One Owner since ’72! 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

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Lime Gold. Few colors so instantly call to mind a particular slice of history. It’s May of 1967, just before the “Summer of Love,” and this originally 390-powered 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2 first enters the light of day before heading to a dealer in the Louisville, Kentucky DSO (District Sales Office). Today the once-glorious fastback shows rust on nearly every panel and part, and it comes to market in Aragon, Georgia as an ambitious project here on eBay. A 302 rests under the hood today and a “great running” 390 comes with the sale. With no cowl VIN (door tag only) and a bill of sale transaction (standard for Peach State classics), do your homework before paying more than parts price for this passed-over pony. That said, we’ve seen worse, and this one looks fairly complete, albeit rough.

What looks like a refurbished (at least) 302 cid (actually 301.6 cid aka 4.9L) V8 on an engine stand is described as belonging to the vehicle for sale along with the aforementioned 390 (6.4L). The 302 wears shiny unequal length shorty headers. A C4 three-speed automatic handles gear changes according to the seller, sending power rearward to the claimed original 9-inch rear end. Coming from a single owner since 1972 normally gets you more of a car’s backstory. Nobody would fault a new buyer for driving the car with this powertrain while the 390 became exactly what you wanted, from all stock to all crazy. Of course, a mountain of other work needs to happen before this ride can safely drive.

A black 1968 interior has replaced the original Ivy Gold pieces. Normally I’d choose anything except black inside, but double-green can be a tough sell for some classic car lovers. My ’89 Mustang interior looked nearly this bad after sitting in a dry garage for four years, and it came back almost to looking new. The torn seats are shot, though, and those holes in the dashboard aren’t going to fill themselves.

Weather had its way with the paint, demonstrating the benefit of laying stripes across your horizontal surfaces, not only to increase your gravity trolling for dates, but also in protecting paint when you park your vintage Mustang outdoors for a few decades. This is the second classic Mustang in as many weeks from HBMustangs with only a door tag VIN. Such bad luck! Would you take a chance on this first-generation fastback?

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  1. mike

    He might have owned it since 72 but sure didn’t take care of her.And no VIN tag??

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    • Kevin

      I thought the same thing.

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      • Stangone

        In georgia (and other states) the bill of sale is all you need. Since he has last registration, that too should be all you need to transfer to another state. Curious where else would the VIN be other than door tag on a early Mustang?

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      • CATHOUSE

        The VIN would also be stamped into the top of the fender aprons just forward of the shock towers.

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    • Peter Pasqualini

      No VIN tag on a 67 Mustang. That didn’t start until 1968

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      • Dr Ron

        “Pride in ownership” never applied to this poor heap regardless of it being owned by the same (#!<*¥€£?) owner.

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    • CCFisher

      VIN was stamped on both front inner fenders. One was hidden under the fender, one was visible.

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    • Robert West

      That’s a picture of the 390, not the 302. And it looks like it’s on some kind of break in stand?

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  2. Rickirick

    Todd I live in Georgia so I thought the town sounded familiar from a week ago. Glad you left the link; it saved me the trouble bc I knew which car it was. 167 ppl (I’ll be nice here) are willing to spend 15.5 at this point for that car that is nothing but a hull. So I can only imagine on this one. To each their own. It ain’t my $$$.

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    • Klaus Wilson

      The body is 1967 but front clip is 1968, seats are 1968. I will say it’s been done a long while back. I sure some will still try and get it. I would say without looking at in person I’m pretty it will need floors put in. Of course a complete restoration. It has a good chance of not being a true GT. 289 small block or 390 could have come in the car but the vintage number should be on the left side fender apron. The body is definitely 67 the whole front end is 1968 vintage with 68 interior. Just to say. No reply necessary. Just stating for everyone interested. Not to argue.

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  3. Ra

    Front marker lights make it either a 68, or the clip’s been replaced. No VIN? Run away.

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    • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

      Think correct on the front clip……does have the 1967 gills behind the door….1968’s had the little simple C trim….

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    • Terry

      Noticed that also but the rear lower quarter side detail is 67 so year is correct. Good eye man.

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    • RoadDog

      That is a ’68 front clip, right down to the grille. And no VIN? There’s something fishy going on here…caveat emptor!

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      • Dwight Bennett

        I owned a ’67 120 six 3 spd stick notch back AND a ’68 390 4 spd stick notch back. I much preferred the ’68 for the 390 engine!
        This is definitely a ’68 front end from ~ the firewall forward on the left side, and has a ’68 right front door judjing from the color difference between the door and the rear fender but otherwise is a ’67 behind the firewall. Two cars have been put together here, which may account for the windshield VIN not being there– because that part is part of the ’67 clip.
        Also is the ’68 steering wheel and the black ’68 interior is not what a lime gold Mustang had for the interior color. My father also had a ’67 lime gold Mustang with the lime gold interior. That’s what came with a lime gold exterior.
        My guess is that the 302 came with the ’68 clip and the 390 was removed when the ’68 (with the 302 engine) was “glued” onto the ’67 part.
        Seems color matching was the priority over getting two ’67 Mustangs put together as one.
        This is a good car to avoid at all costs!

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  4. John Baltes

    Well for one it has 68 front fenders 67 did not have side marker lights can’t see the qtrs that well also 68 steering wheel

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  5. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    The motor on the stand might well be that 390 they mention – only big problem is it doesn’t look to have the dual exhaust bolt hole heads you need to put it down into a Mustang but maybe the headers make up for that….

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    • Todd FitchAuthor

      Hello stillrunners. Could be! I did a quick image search last night and it showed an engine with rear distributor. I saw shorty headers, front distributor, and aftermarket valve covers and thought it was a 302. Sorry, folks. Here’s a picture of another 390 on an engine stand.

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      • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

        Thanks Todd……I was looking at the blue engine on the stand in the write up…..FE motors for Mustang/Cougars should have a dual pattern on the heads for the stock manifolds…..maybe a mute point with the newer headers and such….

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  6. Peter Pasqualini

    Everyone, no VIN tags on any 67s. That started with 68 and the windshield tag
    The door tag means nothing and is not legal anyway. The legal VINs are on the inner aprons.

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  7. Len

    That is a 68. 68 steering wheel, marker lights, wheels and covers, no bar (spear) between the fog lights.

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    • Ben

      You are correct it’s a 68 the 67 did not have side marker light on the front or rear! Steering wheel
      Is 68 as is interior and if it’s a GT the fog lights are 68 as well.
      I had 67 GTA with a 390 C6
      I am very familar with the 67

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  8. Larry in washington

    No proof it was a 390 car without the factory VIN. You have a title that goes to the driver’s door only. So if you think a driver’s door is worth $28,000 then purchase the door and hang it on a wall.The rest of what is left is parts for another car. It would not be wise to try to register this headache!

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    • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

      no…..actually the 5th digit in the vin on the apron should be the engine code……

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  9. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Interesting Todd that you started your write-up mentioning Lime Gold. Just yesterday I was with a friend in his 1968 Mustang Convertible which is — you guessed it — Lime Gold. Seems like I have read it was the most popular Ford color that year. Hard to fathom in today’s sea of white/silver/gray/black.

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  10. Edward Svoboda

    For sure a mix of 67 and 68 cars with this one. Lots of questions to be asked here.

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  11. Jamie

    I’d bet money that this car is a ’68. We’ve owned several 1967 Mustangs (no fastbacks) and this is not a 67.

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  12. $ where mouth is


    im the original ‘$ where mouth is’
    and i didnt write that comment about the flat tire.

    i, the real $ where mouth is, think mostly the opposite of what the poser said, probably the reason for the copy cats effort.
    A true ‘barn find’ does not need inflated tires. Dropping the engine in would, as any experienced builder would agree, be a foolish, waste of time. I AM a fast back enthusiast AND when i found this i thought : now theres a good deal ! and love the color.

    So, who ever is using my ‘handle’ , seriously, you either have nothing to do, a weird sence of humour, or both ;. step off
    the real slim shady is here ;)

    As for the car, wow, now theres a real barn find and a great candidate for a resto/mod.
    Hmmm.. :)

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    • Arthur Courchesne

      A lot of that going on it seems, I had my Facebook account stolen and the guy is now using his own photos on it added to my personal stuff and congratulating my children on their birthdays as if they were his, sick world!

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  13. Jack Quantrill

    Would be an interesting story about where they found this thing!

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    • Todd FitchAuthor

      Jack – I was wondering if the owner since ’72 was a junk yard.

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  14. Dennis

    Run! Run as far and as fast as you can from this shyster. This is a Mustang yard, if you look at the back of the car, you can clearly see another 67-68 lime gold sitting in the background. Mustang fenders, bodies, hood maybe just piecing cars together to sell. No thanks don’t want no part of this!!

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  15. FrankD

    I can only imagine what the underneath looks like since rustproofing was a scam back then.

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  16. Rickirick

    Gotta give to ya Todd…..U know how to command a crowd from your stage. In 1967 Summer of Love from SF, California or in 2023 across America. What a response. Great stuff here! Btw, this seller’s 66 pleura of colors stripped Stang has gone up another 2k since this morning.One man’s junk is another man’s treasure is true apparently.

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    Some people could save themselves a lot of posting time if they would just take a minute to actually read the ebay ad. The seller clearly states that the car was clipped with 1968 parts.

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  18. Mr.D.

    I owned a 1967, Fastback GT, Mustang with a 390, 4 speed. Paid $700 in 1977. Drove it hard for a few years and sold it for a profit. Fun while it lasted. Anyone buying this car should not pay more than value of the engines.

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  19. Rickirick

    Up to 28,500 bucks now. Unreal. The seller’s 1966 hull sold for 15,500 yesterday. Again, unreal. This guy is either lucky, blessed, genius or all three.

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