Only 58K Original Miles! 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

We are all drawn to cars that we owned at one time in the past, that is if it’s a car we admired, liked or wished we still owned. And that’s the case with this 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396. Hardly a true barn find, but notable just the same, it’s hard to fathom the values for which these cars trade today. It’s especially hard when you recall the car from a time when it was just a used car. It’s a trip down memory lane that’s worth taking to get a closer look at this Chevy, which is located in Wonder Lake, Illinois, and available here on eBay for a BIN price of $45,000.

The year 1967 was a big one for Chevrolet’s Chevelle, a total of 403K of all varieties were produced, a big number! The SS396, which was still identifiable by its VIN, accounted for about 63K copies or 15.5% of the total. This would also be the last year that all body styles rode on a 115″ wheelbase. While the perimeter frame would go largely unchanged in ’68, the wheelbase would be adjusted to 112″ for a coupe/convertible models and 116″ for everything else on the “A” body platform. What exactly did the SS396 package include? A 325 HP, 396 CI engine, standard heavy-duty three-speed manual transmission, a tauter suspension (higher spring rates), a large front anti-roll bar, twelve-bolt, heavy-duty differential, domed “power bulge” hood and various SS badging. Other niceties such as full instrument panel gauges, bucket seats, center console, front disc brakes and a four-speed manual transmission were extra-cost items.

This example is a little different than typical. While it has a four-speed manual transmission, bucket seats and a center console, it also has power steering (mine didn’t and it was a worker) and best of all, front disc brakes. Front drum brakes on one of these work pretty well, once, but they can get overheated in a hurry if you are doing a lot of hot-footing and have to keep tossing out the anchor. The black vinyl interior on this Chevelle shows very well but then this is a 58K mile example so that’s not such a surprise. The vinyl used in these Chevies, I found to be, not that durable. Continual exposure to strong heat and sunlight or freezing temperatures takes its toll rather quickly; no sign of that here, however. The simple instrument panel is amazingly clear for a car of this age as the gauges are usually clouded by this point. Perhaps the assembly has been dismantled and refurbished. The seller indicates that the door cards have been replaced and they do look great, but it sounds as if the rest of the interior is original.

GM “A” bodies of this era can be rust buckets given the proper climatic conditions. This one isn’t, it is in excellent condition. The seller states that it has had one repaint, in original “Butter Nut” yellow, over a straight and corrosion-free body. No concerns with the chrome and trim, it all appears as new. While no mention is made, I’ll assume the treatment extends to the underside of this Chevelle as well. The trunk pan is in excellent shape too and that’s a commonly rusted-out item as the rear window channel has a tendency to rot away allowing rain, etc. to leak into the trunk. Capping off the exterior are the Chevrolet sourced “mag style” wheel covers which were an option on various Chevy models in the mid to late ’60s. They are a nice testament to this Chevelle’s era. One last item is the dealership badge affixed to the trunk lid for Nickey Chevrolet. Nickey was a Chicago based dealership, one of the Big Four Chevrolet dealerships that specialized in high-performance mash-ups and engine swaps along with Yenko in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania; Baldwin Chevrolet (Baldwin-Motion) in Baldwin, New York and Fred Gibbs Chevrolet in LeHarpe, Illinois. Whether this Chevelle was actually sold through Nickey Chevrolet is not documented in the listing.

The driving force behind the SS396 Chevelle is the 396 CI engine. The standard engine produced 325 gross HP with a 350 HP option available. There was an unadvertised 375 HP version available too but not until April of ’67 and only 612 were produced. The seller states, “Under the hood, the engine compartment is detailed. The original number matching 396 big block runs like new.” That’s pretty much to be expected on a car that has such low mileage and has been this well cared for.

While the seller doesn’t state the which 396 engine this Chevelle possesses, the air cleaner decal would suggest it is a 350 HP version, known as L34. It’s not; it’s a standard 325 HP motor, the engine code “ED”, which is visible on the engine number pad, gives it away. While it is the original engine, the “advertising” is rather disingenuous. As mentioned earlier, this Chevelle has a four-speed manual transmission which was quite typical. While a three-speed manual unit was standard (I’ve never seen a ’67 with one but I have seen a ’69 model so equipped), there was also a Powerglide two-speed automatic on the options list. And for the first time in a Chevelle, the Turbo Hydramatic 400, three-speed automatic was offered in ’67 as well.

This 1967 Chevelle is a beautiful, unmolested example of a very popular muscle car. Many that have come through the transom here at Barn Finds are unmitigated junk, probably scrap value at best; so sad. Not the case here but all of this excellence comes at a price. Is this price reasonable? Maybe, I don’t follow them closely but it would be great to hear from you on that matter.


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  1. LandYacht

    Great looking car, my favorite year of the Chevelle SS

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  2. Chris in Pineville

    great color! nice to see one that’s not Marina Blue or lipstick red…….

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    • jerry z

      HEY! My ’66 SS396 was Marina Blue! JK! When I bought mine in 1984, I though never seen these in that color till I started going to car shows! Butternut Yellow is also a sweet color, makes me hungry now.

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  3. Will Fox

    Nice SS, but I seriously doubt “original”. Carpet is too nice for it’s age. Front buckets look newer than originals. The air cleaner sticker was wrong, so there is that. Nice car for sure, but original for 58K miles? Uh, no.

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    • Superdessucke

      Unless it was stored in a climate controlled garage, in bubble wrap, this isn’t 100% original. Very nice, but not an unaltered original car. There’s been restoration here.

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  4. local_sheriff

    Wow… this is one my top three A-body favorites and I still have a hard time deciding which Chevelle I like the most – ’64 or ’67. IMO the Butternut Yellow hue is by far the prettiest GM solid color ever – honestly how this SS presents is EXACTLY how I’d spec one if I were around when these sold new; down to the buckets, 4spd and color combo.

    If I had this kind of $ floating around it’d come home to me ASAP. Sadly I don’t, meaning some lucky individual will end up with what I consider the ideal ’67 Chevelle. Best wishes to the next owner! 👌

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  5. kiteflier

    My brother had a new one with the 3 speed stick. Man when he hit 2 gear it was like a rocket ignited behind your seat. Never felt something like that since. Great car. Lost his one night after a poker game and one of the losers set it on fire.

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    Stunning. looks as nice as they come, but for 45 large it needs a very close inspection. Sure would be fun to rip thru the gears. You guys think its worth the coin?? Good luck and be safe.

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  7. Bob S

    My car! I had a butternut yellow 67, 350 hp 396, with a black interior and black vinyl top. Mine had power brakes with disks on the front, and the M21 4 spd.
    One of my favourite cars ever.
    There were periods in the last 20 years, when I have seen this model advertised for over $60,000, but I don’t know what they ultimately sold for.
    I have a friend with an immaculate original 30,000 mile, 350 hp car, and he has turned down several offers of over $60,000. I would love to have this car.

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  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    So nice – so painted – would have liked to seen it before the blow over

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  9. doug edwards

    I had pretty much this exact car. I bought the car for $700 but the original wheels were gone. Sorry, I hammered it to death, got at least 2 reckless ops. But what a blast & memories. I sold it to finance my honeymoon when I married. I could never have another one, the cops aren’t nearly as forgiving as they were in the 70’s.

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  10. jerry

    My 67 was Bolero Red. Had vinyl bench seat and a 4-speed. No accessories, just brute straight line power.

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  11. 19sixty5 Member

    Nice 67! Great color, I had a buddy with a 67 convert, same color, black top and interior. It was a really nice looking car. FYI the Nickey stickers are available in the aftermarket, and highly more than likely IF this was from Nickey the sticker likely would have been on the black part of the rear body panel for maximum visibility. I grew up around 30 minutes from the dealership.

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  12. mike

    Actually.. in the last couple of years.. these cars have slipped a bit in value.. at least on the Mecum and Barrett sites….. 45K will get you a very nice one… I seriously doubt..the 58K miles on this one… someone has had the speedo apart…

  13. Louis Chen

    My best friend’s Dad had one of these beauty in ’68 also same color & same extras. Despite it’s “Heavy Duty” shocks, it still rode comfortably! His family 4+me would pile in every Tuesday nites at the Drive-In for the all you can stuff in your car for $5.00! This car lasted till 1980 when it rusted out. If this find was closer, I’d come and take a look see, the price is a little steep. This ’67 before all the pollution control on it would be a sweet ride…if the price is right and closer I’d buy it and put the THRUSH side pipe and hear the sweet sound of the 396 without pollution control…HOW SWEET IT IS!!!

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  14. Larry Young

    I had a 1967 Chevelle SS 396 325 HP Muncie 4Speed 350 rear end.
    Purple with black vinyl top with SS wheels. No power steering and no
    power Brake’s.
    This car was a fun car and a fast car.

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  15. shanahan

    Sold in Chicago; Nuckey Chevrolet.

    • 19sixty5 Member

      It was sold new at Bob Burrow Chevrolet, about 35 miles from the original Nickey Chevrolet in Chicago.

  16. Shanahan

    Make that Nickey Chevrolet

  17. Jon Mackentepe

    I pulled mine from brush pile in a pasture SS 4spd. 396. When I was 17 got my first attempt to elude nothing like burning rubber and slamming gears

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  18. Rustytech Member

    Bought one in 1972 for about $700. 396 auto w A/c. It was marina blue with black vinyl top & interior. I liked the car, but had to let it go when the children started arriving. I have always liked the butternut yellow and would love to have this one, but even allowing for inflation this ones EXPENSIVE!

  19. FrankY Member

    Had a 69 Chevrolet Malibu convertible. Was a 305 previous owner put in a 350. Power glide factory Horseshoe shifter was Butternut Yellow with a White top white interior
    Wife said it was a girls color. Previous owner wanted to paint it red and out black interior ( was half done when I got her. So instead of hearing Girl Color all the time I had her painted Hugger Orange and finished the interior in all Black.
    Wish I still had her. But I still have my wife lol

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  20. TimM

    A truely beautiful car with all the right parts underneath!! It would be like a rocket ship when you go through those gears!! Great body style too!! I wouldn’t change a thing!!!

  21. Big John

    This was the first car I ever owned back in 1970( I was 18) Mine had a Black Vinyl top though, but everything else is the same. I loved that car People now look back and say they don’t handle well etc, but I raced that one around the tiny two lane mountain roads of East Tenn and North Carolina

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