One-Owner Garage Find: 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix

In the second year of the General Motors Colonnade designs, the look was distinguished from the previous year with bigger bumpers. The Pontiac Grand Prix was no exception. Along with bigger bumpers came a refined grille and a rear end with new taillights and the license plate area moved up from the bumper. Here is a 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix for sale here on Craigslist in Chicago, Illinois.

This Grand Prix is a one owner car that has been stored for the last 30 years. One thing not addressed in the ad that the pictures bring out is rust. There seems to be quite a bit of rust along the rockers on both sides along with around the right rear wheel well. The paint is original.

The interior looks good except for some rips on the driver’s seat. The interior includes bucket seats with center console. The dash looks like there are no cracks. Accessories include power windows and door locks, as well as air conditioning. The seller does not address whether they are working.

No engine pictures are included, but the engine is the original 400 cubic inch V-8 with 4 barrel carburetor. The car has been driven 80,000 miles and has a new battery. This Grand Prix is being offered for $4,900. After a long 30 year snooze and some rust, is this the kind of car you would be interested in?

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  1. BW

    Had a 1973 in the late ’70s that spent its life in Kansas City and northern Virginia. Although it was a fantastic car, the rust gremlins were incessant. By 1979 it had rust through on every panel. Still miss that car though.

  2. Bob C.

    There seems to be something up with the passenger door, but they’re not giving us good photos of it. Otherwise, this seems like a very reasonable project.

  3. Chebby Member

    Gahhh the ugliest year in the ugliest colors. Pass.

  4. stillrunners

    Good starting point at the price…repair – paint enjoy…

  5. Rustytech

    Rusty down low, and being from Chicago I’m sure it’s worse than what we see here. There are no chassis pictures for a reason. If you really want one of these, buy one from the southwest.

    • edh

      Yep, you just know that the rust you can see extends beneath the paint, it will bubble to the surface soon. The frame will certainly have areas that are as solid as papier-mâché. Also 80K doesn’t sound like a lot of miles for a modern car but back then it was living on borrowed time.

    • Tom Member

      I am here in Chicago and you are right. Plenty of more rust in most areas guaranteed when you see this much presenting itself. The vinyl top on the driver side, not a good picture, but looks bloated and crunchy underneath which is NOT good..

      Good price but I agree with the southwest comment. Chicago winters have not been and are still not kind to cars here. I think I just heard Chi Town (not the suburbs) just the city has 400 snow removal vehicles and 360,000 tons of salt ready to spread as we expected our first snow last night. UGH!!

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