Orange You Pretty! 1972 Datsun 240Z

This 240Z was put away 30 years ago for some unknown reason. It has Oregon plates but is located somewhere in Arizona and is for sale here on craigslist in Nashville, Tennesse for $15,000 by a flipper, of course. There’s not much of a description, either. It seems like it’s about the time to smile knowingly and walk away except that this Z looks so nice. The seller has done a nice job of making it look so shiny but does provide a closeup detail picture of an area with rust damage.

Here’s some bad news, the bottom forward of the left wheel well perhaps? I don’t see the damage in any of the pictures.

Things inside look pretty nice. Someone has detailed that console very nicely, but the seat needs more work. Is that seatback bent to the right?

The pictures of the underside look very nice. There is just a bit of surface rust.

The engine looks complete and unmolested from here. It runs on “carb spray”. That sounds hopeful, but it can’t be good for the engine.

The original wheels and hubcaps are included and appear to be in great condition.

This closeup of the nose provides a better idea of the overall condition. The bar added across the nose looks like a homemade add-on, but I’ve seen other 240s with them. Here’s an example listed on AutoTrader. There’s rust on the bottom of the bumper and the paint is chipped, but otherwise, it looks like it could be an OK driver.

Overall it looks like this 240Z could be a nice driver, especially if you like your cars orange. The big question, of course, is how extensive the rust damage is and what mechanical gremlins there are. The price is high, of course. For $15,000 or less you can buy a nice driver that doesn’t need any work, like this 240Z that sold recently on eBay. If this Craigslist ad is gone you can find it here.

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    Maybe a little on the high side but I really admired these little beasts back in the day….and they got their share of leggie riders as much as a TA or Vette !

  2. ATL_jeff

    Great looking car. Just needs a little love. Addressing that rust spot should be top priority. They don’t call them Rotsuns for nothing. You can almost hear them crumble if you listen hard enough. But fun as hell to drive.

    A bit pricey for my wallet today, but not completely out of range. Even complete rust bucket, basket-case 240z’s with solid mechanicals can sell in the $4-5k range in the Southeast, with restored examples selling north of $20k.

  3. Lawyer George

    $5000.00. Superficial detailing suggests that keeping this Z in top condition was not a top priority. I think these sold new for $2200.

    • theGasHole

      Completely irrelevant to what any car sold when it was new

    • CB Flynt

      I bought a new one in 72. It was $4200 w/o a/c. Sold it ten years later for $3800. Put mags and pirellis on it and kept rims and hubcaps too. Beautifully balanced. Great lines and handling. It would scoot. Only got it up to 110 but that was in third gear. The 6 cyl was a Mercedes copy and easy to work on. 160k miles and never burned a drop of oil. I miss that car

  4. Steve

    Strong money for that vehicle. Fun cat to drive. I get tons of compliments on mine.

  5. Blyndgesser

    Great cars. Too bad they dissolve on contact with air or water.

  6. jb cool mo

    too much money for quality of car that it is …. love the color of this z car though

  7. Jay E.

    It was amazing that the rust bubbles started to show up just a few years from new, and that wasn’t in a rust belt state. They are fun cars.

  8. joeinthousandoaks

    My college car. Removed the smog, tuned the carbs and was a rocket

  9. joeinthousandoaks

    My college car. Removed the smog, tuned the carbs and it was a rocket

  10. DerekF

    Though it’s poorly described and advertised, for what appears to be an original, probably one-owner car I don’t think the price is too far out of line… an on the spot cash offer may bring this price down too.

    The rust shown is most likely in the dog leg ( part of the quarter panel on front of the rear wheels ) which is quite common and repairable. The rest of the car looks straight and dry, but I’d want to see it in person or have plenty of photos.

    The fact the owner kept the stock wheels is a great sign this car was well cared for, as most Z steel wheels were thrown away and are difficult to find now.

  11. Bruce

    Owned…no less than 5 240z’s…one of the best cars I ever drove…no disappointments…but not cheap to restore body wise…good luck…just understand what you are getting into…

  12. Tom

    Oregon plates – car in Arizona – for sale Nashville, TN craigslist
    What could possibly go wrong?

  13. wannaby

    Had one back in 75 put the rear quarter into a bridge.
    glopped it with 4 inches of bondo and put a flip flop paint job on it the craftsman was an artist with bondo sold for 4 grand .
    Wish I still had it. even the cops stopped me just to have a look at it.LOL

  14. Rustytech

    If what rust is shown is the worst of it, this is an easy fix. These were a blast to drive, much better in my opinion than the later 260 and 280’s. I agree the asking price is a little high, but if I didn’t have 2 current projects I’d be tempted to take a closer look.

  15. Mike

    The bar across the bumper may be an old AMCO piece? I know they made a lot of accessories for the Z back in the day and bumper bars (front and back) were just a couple. I’m just not sure if this is an AMCO bar though?

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