One-Owner Oval: 1956 Volkswagen Beetle

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Owned by a woman named Pearl, this Volkswagen Beetle lived a very simple life with trips out on the weekends. Having accumulated only 70,000 miles in its lifetime, this Beetle is still in healthy running condition. It can be yours for a buy-it-now price of $14,000. Take a look at it here on eBay out of Fullerton, California.

Under the deck resides the original 1200cc engine. Recently the carb was rebuilt as was the brake system. Also, it seems that the clutch was recently replaced as well. Being a ready-to-drive example is certainly alluring, but some detail work could be performed to tidy up the engine compartment slightly. I would opt to replace the tar board firewall paneling.

Pearl was clearly a savvy woman based on this Beetles appearance. The driver seat has been used, abused, and beaten up by the sun to which Pearl simply duct taped the seat. Thankfully reupholstering a Beetle is very easy, so if you desired to clean up the interior you could do it in a weekend. On the other hand, half of the magic about a car like this is its history, and the story it tells based on its imperfections. Also at one point in time, the header liner was removed. Likely split and fell to which Pearl opted to remove it completely.

While many of us may recognize that our paint is degrading over time, we typically accept this concern and either do nothing or get the car painted. Well, Pearl shared the later plan, but instead, she spray painted her Beetle when the paint began to get long in the tooth. The current seller buffed the car in an attempt to recover the original paint. Also the fenders saw some decent abuse with significant denting to which the seller worked out the worst of the dents. Rust is described as being minimal, and the only visible rust or rot is on the rear fenders where the bumper braces attach. The rear bumper is included, but is described as being in rough condition. If you were to preserve this car, I would find another rear bumper that matches the weathered appearance of this bug. Would you preserve this history and ingenuity of Pearl’s VW, or would you restore this cool Oval window bug?

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  1. NotSure

    First make it safe to drive and then stop the rust progression. If I acquired it I’d do the above and then really get to know the old girl one thing at a time. I wouldn’t be in a rush to change much. There’s always the next owner/caretaker to carry on. I like to think that I don’t need all of the cosmetics to enjoy this. I’m sure that I’ll be rusted back into the earth before Pearl’s Type 1.

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    • OhU8one2

      I think it would only be right to paint it Black Pearl……

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      • Jerry

        Moan. Moan!

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  2. Don Meister

    It would be right at home next our ’66 T1. Everything is available for these right down to the German square weave wool carpet and tons of tech support (if required given the simplicity).

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  3. rick

    Car is owned and sold by used car Dealer Speedway Auto.This 1956 Bug was purchased in 1965 from it’s original owner, by Pearl Davidson.This info from EBay. So if my math is correct, this makes this bug a 3 owner car. Flippers,just own up to how many owners these cars have and try not to pass off as a “One Owner.

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    • Rodney

      The seller meant “One at a time”.

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  4. Bob

    $14,000? Really?? Be interesting to see if it has a buyer! Take a zero off and I’d still would have to think seriously.

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    Had a ’58 oval window like this one. Mine
    was so rusty that I couldn’t do much with
    it. Oh the car ran and drove great, but the
    body was indeed toast. Wound up selling
    it to a kid who turned it into a dune buggy.
    Our church pianist, Mrs. Alseen drove a
    ’57 bug ’til she passed on in the mid ’60’s.
    That was my first meeting with a bug ’till
    I bought my ’58. Nice to see one of these
    in running condition as usually they’re
    pretty well used up by now. Nice car,
    but I don’t think it’ll find a good home at
    $14K. $6k and not a dollar more!

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    • OhU8one2

      57 was the last oval window.

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  6. Dave

    Google “Turbonique Black Widow” and enjoy the vintage films!

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    • Edward

      Good luck to the seller! You are really marketing this car to the uninitiated buyer with money. No real buyer would pay the asking price knowing what this car needs.

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  7. Jeff

    The sad part is they probably gave Pearl $200 for her bug, and now have it on ebay for $14 grand.

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  8. Rex Rice

    No to this one. Too much work and too much money; bad combination I paid $200 for this one.

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    • Paul

      Someone is lying through their teeth on this one.

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      • Jeff

        The VW world is now more about flipping then owning one. the prices are ridiculous and people are ruining what was a fun cheap easy car to own.

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  9. Harry

    My first car was a 1956 VW, bought in 1967 in partnership with by best friend for $225.00. We were 16 years old and drove it from Canada to Mexico. Broke the crankshaft in San Francisco, drove for an other three days that way until we found another motor in a junkyard. With the labour from a mechanic and the motor it cost us $85.00 total. It took us the rest of the way to Mexico and back to Canada. Quite the adventure at 16. P

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