One Year Only Tri-Carb: 1962 Austin-Healey 3000

This 1962 Austin Healey 3000 MKII BT7  is a rare, triple-carb model that offers stirring performance and the kind of noise that only triple SU HSF4 carbs can offer. It comes with an extensive paper trail of ownership history and is said to run and drive with good oil pressure. The Healey remained in long-term ownership since new, originally sold to a Navy lieutenant and his wife. You’ll find the Healey here on eBay with bidding over $18K and no reserve.

The Healey comes with an aftermarket hardtop and remains in a patina’d state, with paint noted as being original and very worn, and also incapable of hiding any surprises. The driver’s fender has a dent and rust is noted in the areas of the pillar, sill and triangular gussets. Floor pans are solid and the seller’s opinion that this is the perfect candidate for restoration due to its honest form is a fair assumption to make.

Of course, I would’t want to see a car like this overly-restored – fix the rust and live with the rest. However, there are few cars prettier than a gleaming Austin Healey, especially one accompanied by the noise of triple carbs. My barn find 1980 BMW 320/6 has been converted to triple carbs and it makes a wail that is just intoxicating; I can only image how much gas you’ll burn through driving a car like this.

The interior is well worn and the listing emphasizes that the seats and carpet are more useful for templates than for actual restoration. The Healey has been extensively refreshed mechanically-speaking, and the seller indicates great pains were taken to preserve as much originality as possible while making it test-drive friendly. This is an impressive survivor with the performance and style these cars are celebrated for.


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  1. RayT Member

    Jeff, if I had the coin, I’d buy this. And I’d also want to do a full resto. Healeys deserve that. While I understand the “only original once” philosophy, this is just too tatty to let deteriorate further. Especially the rusty bits, which should always be addressed ASAP.

    If I remember correctly, the three-carb setup didn’t have all that m,uch of a negative effect on fuel mileage. My father’s two-carb ’60 was good for almost 25 mpg at a swift cruise. Of course, if you keep your foot buried in it — as I was lucky enough to do rather often — that figure dropped noticeably. That’s the way Healeys SHOULD be driven, after all!

    I’m taking some consolation in this car being a little way from my ideal specification, which would be a three-carb two-seater (BN7), with the center-shift transmission. That helps me forget that I really, really would like to bring this one home.

    The next owner will be fortunate, indeed. I hope they’re willing to spend to bring this to like-new condition. For me, factory-fresh clean & shiny beats patina, every time….

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    All this does is make me want my two ”55s back. One was this car’s color and it really looked good shined up.

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    • Paul Hess

      Hi Bob
      Don’t know if we’re related. I find myself missing my ‘high school wheels’, from many years ago. I have a third garage with a welding setup [don’t know how to use]. I would love to meet someone who just wanted to restore for a fun project. Am I a dreamer. I have no skills to do the job, just want the end result, a new friend maybe. I don’t ask for much.

  3. Jim Leyden

    I grew up in Northern California in the 1960s and remember the multitude of performance cars that were around. My dad owned several Jaguar XKE’s and some of his friends had Healey’s and other cars with Webers or even Stromberg 97’s on them. I became interested in the method of balancing the carbs and had my dad teach me how. Throughout the years and I became quite adept at balancing the the carburetors on all of them. The difference in the performance and driveability between an improperly set up multiple carb system and a properly set up system is night and day.
    I still shiver at the thought of that howl from a multiple carb engine.

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  4. sir mike

    Friend of mine had one of these in 1967…learned to drive manual in it…at 15…but his had the shift lever back further and was straight up and down.Don’t like this shift lever.Car went back to England in the 90’s after my friend pasted…

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    • Little_Cars

      What did your friend paste?

    • Dave Mazz

      Sir Mike,

      I don’t quite understand the last part of your post, (“after my friend pasted…” If your fiend “passed”, as in “passed away”, my condolences. If he’s still with us, and still drives the Austin-Healy, jolly good show!!!!

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      • Little_Cars

        @Dave Mazz. ugh. “fiend” ? LOL

  5. Del

    18 k for this ?

    What ate the seats ?

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  6. John

    Hardtop is grotesque. It spoils the great lines of this Healey. Thank heavens it’s removable!

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  7. Jaguar Jim

    I never understood the allure of Austin-Healyes, even after working for a place that restored them. Cramped, noisy, hot, not a drop of elegance compared to my favorite Jaguars. Flame on, haters!

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    • John

      The sound, Jim. Drive one through a tunnel sometime.

  8. Paul Hess

    A lot of ‘wish I could’ when I see this car. Many memories. I had the original removable hardtop and a Tonneau cover.

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  9. TimM

    With a little TLC this could be a really cool little car!! Looks to be in fairly good condition as far as the body goes!! So you may not have to spend hours of welding it together!!

  10. jimmy the orphan

    What ate the seats? something really big that’s what. Well worn indeed ! But wait a min. that interior has GREAT PATINA ! Just leave it. Whole car looks like hell but patina is the in thing now. end of story drive on……………………JIMMY

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  11. chrlsful

    never saw a Mrk II or III w/3 carbs, a pic worth the price of admish

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