Only $275,000! 1950 Buick Roadmaster by ICON

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In 2012 the iconic 1949 Buick Roadmaster used in the 1988 movie “Rain Man,” driven by Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, sold for $170,500. Add $105,000 to that price and you can own this 1950 Buick Roadmaster in Sarasota, Florida. Of course this one has a newer, more powerful engine, and a killer stereo, and of course, patina. To make it yours, simply click Make Offer here on eBay.

The durable-looking and stylish leather seats offer room for six, or perhaps simply “a fine fox in front and three more in the back.” Joking aside, enthusiasts expect exquisite details on a $200,000+ custom that you won’t find on a run-of-the-mill $100,000 car. Having been on the cover of a magazine helps, or trophies and awards from major national events, and none of those things happen without excellent vision and craftsmanship. This car is not meant to push the envelope of show-car perfection, but it’s masterfully crafted in a way that’s consistent with its original era but modernized for someone who wants to drive it often and safely enjoy today’s roadways.

Purportedly offered at less that it cost to build, this Buick (built by ICON) rides on an Art Morrison chassis that will make this octogenarian beast ride like it was built yesterday, minus air bags and lane departure alerts. And (unlike most ’50s cars) it does have seat belts! Notice how the interior leather matches the stylish and 100% original surface rust.

The warmed-up GM 5.3L V8 makes 353 fuel-injected and easy-to-maintain horsepower. The modern 4L85E automatic transmission offers four forward speeds including overdrive. This combination should deliver coast-to-coast drive-ability and reasonable fuel economy. This car is meant to be used and enjoyed, and will turn heads wherever it travels. In addition to the inevitable pot-shots in the comments we would love to hear thoughts on what makes cars like this special and perhaps worth the asking price.

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  1. Jay BMember

    Awesome find, Todd! I wish they included a picture with the top up though!

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  2. canadainmarkseh

    All that work done on it and it still needs paint in a bad way. The rust is only going to get worse until there are holes. To me it’s just another rust bucket that is still saveable. I don’t care how much was spent on it, it’s an incomplete restoration that need paint before it’s to late. Nice car though.

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    • Terry R Melvin

      at 275k no less..just because a car like this was used in “Rain Man”? So? I could get a junked ’61 Continental like the one JFK was shot in, for half a mil?

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      • JimmyinTEXAS

        Yep, the seller is overzealous, but that is his right. He can ask anything he wants. Thanks for not bashing the car, it has suffered enough at the hands of this list. lol

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  3. RedBaran

    Pretty sure this is the same car:

    For some reason I want to say this car has been featured on Jay Leno’s Garage, but maybe I’m making that up…

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    • Barry Traylor

      You are not making that up as I also saw it.

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      • deak stevens

        People are out of their minds with the prices they put on cars.

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    • mikestuff

      Thanks very much, RedBaran. Just what I needed was a link to ICON on YouTube so I can now call my daughter and tell her she’s gonna have to find a different babysitter for today. I’ll probably still go but be grateful that I have alll that ICON stuff waiting to be watched.

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    • Mike

      Jay drove a ’48 Buick ICON. This one is a ’50 and is the same car on the ICON video.

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    Jonathan Ward is among the Kings of vehicle restomod. He’s mostly about six figure 4×4 restomods at Icon.But he has a line labeled “derelict restomods” for cars from the 40s & 50s. This one is “nice”…if you’re into the aged “patina” look. He really excels on high power drivetrains…and jewel like interiors.
    I think he recently did a full electric version of this Buick.
    ..keeping the derelict look as well. All that being said…I think the owner of this sled should prepare to part with it for somewhere below the six figure line.

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    • DRV

      Surely you jest.

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  5. MarkMember

    Can’t include a picture with the top up because there is no top. These guys are frauds.

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    • JimmyinTEXAS

      Watch the vid, there is a top.

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    I dont care who built it. There has never been a Buik worth that kind of money

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    • Jack Quantrill

      What fool would pay that kind of money for a rolling tank like that? Look at those teeth!

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    • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

      I LOVE these! We called them the bucktooth Buicks. Crazy-ass grill. (Is ass profanity? I hope not)
      Now, for all the negative comments. I have always wanted a classic Cadillac with modern day engine, trans, wiring, suspension, brakes, etc. Not a hotrod or restomod, but your basic daily driver. I see nothing wrong with this. I also love a true survivor or a restored classic to specs.
      HOWEVER, I realize a lot of money was put into this car, and probably deserves a high pricetag, but seriously. A quarter mil?
      This is supposed to be a fun hobby for those who appreciate the old cars and trucks. When did it become a “business” to make thousands of dollars and basically ruin it for most of us who do not have a stock portfolio and unlimited income.

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  7. Vegaman Dan

    The patina craze seems to finally fading, much like the paint. Like all fads, they come and go. I will not miss this fad.

    A beauty like this really would be nice with a fresh period correct paint job. The chassis and drive train would make this a fantastic vehicle. Right now, well, yeah. No worries, it can still be fixed.

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    • Ramone

      Dan, I think you’re right about this Patina thing fading away. I certainly hope so. While it looks good on an old tow truck, or work vehicle, I just never got behind the look. Especially when clear coated?!? Hope it’s a passing thing, like clear taillights or black wheels.

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    • Dave

      I hope the patina fad fades soon and the prices come down. I want one!

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  8. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    I’m not sure about this one. I assume the engineering and workmanship and such are all top-notch, but I just can’t get past how it looks… as Todd cleverly worded, “and of course, patina.”

    I do appreciate the amount of work which goes into making a very old car drive-able and dependable and (somewhat) useful on today’s roads.

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  9. ChebbyMember

    The beaten paint and those wheels with the tiny chrome caps make it look perfectly like an early Lesley Matchbox car.

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  10. flmikey

    This seller is about 10 minutes away from me…been there a couple of times, and although they have some interesting cars there, they are all WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY overpriced…as this one is….and I agree with Vegaman…the patina craze is fading….

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  11. Tom B.

    Another shameful act of destruction of American automotive history. I’ll leave it at that or I’m sure my comments would be deleted.

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    • Terry R Melvin

      Not so much that, but what we have here is a waaaaayyyy over-priced rat rod.

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  12. bobhess bobhessMember

    I’m with Ricky. Even with paint the buyer at that price would have to be as high as the seller….

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  13. Jonathan Smith

    Huh? What more needs saying.

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  14. Andre

    Totally see the value in 5.3/4.8 swaps but on a $200k car.. ehhh.. I dunno. I’d need to be Eskimo being sold ice to buy into that

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  15. Ken

    You rip the guts out of a classic car and replace them with a modern drivetrain, and it is no longer a classic car. You’ve removed everything that made the car special in the first place.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been sending in links to genuinely affordable, restorable cars, and they are ignored in favor of a car for which no one in their right mind should even consider paying north of a quarter-million dollars.

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    • AMCFAN

      Ken, I have to side with the builder on this one. It’s still a classic that you won’t have to hit up a Hemmings to buy exclusive mechanical parts for. They took a Buick that needed a total restoration. The likely hood of anyone doing a total restoration to OEM specs is nil. Much of the man hours spent on this build can’t be seen past the paint. This should drive accelerate and stop like a modern car with the look of 50’s survivor.

      About 5 years ago a friend who was into building cars found a nice 1956 Cadillac with no motor or trans that had been in someones garage for years. It had been taken to a scrap yard. He got it and took a 1996 Caprice and pulled the wiring back through the firewall pulled the body. Extended the frame and added the Cadillac mounts and set the 56 on the Caprice frame. Ran the wiring back through. A little more to it but it was fantastic build. Took less then three months to do. He even added the Caprice digital speedo, A/C and all. Quite the car you could drive anywhere. I know the car. It is being driven daily with no issues that would be otherwise used as a parts car or made into a new SUV somewhere.

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  16. Mike

    Isn’t this the car that hey Wally drove on Leave it to Da Beaver?

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    • Ike Onick

      Yes, and many times he would be chastised by June for being hard on the Beaver the previous evening.

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  17. Will Fox

    I was done with the fake patina pro street look 10 years ago. Not only is it not worth what they are asking, it would hold it’s value far better had this been properly restored.

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  18. IkeyHeyman

    Wow, I’m surprised by all the negative reactions, I think this is a very cool car and the essence of what hot rodding is all about. Watch the youtube video (link above) if you want to learn more about the engineering and building of the car.

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  19. Maynard Reed Jr

    To bad they ruined it by putting an ls motor in it. Seriously decreases the value.

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  20. dyno dan

    only if they throw in a trip to the international space station.

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  21. the one

    It’s just a thang to thrill your wang and attract poon tang.

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  22. JimmyinTEXAS

    I agree. I’m surprised by all the nabaums of negativity. If you don’t like it you don’t have to keep bashing it with the same comments over and over ad-nauseam.
    I like it too. Am I crazy enough to pay over a quarter million for it, nope, no way, no how. But the guy that has that much discretionary income/cash doesn’t shop here nor does he give a crap about what we think. If you hate it, move on. There is always another one. I have on my fireproof underwear, so FLAME ON!
    Keep up the good work Todd.

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    • IkeyHeyman

      Yep, Jimmy, I think this is one of those “either you ‘get it’ or you don’t” deals.

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  23. Dan Hicks

    ya, he originally tried to sell this for $395k – he has a history of re-doing, over marketing and hyper inflating the prices of cars – I’m surprised he’s been able to sell as many as he has, in this case, he’s sat on this for 4 years and no takers – still waaaaay overpriced. Case in point of “over marketing” in their ad, they reference the ’49 Buick in Rain Man to this ’50 Buick, how is that even relevant except to try to hype this car.

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  24. ctmphrs

    If he gets anywhere near his asking price,he certainly didn’t hurt the value with the LS motor. A perfect restoration of this car would not bring $100,000.

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  25. Joe Haska

    Don’t get it! Why would you do this! ‘ BECAUSE YOU CAN ‘

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  26. Andrew S MaceMember

    I’m genuinely curious: What is it about the original specification of, say, a 1950 Buick Roadmaster that makes it all but impossible for someone to “drive it often and safely enjoy today’s roadways”?

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    • Todd FitchAuthor

      Hi Andrew. I can’t speak for the ’50 but I’ve logged hours driving my late Father’s mostly stock ’53 Roadmaster Riviera on all sorts of roads so I’ll comment on that. Drum brakes can be OK but they’re more prone to pulling left or right if not regularly adjusted, and to fade on long hills or down-hill stretches of windy roads. Lever shocks are compromised at their best compared to tube shocks. These old cars *can* corner pretty well if you brake in a straight line and take a gently crafted line through the corner, etc. but that process goes pear-shaped in the case of anything unexpected or unanticipated like animals, a dually pickup on your side of the road, giant potholes you’d like to dodge, etc. Gobs of body roll don’t necessarily spell danger but it can be unnerving for passengers. I would call the highway manners stable. I could run 65+ and all is well, but not in the same level of confident leisure as, say, a comparably sized modern SUV or sedan. Those are my observations. Others may feel differently. Thanks for your comment!

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  27. Lance

    Askin and gettin are two different things.

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  28. Buickgeek

    I have owned 12 buicks, from 1939 to 1958. Currently still own, 49 Sedanette, and 55 century.

    Anyone whose ever driven any Buick from the 50s will realize how modern these cars were. The chassis had coil suspension front and back, power brakes and power steering. My 55 Century could be a daily driver, in comfort, speed and ability to cruise highways at 70-75 all day long.
    Buicks quality, engineering, comfort, and durability far exceeded their competitors, including other GM divisions. In fact, Buick rivaled Cadillac in luxury, and innovations and most customers who bought a Buick, simply did not want to be seen in a Cadillac, but wanted all the amenities and comfort.

    So, I don’t understand, this overly engineered, expensive modern drivetrain creation at over 1/4 million dollars.

    A very nice or show quality Buick skylark convertible could be purchased for half the price of this “rusty frankenstein”

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  29. Morley BrownMember

    Of course it is by ICON–as in I CON you out of a big pile of money. Morley

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  30. Andrew Franks

    I think Patina is as much a part of the Hobby as Amphicars. Or one of my neighbors, who, among other things, has a U.S. Army Duck that he fills with the local kids and some parents on Sundays after Church and drives right off the beach into the Pacific Ocean. You can hear the cries of joy……..As far as this Buick is concerned, it’s an interesting idea, but I would paint it the original color and put a set of white walls on it. To each his own.

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    • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

      I agree with you, it needs whitewalls. And lift the damn body off the ground. Jreez I hate lowered cars

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  31. moosie moosie

    People should read the specifics of the car and its build procedure before they start knocking the car. The seller is pretty optimistic on his asking price but look at it this way, he bought it . I’d love to have it but not even if I could afford it, its just too expensive, it needs paint, and wheels befitting the build quality, seems to me that time and effort spent on the current wheels was a waste of time, but I do understand it was the “P” thing. Listening to that video and reading the ad answered a lot of the questions .

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  32. Bob McK

    Maybe the seller is a smart guy. He posts a car worth maybe $20,000 for $275K. Look at all the publicity it has gotten for free. I may just try this and see what happens. Someone will come along and offer too much for it and the seller will be happy. The buyer will probably get ripped off. But as long as they are both happy with the deal, that is all that matters.

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  33. Pete Phillips

    This overpriced joke has been for sale for years. I hope the seller takes it to his grave.

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    • David Sanchez

      What I can’t help but wonder since it has been for sale for awhile. Why he is asking the same as what he paid ICON to build it…..maybe its a case of…Youre right honey! im listing it for sale, just like you told me too. Dunno why it hasnt sold.

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    • Jim

      It’s very obvious about this car. How could this car get this worn unless it was left in a field. Major rust in the lower parts. I know why it’s nit painted. There is so much other body work and rust, the seller wishes not to put any restoration money in it. Who wants a rusty field decayed car. Get real. There are better buys out there. Your price is just a test. Let me ask a question. How much do you think this not taken care car is worth with no engine or transmission? Then all money for that drive train? It’s just a rusty flip. Sorry guys.

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  34. TimM

    Paint the damn thing!!! I’m so sick of seeing rust and someone calling it patina!!!!

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    • Jon

      Give it a rest all of you negative nellie’s. To each his own.

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      • canadainmarkseh

        Rust is relentless Jon it eats away day by day and next thing you know you can put your thumb through the fender. So it’s got an LS motor so does a brand new truck it’s got modern suspension so does a brand new truck. Last time I checked a brand new fully loaded pickup was not selling for $275k. The point I’m trying to make is the modern upgrades are not worth any where near the ask. So what else does this have to offer well a rusty body that needs work and a now used driveline. When it was first done including a reasonable labour rate for implementation I’d say fair price would put this car at $80k to $100k I get the whole rustina thing it can look cool but it doesn’t do the car any favours over the long run. It’s not a style that I care for I get that it’s all personal taste but that does not mean that this is worth $275k I think that’s the point everyone is trying to point out here. The Icon badge isn’t worth anything to me but it might matter to others and if there willing to pay more to have that well all the power to them

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  35. Regg

    I go with the either you get it or don’t.
    I think J W / Icon is imaginative, a crack engineer and a slave to details and finish.
    This build is true to hot rod heritage. Fast and a very clever sleeper. Icon is careful to choose authentic cars. They are not faux patina.
    There’s a lot of overpriced iron out there.
    This represents hundreds of hours of planning,
    fabricating and detailed work. Do not lump this serious beast with all other disimilar cliches.

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  36. Del

    Barn Finds is always good for one belly laugh a week.

    This is this weeks 😂🤣

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  37. Del

    PS. I have an original movie poster from Rainman.

    Only $28,000.00

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  38. Jim

    Is that car worth a gaze, for $275k ?

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  39. Regg

    To the Phillistines of passion and creativity in
    Car Culture. What price?
    Like the man on the street commenting on space travel and the race to the moon.
    Know it alls about the price of everything and the value on nothing ( O W ).
    Icon is on top of their game and critics usually don’t get the passion of this company.

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