching points. Repairing one is a real pain because of all the fiberglass panels bonded and the risk of fire involved in welding. Not to mention replacing one.

  6. Fred

    Kind of like that part on Avanti’s, JW, “Hog Troughs” . Still don’t know exactly what one is.

  7. Frankie Paige

    Yeah what happened mr corvette owner? Usually corvettes are well cared for, something they share with BMW owners. Pretty obvious he’s been parted out.

  8. Duffy Member


  9. KN

    I’ve got a chassis if he needs one.

  10. Magstar67

    Birdcage on a C2-C3 Vette is the metal frame in the Firewall/cowl/windshield frame areas that gives it structure

    They are a common problem area on Vettes of the era.

  11. J Lemay

    Stolen and recovered maybe??

  12. Birdman

    1973 Vette For Sale
    One owner car
    Barely Driven
    Ran When Parked
    Mild resto required to make this beauty driveable again!

  13. Mike R

    Yep, and they are a common source of rust and can be tough to repair.

    1 owner LOL. :D For a NOM small block ’73 coupe, this project needs to go cheap to be worth grabbing…

  14. Chris

    I reckon he just left it parked in a rough neighbourhood……………

  15. Ed P

    $1500 and the reserve is not met !! For a car with no chassis, no drivetrain, and no lots of other stuff, I’d say the bid is about as high as it should go.

  16. Barzini

    Who does this?

  17. Doug Towsley

    I vote that its been parted out, However,, for the right price, it DOES come with a title,, so hmmmm,,, Donor chassis? Many options, and start thinking vintage IMSA or Transam race car tribute car. Tube chassis from Alston, CE, Or other chassis builders,,,OR…. Hmmm,,, find a late model corvette some of which are really affordable, and swap this body onto the modern chassis. You got vintage cool body style with modern chassis and handling. Seems like a win-win. And just think, with this vintage, NO DEQ/EPA emissions testing so go crazy with the motor.

  18. Booya

    I know! Put an SBC in it!

  19. PRA4SNW

    When I first saw that it was located in Bedford, PA, I figured that it was a Vette Dealer that I used to follow on E-Bay. It turns out that this seller – allcorvettes2008 – isn’t exactly that seller – valleyauto2005 – but, they both have the same phone number. So, valleyauto sells all the nice Vettes and all of the rebuildable stuff is sold by allcorvettes.

    They do manage to find some interesting stuff – a Vette for all budgets.

  20. John

    When I saw it was from Bedford PA I figured the SALT ate all the metal bits and this is all that’s left??

  21. pursang

    Will the A/C need a recharge?

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