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One Owner Driver? 1967 Chevrolet Corvette

Who doesn’t dream of finding an original low mileage C2 Corvette from the original owner? Well it seems to be what we are looking at with this ’67 Coupe. Little information is given on the car, but the photos give an idea of what the car is. With several days remaining, bidding has reached $51,100. Check it out here on eBay out of Odessa, Texas.

Under the hood resides what looks to be a mostly original 327 V8 4 speed car. There is a modern carb installed, but the rest looks to be on point. Certainly in need of a cleaning, the engine looks like it would clean up well enough, but that it also may need some basic maintenance like valve cover gaskets. This is an air conditioned car, so there are a few bonus points for that too. Described as running good, it would seem that this Corvette has been well taken care of over its lifetime by its one owner.

The interior is also quite nice, but also would benefit from a little cleaning. As a whole I can’t really complain about this interior as it looks very nice. The dash looks fabulous, as does the steering wheel and center console. You will notice that the factory radio is in place, and really there is nothing that stands out other than the driver side door panel arm rest.

Covered with a thin layer of dust, this Corvette is still quite shiny considering its current state, and its age. There are a few minor dirty spots on the body, most noticeably near the rear Corvette emblem. The bright work is very reasonable, as is the glass. I imagine a gently cleaning and polishing would leave this C2 shinning like new. There is no evidence of damage, or previous body work that I can see. The panel; gaps look good, and the body looks straight. It certainly seems possible that this could be an original condition one owner survivor. Do you think this Corvette is a one owner survivor?


  1. NotSure

    One owner survivors are among us. This could be one considering it’s condition. So the question is do you want a 67 Corvette in this original condition and the backstory of it being one owner? Or do you just want a 67 in this condition? A premium might be justified for original owner but can it be proved?

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  2. doug

    A ’67 with ’66 hubcaps??

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    • Paul

      Not sure but wasn’t the new for 1967 Rally wheel an option ?

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      • moosie moosie

        The Rally Wheels were standard equipment for 1967, Aluminum bolt on wheels were optional, no hubcaps were available.

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  3. DKW

    I’d just about give up a body part for this…

    All kidding aside, this has always been one of my bucket list cars. I had a next door neighbor that had a Sunfire Yellow ’67, 327, with side pipes. I rode in it and lusted after it for many years and, in 1983 at 16, I had a chance to buy it for a little more than $5K (I even had the money from saving since mowing lawns/cleaning pools/etc. since I was 13) B, but my Dad was afraid I’d get killed and said no. I, instead, was allowed to buy a 1962 Austin Healey 3000 about a year later (which I still own today, and is now fully restored). Back then, my father felt like I was wasting my money. As much as I liked the Healey, and still do, I still consider that ’67 as the one that got away.

    Now, I know that I could sell the Healey and get a ’67 with little to no more invested (condition, etc. considered), but the Healey has a special place in the family and my teenage son will probably get it several years from now. Maybe then I will be able to afford another such toy and have adequate garage space for it. Until then, I can still dream of having one someday…

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    • Vudutu

      Great story, thanks for taking the time to share.
      I would argue the memories and stories readers share is what makes this site so special.
      We are blessed, I’m going out on a limb here but if you were a male born in the 40s 50s in America you were exposed to an amazing cultural experience. You learned by osmosis, tractors, cars, trucks, motorcycles were your playground.
      I pumped gas, 28 cents a gallon, washed windshields, checked oil, did oil changes in a pit.
      I cut my teeth on helping a neighbor hot rod his 55 chevy, chevy small blocks were my thing, amazing design for years, right up to all the emission control the late 60s Z was an amazing end to uncomplicated cars you could tinker with.
      Those were the days, thanks for sharing.

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  4. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    67 model Chevrolet from Nova to Impala, Chevelle to Corvette even the Corvair were all my favorite year for their cars, but only admired the half to step side pickup. This car will bid very high, it already has gone beyond my ability to buy.
    God bless America

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