One Owner: 1987 Honda CRX Si


These early Honda CRXs are still immensely appealing to me, especially as I am increasingly drawn to the simplicity of older cars. This particular example is incredibly well-kept, and is said to have had just one original owner before the current seller got their hands on it. You can check out this 1987 Honda CRX Si here on eBay, where it’s listed with a $6,990 Buy-It-Now.

Straight-forward and driver-focused, the lack of frills is what made these CRXs such great driver’s cars. Pair the low curb weight with the more powerful Si engine and you have a willing platform that exemplified the notion that driving a slow car fast is more fun than driving a fast car slow. The interior remains in excellent condition, an amazing achievement considering there’s over 200,000 miles on the odometer!


The seller, Cherokee Auto Group, tends to get neat hobbyist cars like this CRX with low miles or in survivor condition. They’ve done a nice job bringing the red paint back from faded pink to bright cherry, and the engine bay looks like it has about 150,000 fewer miles on it than advertised. The seller doesn’t say anything about maintenance history and timing belt changes, but I’m assuming the mileage confirms it’s been well maintained.


The phone dial-style alloy wheels and integrated rear spoiler, along with the trick sliding sun roof, are all present and accounted for, along with the subtle aero cues unique to the Si model. This early CRX is in impressive condition for its age, but even with the miles it’s racked up, I’m guessing there’s another 100,000 left on those odometer gears. Would you take this Japanese pocket rocket autocrossing, or keep it a fair-weather driver?


  1. Healeydays

    Since when did a car like a Civic with mileage of 221,480 seem like a deal for $7000? Yes, it looks clean, but that’s alot of miles on a car like that.

    • JW454

      I’m feeling people don’t seem to care about how many miles are on a car anymore. 40 years ago, you didn’t even bother calling if the car had more than 50K. Now 150K is listed as “Low Miles” even at 5 years old. Where the heck is everybody going to add up miles like that?!!!

      • John B

        Dammit, I didn’t mean to hit the report button….Sorry. Anyhow, I have an ’06 Acura TL 6-speed with 216K miles on it. Just had timing belt service done and it still runs like a clock.

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    • Bill Gunby

      Not worth more than 3500$ that’s if it’s in perfect condition

  2. MH

    Yeah not worth 7K. Maybe $1500 tops.

    • Paul

      $1500.00?? Lol thats a good one! Made me chuckle…

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      • Adam

        Yeah im with this guy $1500 tops

      • John K

        The car is in Georgia. I am in New england. If this was posted for $1,500 I’d be crossing the Georgia border right about now.

  3. Gary Oliver

    Cute, Reliable, Xciting

  4. Gary I

    I think it’s overpriced for the miles, but a lot of people liked these when they came out. It might find a buyer that couldn’t get one then. At $7,000 they would be paying what I see as top dollar for this particular car.

  5. jim s

    seller has 99 vehicles for sale on Ebay. this would be a fun car to autocross. if interested do a PI checking for rust then make the seller an offer. interesting find.

    • John K

      They are a very fun car to auto-X. When they first came out they ended up being in either A-stock or was it the one above that? Dang, that was a long time ago. Corvettes were a threat, as were well driven 911’s but my CRX held it own. I fondly remember sending many PCA guys home early (yes, early), fuming about being crushed by a pea-shooter.

  6. fred

    JW454, 40 or 50 years ago most cars needed an engine overhaul after 100K miles or so. At the time this car was new, Honda and Toyota were well on their way to making cars capable of 300K plus miles with few repairs, and as we all know they eventually succeeded. So even a car with 221K commands a good price when it runs and presents well (although 7K looks a bit steep).

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  7. John K

    This ’85 might be a better deal, depending on condition.

    Personally I like the ’85 the best from this generation. Lots of items on these that are unique to the ’85: 140mph speedo; 13″ “Iron Cross” wheels; Mugen style rear spoiler; headlights; lower panels; and a few other items. If I was local to that I’d be over there right now.

    • Jeff Staff

      Great find John – lots of nice bits on that car. I’ve learned over the years that folks do love to collect the bits and baubles for these cars. Sold a set of bumper overriders for some serious $ last year!

      As per people questioning the price, it is high – but it’s not far off. I know I sound like a broken record, but anyone who follows the market on desirable 80s cars knows it gets to be a case of “find me another” – one owner, Si, original-as-intended-from-the-factory condition.

      Trying to tick all of those boxes gets damn hard as the years wear on.

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      • John K

        I think the price is a bit high, but not outrageously high.

        If it was under 100K and in this condition it would be worth a fair bit more. I’ve seen some of these 1st gen CRX Si’s sell at or near $10K, and one (granted, with only 25K) sell for close to $13K.

        A 1st Gen Si in this condition is just a rare thing. Add to it that they are a fun car to drive, are cheap to run, and are dead reliable and there’s your value.

        As you say, if you don’t like the price go find another in this condition for less.

    • BMW/Tundra guy

      Wanna bet what all that head/valves is about?? Can you say, oops forgot to get the TIMING BELT changed?!

  8. Larry

    Not many around in this condition, regardless of miles (in the Northeastern US, they’ve pretty much disappeared). The list price is simply a starting point for a discussion with the seller.

    For the right buyer willing to deal with an eventual rebuild and other potential high mileage issues, a well-maintained, rust-free body as a starting point could be worth quite a bit.

  9. fred

    If I recall correctly, didn’t these cars get over 40 mpg?

  10. Richard

    First off Every car has one original owner. this car also has one second owner. Headline is kind of misleading… Second too much money for such a high mileage car.

  11. grant

    Sure, the newer cars go forever.. but this one’s a good way there. It does seem to have been well cared for and nicely detailed. If it isn’t rusty, it might be worth putting a rebuild into it, and a clutch, shocks, struts, etc. Cause they all have 220 k as well. Then after all that you can have a nice, 30 year old Honda with no real collector value to drive around in. For about 12-14 k. Or, a kid could buy it for the 2500 it should sell for and have a blast with it, as rightfully should happen.

  12. Paul

    Sometimes I just don’t understand people’s logic when they point out that you might buy a car for $5,000 put a couple thousand dollars into it but you’ll never get your money out of It .. . Whatever happened to just fixing the car up so you can enjoy it and not worry about how much money you put into it or what it’s going to be worth let’s say 10 years down the road, does everybody just flip cars and nobody enjoys them no matter how much money you put into them anymore? I don’t drive my Mazda rx7 turbo everyday thinking of how much money I put into it, when I Drive it I think of how much pleasure I get and how much I enjoy it, not what it’s going to be worth it to somebody else down the road. Just my view on things…

    • Jeff Staff

      Agreed. If it’s worth $7K to someone to own a car that looks like the one they drove to their first job (or some other memory), more power to them. Or maybe they just always wanted one that looks the same way it did when it rolled out of the showroom.

  13. Stang1968

    One owner before this owner =/ (Not equal) one owner car.
    Just because you’re floating the title doesn’t mean it’s a one owner ride.
    That would mean all those Lembrecht Chevrolet car’s are 0 owners cars even to this day because their MSO was never sent in to obtain title.

  14. Victor Anderson

    I’ve had 4 friends that owned these. All 4 of them got in slow speed wrecks wearing seatbelts. All 4 of them got hurt – and got hurt badly in a couple cases. Even at 15mph or 20mph knees were injured from the dashboard. Even if you were willing to roll the dice and drive one (have good heath insurance) – this thing is WAY over priced. There are too many other options – Toyota MR2 would probably be a better 2-seater. These CRX’s – as far as I’m concerned – are good cars to avoid.

  15. RoughDiamond

    My wife and I tried to buy a new Black ’86 Si, but we did not qualify for the Si model which is the only model we desired. A few years later I was happy we did not end up with it as a Honda salesman told me if you got involved in a head on collision in one, due to the rake of the windshield, you would probably have been seriously injured. Two years later while driving through a very rural area of TN, just outside of Chattanooga, I came across and purchased a one owner ’66 Chevy II SS 327/350 HP with all the factory documentation so all was not lost in losing the Si.

  16. AMCFAN

    A cars design may play a roll in the amount of injuries received or not surviving an accident. If you wish to pick on car designs not to buy that would almost certainly be every car featured on BF.

    I knew a guy that had a six month old 86 CRX that ran off a country road and landed in a tree. All good until it hit the ground. He walked away unhurt. The car with obvious scratches from limbs and brush had bent front axles. Seems he straightened them enough to continue driving it….until he figured how to wreck it even more and sell it to his insurance company. Too funny.

    This CRX is clean. I believe without a doubt this will sell at the $7000. mark or a little below. Believe me in a few years it will seem like a steal. With rust issues and punks doing JDM B series swaps there are few clean examples. As far as miles on a Honda or even Toyota asking how many is like asking the miles on a Rabbit diesel. Doesn’t matter to those who are planning on buying. Low miles are a plus but high ones never a deal breaker.

    • John K

      LOL if you are using NADA as a price guide for any collector car. I just ran the numbers on a few vehicles I track the price on and prices were way, way, way off. Example: 2001 BMW M Coupe with 25K miles is valued at $17K. The past few ’01’s with that sort of mileage have sold in the $60K to $70K range.

    • Paul

      Lol. Nada values on older cars arent worth squat…

  17. BMW/Tundra guy

    I am local to this car. If anybody is interested and ignores the sellers “pending” disclaimer, reply and I would be happy get in touch and look this over.

  18. dmose DMOSE

    Update: Car sold back in 2016 right at price listed shortly after we advertised the old gal.

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  19. Chris P

    The car has been wrecked…obvious front damage.. crappy body shop..lines don’t match up..still interested though

  20. dmose DMOSE

    Great to hear your interested…however as comments show above car was sold years ago & just a few days after it was listed! Guess it was too cheap! Best of luck on search!

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