Only Two Owners: 1972 Chevrolet Camaro

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The 1972 model year was a dumpster fire for Chevrolet and – specifically – the Camaro. A six-month labor strike at the Norwood, Ohio plant (the only place the Camaro was built) slowed production to a trickle of what it had been in previous model years. Enough so that GM considered dropping the Camaro after 1973. But cooler minds prevailed, and the “pony” car is still being built today. This 1972 Camaro, finished in Orange Flame, was a one-owner auto until two years ago. In good running condition, it’s available in Santa Rosa, California, and here on craigslist for $25,000 (firm). Thanks for the BowTie tip, Pat L.!

To add to the misery caused by the strike, 1,100 partially assembled cars had to be scrapped because the cost of modifying them for the upcoming changes for the 1973 model year was too great. The Chevy brain-trust decided to move Nova production away from Norwood to protect the series from any future labor problems (why not move the Camaro, too?). Demand for cars like the Camaro was off in general due to higher insurance premiums on muscle car versions and evolving emissions control standards. So, it was not a pretty time for the Camaro.

The original owner bought this Camara in 1972 and kept it for 48 years. We assume the seller got hold of it through an estate sale, but that’s only conjecture. He/she’s had it for two years and is looking at an out-of-state move, prompting the need to find a new home for the Chevy.  The body, paint, and interior all look good on this car, but we don’t know if the Orange Flame finish has been reapplied at some point. Since we’re told the odometer has turned over, the reported mileage would be a busy 192,000.

Under the hood lies a mostly stock 350 cubic inch V8 paired with a Turbo-Hydramatic transmission. Mods include a new intake manifold, distributor, and exhaust system. We’re told it runs well and has factory air conditioning. An aftermarket stereo has been added and the trunk space is consumed by the “boom box” style of speakers. This comes across as a nice Camaro that the seller will take with him/her in the move if it doesn’t sell soon.

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  1. RoughDiamond

    I’ll never forget growing up as an eleven year-old, the day the neighbor on the upper side of us, as we lived on a sloping hill, parked his new ’70 Camaro “Type LT” on his driveway. It was Citrus Green with a Saddle interior and White vinyl roof and I was car struck. It had the same wheels as this car. All I could do was stand and stare at it. The first time I got to sit in it, I was in awe of the wrap around instrument cluster with the factory gauges including the tachometer. Regarding this Camaro, I was really surprised with this being a two owner car to see the boom box speakers in the back which could obviously be reversed. Just an FYI, check out the GMHeritage website as it has so much information including images of all the factory specifications from motors to transmissions, accessories, options, exterior, interior, vinyl top colors and on and on just like the Stephen Bishop song title, just incredible.

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  2. Dan Cifalia

    Price is a bit steep for a 72 LT, albeit it is clean but still just a survivor not a restoration to look at the pics, My brain goes to $ 15,000 tops .

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    • NovaTom

      Yeah my brain doesn’t accept todays asking prices either.

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  3. DST1965Member

    Yup-price is pretty steep-especially at 192,000 mi-& inevitably, mind always goes back to what these cars could have been bought for new

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  4. Lothar... of the Hill People

    I’ve often been a sucker for orange vehicles (which probably goes back to The Dukes of Hazzard).

    This color w/ those wheels and center caps… pretty sharp, man.

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  5. Jeff

    I hope the workers got what they wanted after shutting down the plant for six months. How did they afford to live during that time I wonder

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  6. Wayne

    I worked at a Pontiac store in 1972, so we were Firebird-less also for most of the model run. The cars were so scarce that when the our first load came in a Formula 400 came in with a knocking engine. The reason? Someone with a 44 magnum standing on bridge above the train put 3 rounds through the top of the car. 1 went through the roof and 2 through the hood and partially through the engine. (remember the Formula hood? very expensive) Instead of scrapping the car Pontiac fixed it. (A very expensive transportation claim, engine repairs, body repairs and interior repairs that included a new headliner, seat upholstery and seat track.) I always like this body style, but if I remember correctly they weighed as much as a Caprice!

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  7. Show73 show73Member

    The Type LT did not come out until 1973, replacing the SS.

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  8. karl

    When your hood snubbers have orange paint on them, its a pretty good sign its been repainted , or some front end repairs have been done on it . It sure looks solid though , if it has 192,000 on it there must have been a lot done to make it look this good

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