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One Owner: 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera

There was a time, not that long ago when a mid-1970s Porsche would go for reasonable money. You, of course, needed to save up for it, and it wasn’t cheap but if you worked hard you could find yourself in one. However, these days, as we know, the prices are in the stratosphere. A 1975 model, like the one we have here today from Corte Madera, California is one such example. It’s now being offered on eBay here for a whopping $89,995 or you can try and shave a little off by making an offer. So let’s dive in and see what makes this one so special…

First of all, it’s a low mileage example, just 52,934 miles on the clock and has had just one owner from new, who has looked after the car exceptionally well looking at the gleaming red paintwork on the photos. Thankfully there’s a beautifully written description of the car’s life and a thorough inspection of all the typical problem areas, as well as checking all the welds on the body to check for accident damage. Luckily the seller is honest and mentions that the car needs a little TLC – some oxidisation of the Peru Red paintwork in some areas, and the tyres need to be replaced.

Moving through the car, you can see the interior has also been well looked after with only very minor wear on the seat bolsters. The tan leather appears in great condition as well as all the dials and switches. The car even comes with its original specification sheets which tell us that the car was upgraded to Koni shocks and had the ‘Carrera’ type deleted on the doors. Porsches like this are unusual – surviving the flat nose modification era, as well as the outlaw mods of the last few years, so to find an unmolested one with just one owner is rare.

I do wonder if these classic Porsches will ever come down again in price, as it would be great to get one with the original body style. But as they get more and more out of reach for us and need many years of saving, it seems like I may have to settle for a badly modified one. But do you think this car justifies its almost $90k price tag or would you be looking for something which needs a little more work, so that you can put your own mark on it?


  1. Harvey Member

    Looks nice, you would think when you spend $89,000 on a vehicle it wouldn’t need tires.

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    • Lamadogg

      If you can buy a 47-yr. old Porsche for $90k, a set of tires shouldn’t impact your decision.

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  2. Racer417

    Peru Red is more of a brick red than this color appears in the photos.

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  3. FrankD Member

    I say its Guards Red.

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      Guards Red wasn’t available for the mid ’70s cars. Late ’70s into the early ’80s.

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      • bobhess bobhess Member

        Update: Guards Red came out with the ’77 911 SCs and following that on at least 50% of the 944s it seems.

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  4. George Mattar

    Incredible cars to drive, but man you better have plenty of green paper or credit card to pay for parts and labor.

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  5. chuck

    Nice change from “one owner” cars pulled out of a chicken coop. He took good care of it.

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  6. John Boskovic

    I was 18 in ’75, and I often think of all the really cool cars that I could have bought that were actually in my budget; a ’62 Vette for $3,500. The AH 3000 for $1,800. A race ready Mini for $3,000.00 – with trailer. And what did I do? Wasted all that money on food, mortgages and the Care & Feeding of my ex. Now all of these cars are right out of my financial orbit.


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    • Terry

      Yeah, buy all your toys before you get married and enjoy them until the ex gets them in the divorce. It’s cheaper to rent a wife for the night once or twice a month then turn them loose.

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      • Grant

        I am with you Terry about the renting. I got lucky 50 years ago, never had the need for a short term rental, but many of my friends, not lucky at all in this regard. The problem is with the rental laws in most of these here states. We need to make short term rentals fully legal and then they would be more affordable as well. The idea of try before you buy is also a good idea. Our society would be much more stable if there was more upfront truth in the purchasing versus renting. Any financial planner will tell you that it is foolish to jump into a purchase when you are not sure of where you are going to be in a few years time. Same with so many things. I had some tree stumps to grind up on my property. I could have spent thousands to buy a stump grinder, but then after a short time of infatuation with it, I would soon forget that it got ignored and that we had no need for each other. I rented a grinder for a day. It made me smile and filled me with such a sense of satisfaction, plus I was able to rent something so much better than I could afford to own, the best of both worlds. Everyone is a winner here.

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    • Lamadogg

      Many require scheduled service, replacement parts and pampering over time.

      It’s the same with cars….

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  7. Frank Sumatra

    The Official Vehicle of Marin County, California in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Love it.

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