French Classic Cars

Beau Projet Voitures: Massive French Auction

There’s a lot of interesting vintage tin coming up for auction in France, where some 250 cars across a wide range of years and makes are up for grabs. The auction is set for this Saturday and will include… more»

Auction Your Car On Barn Finds!

Rare Hot Hatch: 1987 Peugeot 205 GTI

Some folks call the Peugeot 205 GTI the ultimate “hot hatch.” You say you’ve never heard of it? That’s because those of us in the USA never got the opportunity to purchase one, at least as a legal import…. more»

1 of 500 Sold: 1965 Renault Alpine 110

This 1965 Renault Alpine A110 is listed for sale in Mexico, where the seller claims it was one of only about 500 cars sold there. I suspect this is one of the Mexican-built Dinalpin editions, as Renault contracted the… more»

Chrysler-Powered Exotic: 1958 Facel Vega FVS

Update 9/20/19 – It’s been almost 4 years since we first featured this Facel Vega and unfortunately it still hasn’t found a good home. After selling in 2016, the car made its way to Portland, Oregon. It has now¬†been… more»

Forest Find: 1965 Citroen DS19

Up for sale is a 1965 Citroen DS19 that currently resides in a wooded area near San Rafael, California. It appears to be quite complete and for a car sitting out for quite a while, with no history provided,… more»

Possible Bonus: 1964 Peugeot 403 Sedan

Throughout its history, Peugeot has managed to build some interesting cars. Some have been interesting because they have possessed surprising levels of performance. Others, like this 403 Sedan, have been interesting simply because they are incredibly robust. If a… more»

Quirky Daily Driver: 1988 Citroen 2CV

This 1988 Citroen 2CV has found its way from France to the USA by way of Japan, and given the fact that the car is being used 3-4 time per week, the owner touts it as a viable daily… more»

Rare Woody Horizon: 1978 Plymouth Horizon

There are different levels of excitement than can range from mild giddiness to over-the-top jaw-dropping, with several levels in-between. Then there are levels of excitement that aren’t necessarily excitement-excitement but more of an excited-to-see-something-that-you-haven’t-seen-in-a-long-time type of excitement, if that… more»

French Italian Microcar: 1959 Vespa 400

Sometimes, even rough and tough car guys and gals need a hug and this 1959 Vespa 400 has its arms, I mean doors, open waiting for you. This cute little French microcar can be found here on eBay in… more»

French Cattle Hauler: 1977 Peugeot J7

If you’re a rancher or cattle baron and you need a way to haul your livestock or other animals around without your vehicle being lost in the crowd of boring pickups and trailers, this 1977 Peugeot J7 van could… more»

Museum Piece: 1928 Renault NN1

While Renault produced 150,000 examples of the NN1 model during 5-years of production. They are not a particularly common sight today. Therefore, to have the opportunity to write about two different cars that have appeared on our desks here… more»

Quirky French Project: 1924 Renault 6CV NN

We’ve all seen project vehicles where the restoration has proceeded at a snail’s pace, and this Renault 6CV (or Renault NN) is a perfect example. The owner purchased the car 30-years-ago as a restoration project, and this is as… more»

READER AD: 1980 Renault 5 Le Car

Reader Kenyon W is helping the owner of a small collection of classics get the cars moved along. The first one up is this Le Car, which has been parked for the past 25 years. It’s dusty and is… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Scotty’s 1987 Renault GTA Survivor!

It’s always a sad day when a person decides to sell a vehicle, especially when it’s been trouble-free and is fun to drive. Such is the case with my beloved 1987 Renault GTA. This is a fantastic little car… more»

French Connection: 1973 Citroen Ami 8 Break

French cars are the Rodney Dangerfield of the vehicle world, there’s no question about it. Some people – a few million of them – swear by them and would own nothing else. Here in the U.S., we never really… more»

Rare Electric: 1960 Henney Kilowatt

Although the Electric car was born more than 100 years ago, it is still a rather uncommon sight to come across a classic electric. Scarce, with some interesting key players in its development, the Henney Kilowatt was an American… more»