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One Owner Rust Free 1976 Chrysler Cordoba

First things first: no. No, there is no leather in this car of any kind, at least on the seating surfaces. I can’t imagine Ricardo Montalban making a fortune doing commercials touting a car with Corinthian Velour. Now with that out of the way, let’s check out this 1976 Chrysler Cordoba that’s listed here on eBay. It’s located in West Covina, California and the seller is asking $3,900.

This looks like a lot of car for the money right here. The seller says that it’s a one-owner, rust-free, all-original California car with around 80,400 miles on the odometer. Other than some paint issues as seen on the left-front fender in the photo above, it looks like a winner to me. It had been sitting in storage since 1997, so I’m not sure if that means that the seller is another owner or if the original “one-owner” person had the recent work done once it came out of storage or what the story is.

Whatever the story is, the car looks really good, no? This is a first-generation Cordoba and they were made for the 1975 through 1979 model years and as we learned a few hours ago, they were the basis for the 1981-1983 Imperial. The seller shows us an underside photo and it does look as solid as they say it is.

Here is the non-rich/fine/lovely/soft/fancy/whatever Corinthian leather seats. I would venture to say that these seats with this velour fabric are more comfortable year’round in any weather than leather seats would be. Who’s with me on that? (fist in air) (nobody?) The seat fabrics and other soft surfaces look good but there’s a crack on the top of the dash and I’m assuming that the steering wheel cover may be covering up something, but I could be wrong.

The engine looks much cleaner and nicer than I imagined it would for some reason. It’s Chrysler’s 360 cubic-inch V8 and it has had the heads rebuilt as well as getting a new timing chain, water pump, master cylinder and power brake booster, fuel pump, new tires, and the list goes on. This really seems like a bargain. Are there any Cordoba fans out there?


  1. Howard A Member

    I suppose certain cars will always have certain memories, the exploding Pinto, the unsafe Corvair, and the Cordoba leather, to name a few. Probably some of the last nice Chryslers, right here. I agree, the engine is de-smogged, and a lot of the stuff is missing. Just as well, not many states require older cars to test, and it really flogged the motor. Not sure how collectible, but a nice car for rolling down the highway, in classic Chrysler fashion.

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  2. Bob S

    Scotty, if you’ve ever read any of my previous posts, you know I’m in the cloth camp!

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    Not a fan…but it’s giving me all the feels for the disco era.

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    • Cal

      The era was fine, but I would rather forget disco.

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      • Dave

        Why? Back in the 55 mph days, disco music was the easy way to make the miles disappear. And, along with CB radio, was part of the era’s social network.
        Drugs invaded the disco scene (see the various documentaries on Studio 54) and psychopaths (on here they’re called trolls) pushed people off the CB radio.
        Cars of this era represented government intervention into automotive design. No-po engines, seat belt interlocks, catalytic converters, 85 mph speedometers, this was the backlash to the Space Age/muscle car era.
        By the time I was ready to buy my first new car in 1977 “performance” meant cheap plastic and graphics packages. I bought a F150 4×4 instead.

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  4. DrillnFill

    For the price that’s a steal all day long. As long as it passes the “smell test” ( literally) I’d cruise all over town in this ;)

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  5. Superdessucke

    It is entirely possible that at least a few traded in 1968-70 Charger R/Ts like the one featured today for 62k on one of these band new. Can you imagine being the guy who did that? Anyone want to admit it, or know such an individual? I’d love to hear the story!

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    • 66goat

      Back in 1975 my stepdad and mother traded a green 1970 Chevelle SS with 396, turbo 400 transmission, cowl induction hood with black stripes for a green 1975 cordoba. While I was at school.That afternoon when I saw this in the driveway, my heart fell to the ground. I think about the chevelle to this day with the horseshoe shifter. Hindsight really is 20/20.

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      • Superdessucke

        Ugggggggh! The Chevelle SS396 might be worth even more than the Charger, or at least on a par. Sounds like you didn’t need the hindsight. You knew the darkness of the deed the moment you set your eyes on it.

        Did the smell and feel of the Corinthian Leather make you feel any better at all? Or were you just heartbroken all the way through?

      • Wjtinfwb

        Don’t feel bad… my dad traded his ‘86 Corvette convertible, that he promised to sell to me, for an ‘88 Cadillac Fleetwood d’Elegance. I didn’t speak to him for 4 weeks.

      • Superdessucke

        Today, the ’86 ‘Vette probably isn’t worth much more than the Fleetwood honestly, so I’d feel much much worse had I traded a 1970 Chevelle SS396 for a Chrysler Cordoba. But yes, the ‘Vette was far more exciting than the Fleetwood, no doubt about that

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  6. CCFisher

    These were not the basis for the 81-83 Imperial. It was the 80-83 Cordoba that was very, very closely related to the Imperial, even sharing some sheetmetal.

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    • Stuart Somers

      The 81-83 imperials were related to the Aspen, Volare And Diplomat, with the transverse torsion bar suspension

  7. Stevieg Member

    I love these cars! My grandparents bought one new in 1977 (I find it odd that I am the same age now that they were then lol).
    Theirs was white with burgundy Landau top & burgundy vinyl (Corinthian leather lol) buckets with the buddy seat.
    My grandparents lived right next door to my Mom & I, so I spent a lot of time with them, even at one point moving in with them after they inherited my great grandparents house in a prestigious neighborhood for better schools, so I was in that car a lot!
    One day I will find a car like theirs.

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  8. Bmac

    A letter from Chrysler to the Corinthians;
    You call this crap leather? Please send a repair kit to fix all the splits in the drivers seats. Ricardo was wearing shorts and cut his leg.

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    • Tman

      Ricardo’s personal Cordoba had the cloth or velour seats.

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    • Lisa B

      I ran across this posting while fondly remembering my Cordoba. 76, with the 400 4bbl Lean Burn engine, I cruised many memorable miles in the vehicle that stands favorite in my memory. A few bobbles with the Lean Burn computer (an ex tossed the insulation while replacing valve cover gaskets) the only thing that made me trade my beloved was the need to put a baby car seat in the back. 2 door no good for that. I miss my ‘doba.

  9. Maestro1 Member

    It’s the Cordoba design I liked the best. Good luck to the next owner.

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  10. fleet butterfield

    Nice car, but not my color. Had a chance to buy a “300” from this time frame for $1,500, but you can’t buy’em all.

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  11. JS

    What a Rabbi could do with this.

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  12. Pete Phillips

    The Ebay listing has ended and says it is “no longer available”. This car does not appear to have the “Lean Burn” system on its engine, which is a big plus for one of these.

  13. Jeff Bohlander

    One of my favorite cars of all time. Wish it was mine.

  14. George Louis

    You guys forget , Ricardo sold these with ” Fine Corinthian Leather” The Lean Burn System came out in 1976 on 400 cubic inch engines. There was no sharing of exterior sheet metal between Cordoba, Mirada, and Imperial from 1981to 1983.

    • Phil D

      George, you’ll find that a door from any of those three models from that era will fit any of the others.

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  15. WH

    I almost bought a 78 Cordoba in 1983.
    I ended up buying a 73 Challenger instead.
    Probably a better idea.

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  16. Steve

    My brother had a 74 this color with leather… I had a 72 240Z….I win

  17. George Louis

    Cordobas were built starting in with the 1975 model year 1975 so it was probably a 1975 model

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