One-Owner 1990 Ford Mustang GT With 11k Genuine Miles

After the production of the Mustang II finally ended, it seemed as though Ford had found its mojo once again with the introduction of the Fox-body Mustang. While many of the engines were carried over from the previous series, it seemed that the car, particularly in hatchback form, appealed to the buying public. This 1990 Mustang GT should appeal to plenty of people because it is an attractive car with a long list of optional extras. The fact that it is a one-owner, low-mileage example is never going to hurt its sales prospects. If it appeals to you, then you will find it located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and listed for sale here on AutoTrader. The owner is asking $35,000 for this clean Mustang.

The owner of the Mustang was working at a Ford dealership when he made the decision to order himself a new car. He decided to order “one with the lot,” and this included the sinister-looking Black paint. The body appears to be in good condition. The owner supplies some shots of the vehicle’s underside, and there isn’t a spot of rust to be seen anywhere. The car’s cause has undoubtedly been helped by the fact that not only is it kept in a heated garage, but it has never been driven in Winter. it rolls on a nice looking set of Cobra R 5-spoke wheels, and these are fitted with new tires. The owner states that the paint does have a few minor imperfections, but as is so often the case with cars finished in black, these imperfections don’t show in the photos.

Under the hood of the Mustang, you will find the fuel-injected 302ci V8 engine, and in this case, it is backed by a 5-speed manual transmission. The car also features power steering, while stopping power is handled by Ford Racing, 5-lug, 4-wheel disc brakes. A BBK cold-air intake and Flowmaster mufflers and tail-pipes should see the engine producing slightly more than its original 225hp. The owner has been mindful of the fact that the next owner may wish to return the car to its original specifications, so he has retained all of the original components that have been removed. In addition, there is a nice little package of new factory performance parts that is available to be purchased, if the next owner should choose. This includes cylinder heads, a camshaft, a tubular GT40 intake, a custom ECU, and numerous other items. Fitting these items should unleash plenty of ponies, and result in a fairly potent car. With only 11,000 miles on the clock, the Mustang hasn’t seen a lot of work. That should mean that this is a car with plenty of life left in it yet.

The Mustang’s black interior presents extremely nicely, and I really can’t see anything here to fault. The only functional problem to note is the fact that the air conditioning no longer blows cold. There’s a pretty good chance that it will need at least a recharge, although there is also the possibility that lack of use has seen some of the system’s seals dry out. This is something that will need some investigation. The owner really knew what he wanted when he ordered the car because it comes fully loaded. As well as the A/C, it features power windows, power locks, power mirrors, sunroof, cruise control, and an AM/FM stereo radio/cassette player. It also comes with its original Window Sticker, the factory order documentation, and a clean Carfax report.

It would seem that this Mustang GT is a car that will want for very little. It is finished in one of the most popular color combinations, and the condition, low mileage, and overall condition make it a tempting proposition. I am not going to say that it is a cheap car at the price, because it isn’t. What I will say is that prices like this for a 1990 Mustang GT are not unprecedented, especially when we are talking about a with all of the attributes that this one has. I have no doubt that someone will be sorely tempted by this car, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it find a new home in the very near future. The big question will be whether the next owner will exercise the option to also purchase the additional parts package. Would you?


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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Very nice Fox Body.

    The modifications are common and are probably done well. They would be fine with many people, but the appeal of a very low mileage car to some people (such as me) is its completely stock condition. I doubt many such people would go to the trouble of returning the car to stock. The five lug five spoke wheels are fine, but they have become kind of over-used in my opinion. And, the a/c doesn’t blow cold?

    $7500 for the additional parts ??!!??

    Given the above, despite the solid prices for clean low mileage Fox Bodies, I think the seller will have a hard time getting to the advertised price. Looks like he/she is trying to recoup half the cost of their new GT350R.

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    Made those mods and didn’t drive it? Nice looking car but seems like seller is asking way more than going price for a clean fox body Stang.

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  3. nycbjr Member

    Crack pipe lol

    AC needs a charge? Leak!!

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  4. Arthell64 Member

    Nice car but for that money buy a newer one.

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  5. Steve R

    The ad reads like it’s a dealer/flipper selling the car, not the original owner. It’s simply too much money, even if 100% stock it would be a hard sell, they are asking 1993 Cobra money. The market may eventually catch up to this car at its current price, but that’s years away, even then the LX’s will likely get to that price point well in advance of the GT’s.

    Whoever is selling the car probably bought it at or below market, if they were smart, they would turn it for a profit before winter hits and move on to the next car.

    Steve R

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  6. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    That’s a lot of money for a Fox body Mustang and for $35k, the A/C should be working. It’s a very nice car but as Steve R pointed out, that’s ’93 Cobra money. Or you could buy a pretty nice 1st gen Mustang. Also, with such low mileage, I’m wondering if you’ll run into some mechanical issues because this Mustang has spent a lot of time not being driven. One of my pet peeves is a seller who has parts for the car they are selling but doesn’t include them with the car, though in this case, the buyer may not want them anyway. At any rate, I’d be surprised if the seller gets his price.

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  7. CanuckCarGuy

    Sweet car, without the 5-star rims and in a colour other than black it would be perfect. Converted to US dollars, his ask is about $26.6K which frankly makes the number seem even less appealing. My pre-retirement research tells me that I can buy a C5 Vette, and a winter vacation place in Florida for that much money.

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  8. Shaun Dymond

    I’ve never been that keen on the Fox body Mustang, but this is a very nice example. My personal concern would be that the almost nonexistent mileage means potential trouble ahead for any future owner who would actually want to drive it.

  9. jerry z

    The seller has been watching too many Barrett-Jackson auctions.

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  10. Billy1

    Bad news on the A/C. The O-Rings in the a/c compressor go on a regular basis. So even if you replace them, they will go bad again in a year. The seller probably knows this, that is why he don’t bother to fix it-and you can’t complain to him later because you bought it without a working a/c.

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    • MrMustang

      I owned my 1992 Mustang GT for 7 years and never once did the AC go out. It had over 100K miles on the ticker.

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  11. Neil

    Appreciate the comments, and maybe I have asked too much. There isn’t any reliable way to figure on market price for low mileage cars that I have figured out. I based the price as best I could on similar cars on the web with low mileage, not based on TV auctions. And it is priced lower than a Cobra from what I saw.

    People may not realize the price is in Canadian dollars, so $26,000 in US dollars. It’s 1/3 the cost of my new R and I don’t expect to get what I am asking. Open to offers but not interested in giving the car away. Not going to be offended by a serious offer.

    If the buyer doesn’t want the parts I plan to sell them off on Ebay. I’m not a dealer, I am the original owner that factory ordered the car.

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