One Owner 54k Miles: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

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Chevrolet rolled out the Camaro pony car for 1967 to do battle with Ford’s successful Mustang. It couldn’t match the Ford in initial volume but was a hit in its own right. Someone was impressed enough with the car when it came out that they bought one and kept it for 53 years. This is a matching-numbers 327 V-8 with a Powerglide and is in very good original condition. This Camaro is situated in Seattle, Washington and available here on craigslist for $29,500. Our sleuth Ikey Heyman has made another great score!

To bring the Camaro to bear, Chevy engineers followed the same strategy as Ford did. While Ford borrowed from the Falcon to come up with the Mustang, Chevy used the Chevy II/Nova as the basis for the new Camaro. In fact, the Camaro beat its donor to market because it was based on the Nova that was to debut for 1968, not the one that was in production when the pony car revolution took off. The basic 1967 Camaro V-8 sport coupe would account for 142,000 out of 285,000 total units or roughly one half. Our appreciation to Car and Driver for some Camaro history.

The seller’s car is an original, one-owner survivor, down to what appears to be its Granada Gold Metallic paint. The body looks mostly straight and even (is that a small ding on the right rear quarter panel by the bumper?), and the quality of the paint looks like a 8 on a scale of 1-10 (some fading or discoloration on places like the trunk keep it from a 10). The vinyl top may be original, as well, and looks good with no bubbles trying to sprout below the material. I’ve always been fond of Chevy’s Rally Wheels, which first came out in 1967. One thing puzzles me though is the side marker lights. I didn’t think they came out before 1968. Surely the seller doesn’t have his model years wrong.

At 54,000 miles, the Camaro has traveled barely 1,000 miles for every New Year’s Eve that has passed since its introduction. There is no mention of rust or any other body damage, so the car must have been placed in a bubble when not in use. Inside the sporty car, most everything looks pretty good. While the padding in the front bucket seats looks as though it may be getting soft, only the armrests and carpeting appear to be showing any real wear.

As a numbers-matching car, the 327 cubic inch V-8 should have been good for 210 hp (assuming a 2-barrel carb; no under hood photos are provided). The seller tells us it runs like new and – with a 2-speed automatic – you could run it up past 50 before it would change gears. The seller’s asking price appears to be above what Hagerty values these cars at, between $21-28,000 for good to excellent condition. But they’re only original once and this car appears to have plenty of that.

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  1. Steve BushMember

    Looks to be a 1968 as it lacks the vent windows of the 1967. Otherwise, it’s a sharp car but $30k is nuts for a basic 327, powerglide w column shift, no ac, and am radio. Also for his asking, the seller should have included some engine, underneath and trunk pics.

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    • Mark

      Same here. ’67 did not have side markers. They showed up in 68.

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  2. Bultaco

    It’s a ‘68. No vent windows and square parking lights.

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  3. Jetta Guy

    67s had one round side-view mirror on the driver’s side.

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  4. Jim

    Definitely a 1968.

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  5. Roger Hackney

    Also Astro ventilation , a 68 .

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  6. Steve R

    This car was featured on this site last May.

    Steve R

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  7. b-rad jeepster

    side marker lights were mandated for 1968 for all car makers

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  8. Jeff Rogers

    I believe the ‘67 had the smaller center caps for the rally wheels. While the larger “party hat” center caps were used on some other Chevy cars that year but not on the Camaro until ‘68. Feel free to correct me since I wasn’t born until 1969.

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  9. 70SuperSport

    Already deleted

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  10. Charles Evans

    ’67 also had round front turn signals and ’68 had oval.

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  11. Russ

    No bout a ‘doubt it ….it’s a 68!

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  12. Frank Sumatra

    I propose an Annual Award for Best Barn Find ceremony with the trophy being called an “IKEY”

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  13. J.R. Hollingsworth

    Crazy Price….Good luck in getting that for it.

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  14. rex mMember

    Listing has been deleted…

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  15. Steve Clinton

    I would NEVER buy a car that is so obviously incorrectly described. They can’t even get the year right! What else is misrepresented? That the list has been deleted is no surprise.

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  16. Gus V Fabian

    it is a 1968. a 1967 has round blinker lights in the grille. Body damage on the passenger side , looks like someone pushed the rear bumper surround into the body on that side

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  17. jokacz

    Secretary’s car

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    • Steve Clinton

      Is that a criticism or compliment?

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      • jokacz

        Neither, a simple observation. That’s who bought these cars at that equipment level.

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  18. Mike

    Car has been already posted on BF way back in May, but it was marked as a ’68.

    Seems like contributors Adam and Russ are on the same wavelength. They have posted the same cars several times.

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    • Steve Clinton

      Which verifies the saying ‘Buyer Beware’!

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  19. Mike Hartman

    Life was kinda good in 68

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  20. Charles M. Long

    I have owned a first gen Camaro and I have never seen a 1967 without the wing windows. Chevrolet introduced ” Astro ventalation” in 1968

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  21. Kevin
  22. Philip Lepel

    My older brother is also the original owner of his 67 camaro with the same engine transmission combo, same interior and wheels but his is burgundy with a gold nose stripe. He bought it before heading overseas. Payed $2,600. New. $29,000 is quite a profit margin.

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  23. Denny

    68 in the picture ,no vent windows and side marker lights

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  24. james ballard

    Next door neighbor had a 67 six w pg. that had side marker lights…

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  25. ronald bareon vinson

    67’s had vent windows on front doors 68’s didnt have them they had 0ne piece front windows

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  26. John Purington

    Definitely a 68. I’ve had a base model 67 coupe for my first car. My Brother has a 67 SS he bought Brand new. That car was Amazing and in Butternut yellow and black vinyl top. Yeah I remember that car and loved it at first sight. I have a pile of parts to build a tribute right now. This car is very good but it’s not a 67 and it’s understandable that the owner wants what they want. Low miles and a clean driver. But finding a buyer for it? Good luck.

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  27. D2

    I think the car has been listed by a broker for years. The listing in Seattle may be the owner. The owner may have finally come to his senses and decided to list the car himself. $22.5 seems reasonable for an original owner car.

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  28. Jim hiter

    It’s a 68 camaro.

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