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Grandma’s Car: 1977 Ford Mustang II Hatchback

It is always the dream of car enthusiasts to find a “one owner, little old lady” classic car, and while this 1977 Mustang II has technically had two owners, the second has only owned the car long enough to return it to active duty after it had spent decades parked away in a garage. It isn’t perfect, but for an original Mustang II of this era, it is still pretty impressive. The Mustang is located in Poulsbo, Washington, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has now reached $4,000, and with the reserve having been met, the Mustang is set to find its way to a new home.

The Mustang II is a car that polarizes enthusiasts, but in hatchback form, it is a fairly attractive looking car. Brown paint seems to have a similar effect on people, although this Dark Brown Metallic is one of the nicer shades. The paint isn’t perfect, as there are scratches and chips visible in many areas. These are all pretty minor, and there are no signs of any significant accident repairs. There is a dent visible on the rear hatch, but the rest of the car appears to be quite clean. The car was used on a regular basis by its original owner until the heater core failed in 1991. It was then parked in a dry garage until 2018 when sadly, she passed away. The current owner purchased the Mustang from her estate and set to work getting the car up and running. During the process, the car was given a thorough inspection. It was found to be rust-free, with only a dusting of surface corrosion on the underside, which is not uncommon with cars from this era.

The interior of the Mustang is remarkably well preserved and has not suffered any of the major plastic deterioration that was so common with many cars from the 1970s. There really isn’t a lot to be critical of, with some deterioration of the lid on the console bin, and wear on the plastic under the parking brake being the only real items to note. The dash is free of cracks, while the rest of the upholstered surfaces, the headliner, and the carpet, all looking very good. The gauges are clear and free of any clouding of the lenses, while the original radio/cassette player still holds pride of place in the dash.

By 1977, potential buyers had a choice of three engines for their Mustang. This was thanks to the fact that some re-engineering allowed Ford to add the 302ci Windsor V8 to the line-up from the 1975 model year. That’s what you will find under the hood of this Mustang, with the engine producing 139hp. The vehicle also features a 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. After sitting for so long, the Mustang did need some work to ensure that it was fit for the road, and the list of work that has been undertaken is quite extensive. The entire braking system has been gone through, and it now sports new calipers, new discs, new drums, and new wheel cylinders. That troublesome heater core has been replaced, along with all the hoses, belts, and the radiator. The tires were obviously getting pretty old, so the owner has treated the Mustang to a new set of aftermarket wheels and tires. The result is a car that is said to run and drive nicely.

Technically, this Mustang II is not a one-owner vehicle, but I look at the current owner as being more of a custodian than an owner. It appears that he bought the car with the intention of retaining it for his own use, but has chosen to part with the car because he already has too many. It might not be perfect, but it does appear to be a car that is ready to be driven and enjoyed immediately. For the person who is considering their first classic car purchase, and wants to “dip their toe” into the scene at an affordable price, this could be quite a good option to consider.


  1. TimM

    There is and always will be a love/hate relationship with theses Mustangs!! This one is pretty clean looking and I didn’t mind these cars!! Sure it was a disappointment from the 60’s and early 70’s cars but times were changing and these cars have their place in history!!!

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  2. sparkster

    Detail the engine compartment BEFORE putting it on Ebay ? ? ? Nah why bother. I had a 1974 Mustang II dark cranberry red with silver “ghia” interior. V-6 with a four speed stick. Fun car , fast ? No

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  3. Tom Member

    Mustang. V8. 139 HP. Sad that they can be mentioned in the same article.

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  4. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I’ve always liked Mustang II’s, this is not a bad example. There hasn’t been a II at our local Mustang/Ford show for at least three years.

    I recently visited with a friend (elsewhere in the country) who has restored a Mustang II for his wife. It is the iconic “Farrah Fawcett” model, i.e. white with blue stripes. He has some aftermarket wheels/tires on it which look good. At shows, he may get more eyeballs on his car than many higher-dollar cars. He said he regularly gets the “everyone had one, but they are all gone” comment.

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  5. nycbjr Member

    Is that a clock above the glove compartment?

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  6. ccrvtt

    As an unapologetic fan of the Mustang II I think this is a great find. What impresses me is the condition. It seems so unfair that northwest Washington has so much beautiful scenery and so many well-preserved interesting cars.

    Can anyone explain why that is the case?

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    • Skorzeny

      It depends on what side of the mountains you. And there a few ‘rain shadows’ so it might have spent time in a drier part of the state. Seattle is pretty wet. Eastern side is pretty arid.

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  7. LARRY

    This low horsepower 302 can make decent horsepower in a few weekends and not a ton of money just hit Ebay for aluminum intake..holly carb..shorty headers..etc. I know this because I did so in a pinto with a 289.. worst problem was having to buy tires every weekend but sooo much fun

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  8. JoeNYWF64

    How difficult is it to replace a htr core on this non a/c car!? – silly it sat so long.
    Did Ford also use a pellet cat converter back then too(like GM)?
    If so, it’s sappin a lot of hp & torque.
    First stang II fastback i ever seen w/o door sport/racing mirrors!
    Great visibility all around & HUGE brake pedal!
    I wonder if those face level vents in dash at either end are phony or not.
    I’m guessin those wheels are 14″ – they do not look too small, unlike others.

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  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Hats off to the person that saved this car! Great to see someone go through a car and make it a driver. Way better than seeing a dirty car on a trailer needing work and a sky high ask. Nice job pal! I hope you make some cash.

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  10. david

    people at Ford should have gone to prison for what they did to the Mustang.

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  11. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Bought one of these when I was 12 years old for 15 bucks.Same everything with exception of condition and mileage. Being brought it in a tiny rural town in the Eastern panhandle of West Virginia,we drove really early, myself I was 7, driving my dad’s manual 68 power wagon 383,3/4ton 4wd. Back to the mustang,was my 15 bucks I made for mowing grass,lots, my friends and I jump in it,fly through the fields,and woods,sneak it out on the asphalt for a burnout when nobody’s parents were around, eventually we opened the doors,went backwards like a bat outta hell though the narrow logging roads,when the mustang finally gave up,we picked up the pieces, I mowed some grass,and on to the next one. I wouldn’t trade those days for anything. To the mustang folks… I apologize.

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  12. Bikefixr

    I LIKE these cars. Someday I’ll find myself a nice Cobra version and have some fun. Hardly any of them around.

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  13. Moparman Moparman Member

    Why, oh why, do cars I’m interested in always turn up on the wrong coast?! **SIGH!** :-)

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  14. Stephen J Jesus

    Worst POS I’ve ever owned

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  15. John B

    I’m really diggin’ the car itself, but the engine compartment is like seeing stretch marks on a MILF. Minor infraction…close your eyes.

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  16. Stevieg

    The orangish interior, normally an ugly color in my eyes, looks right with this car. Not sure about the dark brown lower dash board. I would think that should match the rest of the interior. The black center console, although for a Mustang of that era, I am almost certain is not original for that car.
    All that being said, very impressive condition, especially for a car that never would have been preserved here in Wisconsin.
    I had one once, a 1978 hatchback with tee tops. Orange & black two tone with an orange plaid interior. 4 popper & 4 speed. Completely gutless, in spite of how sporty it appeared. I ended up despising that example lol.

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  17. chrlsfu

    4650$’n gone. Glad it’s more’n a flip (he put some time in).
    Like the fox, fastbak, motor’n hatch, lack of rust !

    For those who seek a restore (&/or mod or not) and short term DD for sales – these R comin in right now. This is a good example of 1
    I seek the fox-bodied wagon (’77 – ’86) but would not sell @ the end.

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