Only 200 Made? 1975 Pontiac LeMans GT

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In the mid-1960s, the Pontiac GTO was launched as the performance version of the mid-size LeMans/ Tempest. A decade later, the GTO was gone, a victim of declining sales due to tighter emissions controls and higher fuel prices. As a trim option, the LeMans GT was available during the “Colonnade’ styling era of the LeMans, 1973-77. This 1975 edition is said to be one of 200 made, although we can’t locate a resource to confirm that. It’s not running and needs a complete restoration. Located in Everest, Kansas, this automobile that time forgot is available here on eBay where the bidding stands at $3,602.

Pontiac’s intermediates were little changed at the mid-point run of the mid-70s generation. As best as we can tell, the LeMans GT was sandwiched between the LeMans Sport and the Grand Am. The GT may have been a badging exercise as the seller’s car doesn’t have bucket seats or a console. A 350 cubic inch, non-functioning V8 resides under the hood, probably with a 2-barrel carburetor, and the engine compartment is almost as rusty looking as the rest of the auto. The 455 V8 was no longer available, reserved only for the Grand Am.

In 1975, Pontiac built 20,636 copies of the LeMans 2-door coupe and 23,817 of the LeMans Sport. So, it’s hard to imagine that the company would only badge 200 copies of the LeMans/LeMans Sport as a GT. The seller goes on to say that the GT here was the 768th car off the assembly line in 1975, making it a product of the Summer of 1974. Again, sources are not cited. With the GT option, we’re told you got hood scoops, a blacked-out grille, body-colored sport mirrors, wheel well moldings, de-chromed Rally wheels, radial tires, and GT striping.

The seller says the engine may be locked up, which does not speak well for the vehicle. The air conditioning compressor no longer wears a belt, so it’s likely inoperative, too. And the interior is decent except for the front carpeting (wet, rusty floorboards?). Rust is present in ample quantities in many places, including the trunk lid, quarter panels, front fenders, and doors. The hood is damaged up by the passenger side scoop which the seller says is very fixable.

With one door glass broken out, all the body issues, and no keys, is this a project you’d like to undertake? It may be a rare car, but is it unusual enough to command a premium once restored? On the plus side, the title is said to be free and clear.

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  1. Cattoo CattooMember

    Looks like a flood victim from some time ago.

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    • 428CobraJet


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  2. jrhmobile

    See, this is the way I remember the muscle cars of my youth: old, beat-to-Hell used cars with sketchy looks and way too much engine. Though I would guess in this case the engine is more like not nearly enough.

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    • Grog

      I hate what car manufacturers did with the 5mph bumpers, serious design flaw.

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      • ACZ

        They didn’t have a whole lot of choice. After a few years of r&d they found better ways. I still remember new product classes in 73 about service and replacement of bumper absorbers.

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  3. Tony Primo

    Dam punk kids and their muscle cars!

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  4. rustylink

    looks like a decal package – a bench seat and column shift “GT” thanks

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    • Jack M.

      1975 was a tough year for performance. First year of catalytic converters in most States and Provinces.

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      • Randy E

        I had a 1975 and took my converter off. I had the muffler shop make me a pipe to fit where it was and I put the pipe in the converters place.

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      • ACZ

        Actually 71 through 74 were worse. When the converters went on 1975 cars, the advance curves in ignition, carburetors jetting and other things got better because the converters covered the excess.

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    • Ralph

      There were bench seat and column shift “muscle cars” too…..the 350 is what makes this more of an appearance package.

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    • Jay McCarthy

      For $87 you probably got ralley ll wheels, the world famous Argent trim with black-out accents, a 5hp bump in power (if the air cleaner lid is inverted) along with coffin lining velour interior trimmed in incontinence vinyl rounding out the package

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  5. Big C

    $3600 is all the money for this heap.

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    • Dave

      Yup, it might be locked up in bodywork jail for a time, but it’s begging for a turbo LS… At least you won’t spend much $ or time on the interior.

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    • 64 Bonneville

      3 or 600 ?

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  6. timothy herrod

    Not being bid on by a flipper for sure, most likely someone like me that had a dozen or so of these cars back in the 80’s and 90’s. The one that I miss the most is the 73 chevelle SS 454 auto that I paid 550 bucks for in october 1980. I also had a 73 lemans gt that I bought for a 100 in early 1982, had no motor or trans but was clean and straight, silver with no vinyl top which I thought was unusual and a black bucket seat interior. I put a small block chevy in it because that was what I had laying around and drove it for the summer and fall until the motor quit. The next spring I bought a 75 chevelle that didnt run and a big pontiac as a package and we put the pontiac engine in the Lemans. My little brother was doing donuts in it right after we got it going and hit a sewer drain so hard it sprung the frame so bad we couldn’t get another rear to fit under it.

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  7. Lou Barns

    A mere shadow of what once was… Silly stickers and non functional “fresh air” hood with low compression wheezer under it. Slide the Gordon Lightfoot 8 track in and settle into a celebration of mediocrity on highway 2.

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  8. Steve

    Don’t believe this is genuine. Our new GT was simple, no ac but had Bucky seats and console, built in louvers in the back side windows, and did not have a GTO or Grand Am hood. Notice the cars air cleaner does not match to the hood NACA .

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    • PairsNPaint

      I don’t believe the NACA ducts were ever functional, BICBW.

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  9. pwtiger

    Not much to like here, at least you don’t have to smog it in Ca.

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  10. 64 Bonneville

    GT = Great (big) Turd?

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    • Michael Berkemeier

      Close…”Giant Turd”.

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  11. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $3,602.

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