French Classic Cars

1st of Only 43 Made: 1960 Henney Kilowatt

The 20th Century was littered with so many unusual and interesting vehicle companies that I wonder if anyone has ever come up with a comprehensive list of every different car company? Probably not, but now I have something to… more»

Muscular Le Car: 1990 Renault 5 GT Turbo

Having gotten my first Renault just two short years ago, I have evolved into being a big fan of them, especially cars from this era. This 1990 Renault R5 GT Turbo can be found here on craigslist in beautiful… more»

Maserati-Power: 46k Mile 1972 Citroen SM

When it comes to producing quirky and interesting cars, Citroen is a manufacturer with a history littered with more examples than most. From the utilitarian and practical 2CV through to cars like this 1972 SM, there is little chance… more»

Wooden Cage? 1947 Citroen U23 Truck

I’m not sure what this 1947 (it says both 46 and 47 in the ad) Citroen AX wood-bodied truck was originally designed to carry, but I do know it was carried from France to Canada at some point and is… more»

1-of-280: 1950 Simca Sport 8 Cabriolet

Introduced in 1949, the Simca Sport 8 was based on the Simca 8 chassis and mechanical package. However, the Sport 8 was the recipient of some stunning styling and improved performance and achieved a degree of success in events… more»

Sacré-Bleu! Survivor 1980 Citroën 2CV

This 1980 Citroën 2CV was found in a basement in Europe, having been kept and maintained since new by its original owner. Its current owner purchased it from that individual in 2006 and legally imported it to the United… more»

French Wagon Find: 1966 Citroen ID21F Safari

Discovered in Southern Washington, this black plate California special is a unique and very cool French find. The Citroen ID21F Safari is a quirky, but neat machine with styling that is unmistakable. Last registered in California, this Citroen has… more»

Forlorn French Classic: 1963 Renault Caravelle S Convertible

While it may look to be a sad and forlorn sight nestling next to its brother out in the open, this 1963 Renault Caravelle Convertible may well prove to be a diamond in the rough. The general condition of… more»

Less Than 40 Left? 1971 Manic GT

Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers…no one would argue their iconic status especially those produced during the late 1960s and early 1970s. But there are many of us who would love to own a car you just don’t see at the local… more»

French Sleeper: 1963 Peugeot 403

A French restomod? I usually don’t think of those two words together but this 1963 Peugeot 403 would make a fun sleeper. This project car can be found here on craigslist in Covina, California. The seller is asking $450… more»

French Classic: 1983 Renault Fuego

French car manufacturers have always had the uncanny ability to create interesting, quirky, and ground-breaking cars, and the Fuego is a perfect example of that ability. Launched in the US in 1982 and sold through AMC dealerships, it is… more»

French Micro Car: 1968 Velocar Veloto

If you are on the lookout for something a bit different and quirky in the way of a classic car, then you should probably look no further than this 1968 Veloto. It definitely fulfills those criteria, and I doubt… more»

Maserati Power: 1972 Citroen SM Driver

Finding Citroen SMs that reside in the small space between basketcase and high-dollar restoration is a challenge. Given the cost associated with properly restoring one of these exotic machines, you don’t often find sellers willing to get one to… more»

French Loaf: 1970 Citröen DS ID21F

If this style of car looks familiar to you, you’ve been paying attention in the vintage-automobile scene. That’s correct, it is indeed a Citroën DS platform station wagon (or Estate, or Shooting Brake, whatever you call it in your… more»

Amazing Triple Bugatti Barn Find!

Only the family of Belgian sculptor August Thomassen knew what was hidden away in his studio barn. Behind the sandbags stacked in front of the large wooden doors, there was a collection of four vintage vehicles including a million… more»

Failed to Start: 1967 Citroën DS21

One of the challenges with owning an oddball vehicle is the limited support network for repairing said vehicle when a repair is required above your own skill level. I’ve run into this with my vintage Toyota HiAce project, as… more»