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Only Two Owners: 1963 Mercury Comet S-22

When the Comet compact was first conceived in the late 1950s, it was intended to be sold by the new Edsel division. But when Edsel folded as the 1960 models were going on sale, they were offered instead by Mercury dealers but badged simply as Comets. By 1962, the Comet was brought officially into the Mercury fold. The S-22 was the sporty model, which could be ordered with a V8 beginning in 1963.  This ’63 S-22 was bought new by a pair of sisters, and we believe the seller acquired it in 2000. We’re told that it runs well, but the paint and interior have both gotten rather tired. Located in Lewistown, Montana, this Mercury is available here on Barn Finds Classifieds for $14,000.

The seller’s car is one of about 6,300 2-door sedans built in 1963. A similar number each of both a 2-door hardtop and a convertible was also built that year. Largely a Ford Falcon below the skin, when you checked the box for option S-22, you got bucket seats, a center console, more brightwork inside and out, and S-22 badging. We’re told this car has always lived out west (the sisters were from Colorado), and there is no rust to be found on this Comet. Besides a fresh coat of paint, the interior is going to need some work. However, the seller only provides one photo, so this second pic is of a ’63 S-22 hardtop in a similar color. Given the likely survival rate on 60-year-old cars like this, when was the last time you saw an S-22 and when might you find another one?


  1. RayT Member

    Interesting car, but a little too much of a mystery machine at this point, Russ.

    Does it have an actual engine? If so, what might it be? A transmission? Inquiring minds, and all that….

    And it should be suggested to the seller that one photo hardly justifies shelling out $14K. Is the car worth it even with the necessary details cleared up? I don’t know.

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  2. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz

    My very first new car. Brought a left-over demonstrator 63 s22 convertible in the dead of Cleveland winter, 1965. Had the 170 six, never titled, $1750, all the money to an 18 year old, saved from selling magazines for 2 years. 2 weeks later, Cleveland snow, the rear knife-like bumper of a 59 Chevy, I learned why you should always have insurance.

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  3. joenywf64

    I’m surprised Merc offered a 2 door sedan & hardtop – for an economy car!
    Same was offered with the ’63 Falcon. What choices back then!
    Unlike the above cars, today’s very very very few 2 doors are not for more than 2 people, even tho they have a back seat.

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    • Psychofish2

      They’re applying “coupe like styling” not only to four door sedans [one more nail in the coffin for sedans, all the overall usefulness of them is being styled out], but SUVs/CUVs

      Horrible state of affairs. Poor visibility, headroom, too low to the ground, stupid Igloo Cooler sized consoles taking up space, thick A,B and C pillars, grim interior colors. Poor value.

      Usefulness compromised for styling trends. Not the first time, of course, but this is especially dumb.

      Sort of how the two door market was killed off by compromised head and leg room, fixed rear windows, opera windows cutting visibility out. Who would ever want to sit back there? Claustrophobia anyone?

      This is a nice car. 60 Comet is my dream ride. But this would do. Especially with the six.

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  4. Bob Parker

    First car I owned lt was a 63 and a convertible. Bought it for 225.00.Ran great had the 6cyl and buckets with a 3 speed on the floor

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  5. Tom

    $14,000, really? Nope! A couple years ago a bought a decent ’66 Fairlane 351 automatic XL for $10,000 that needed nothing.

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  6. Jimbosidecar

    It appears to have 5 lug wheels. Does that mean it’s V8 powered?

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    • Comet63

      If stock, yes. 63 did have a V8, 8″ option.

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    • Glenn Reynolds

      Good observation! Maybe it has a 4 speed and the sisters were the “terrors of Colorado boulevard”

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  7. history

    I saw the one and only picture included and my immediate thought was “thats a nice $500-$1000 project car”. Guess times have changed.

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  8. Tom Wasney

    Actually picking up a s22 convertible in red tomorrow with black top, red interior, 170 six with auto and 60k miles… Been languishing in a parking deck for the last ten years.. It s exactly like my fist car taken over from my brother in 69 upon his entry into the service… Starts stops runs and drives, needs rust repair under but very nice appearance and mechanicals… had it when I was 17, going to be 71 in October… Going full circle

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    • Tom Wasney

      Picked up my new convertible on Saturday. Cool little car… Was at a swap meet yesterday and a seller had dealer brochures for the comet, mercury actually had two printings of it.. Both showed a red top down s22 in the foreground like mine but in the background one had the two door post and the other had the no post.. Found that interesting.. I already had one on order from ebay in the no post edition.. Was cool to preview it in advance of getting in the mail anyway…

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  9. Dwcisme

    We had a 62 sedan (not S22) that dad picked up around 69 for a few hundred. Bare bones, 3 on the tree, 6 banger. Silver with red interior but it had green lap belts. Don’t know where they came from. I learned how to shift on that car. While it was stuck in the snow in the driveway. Ran it up through the gears with the little 13” rear wheels spinning away. I always did like the styling of the early Comets.

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  10. RMac

    The second “ stock” photo of a different car also has a much different sportier Amit’s fast back roofline than the formal roof on the subject car in the first photo

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  11. RMac

    Not Amit’s should have read almost fast back roofline I hate apple spell check

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  12. HC Member

    Poor advertisement on sellers part with no pics of this car. The 60s V8 Comets are great little cars but the seller needs to make more of an effort to sell her.

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  13. Carbob Member

    My first car In 1969 was a S22 with a 260V8 and four speed, black with a red interior. My Dad got it from a coworker for $500. I wasted no time installing chrome reverse wheels a Thrush glass pack and air shocks on the rear. I did all the paint prep and had a local shop respray the black. Sharp little car. I had a lot of adventures in this car not the least of which was driving from Maryland to Key West and back when in the summer of ‘69 when I graduated from high school. As to this car for sale; well I’m not feeling it for $14,000.

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  14. HC Member

    If sellers make no more effort of posting more and better pics, then I have no desire to shell out $14K to them. No matter how much I like this year and model car.

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  15. Pnuts

    I see two total pics and two different cars. A 2 door sedan and a 2 door hardtop. What gives?

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  16. RMac

    Punts Russ stated in his write up there was only one photo in the ad and the second photo was of similar car to show what it might look like
    One photo= $14,000??? ITN

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    • Pnuts

      Oh, I didn’t read closely

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  17. freakinutz

    Seems like a lot of cash for a car that probably doesn’t hold that much value. Perhaps $14k for one that was pretty close to pristine. Paint and interior and what else? Hard pass for me.

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  18. DH

    I have a 63 Falcon with a 351W, four speed top loader, 9″ chopped rear end, body frame connecters, Paxton super charger that I’d let go for $16K. And she is California titled.

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    the second car is the actual: s22 comet, and is the one that is worth the money. i owned one and i regret selling it.
    the first picture is of a regular car, a hardtop. there are thousands of this still on the road. in mint conditon is worth about $5000 to $7000.
    an s22 without restoration is worth about $5000. in mint conditon about $20000.
    adan maldonado- u.s. army retired, gateway to mexico- laredo, texas

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  20. Bakes

    There may be only one photo but at least it shows that the car is outstanding in its field.

    I’ll show myself out…

    These cars are great little vehicles, my dad had a few of them over the years. The character of the six seemed to suit the car better than the V8 for some reason.

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