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Original 318: 1963 Dodge W200 Power Wagon

Although Ford and General Motors models dominate the classic Pickup market, vehicles from other manufacturers generate significant interest when they are offered for sale. This 1963 Dodge W200 Power Wagon is a perfect example because it has attracted an impressive twenty-five bids. People like what they see with this solid survivor and are willing to let their wallets do the talking. The Dodge is listed here on eBay in Champlain, New York. The intense action has pushed the price beyond the reserve to $7,100.

This Dodge carries the hallmarks of a vehicle that has worked to earn its living but is free from signs of abuse or mistreatment. The seller believes it received a repaint in Vermilion under the care of a previous owner, although it is showing its age. While the Power Wagon is located in a damper area, that isn’t necessarily bad news. The seller confirms it has spent most of its life in California, which helps explain the lack of significant rust. The underside is rock-solid, and any penetrating rust is limited to small patchable areas in the lower front fenders. Its panel bumps and bruises are easily repairable, but the seller includes a good secondhand right front fender to assist in the process. The bed timber and glass look surprisingly good, and the overall impression is that returning this classic to its former glory should be relatively straightforward.

There is more good news for potential buyers searching for a Pickup that is as accomplished on the open road as in harsh terrain. Dodge offered the venerable 225ci slant-six as the entry-level engine in the 1963 Power Wagon, but some buyers wanted (or needed) more ponies. This survivor features its original 318ci “Poly” V8 that feeds its 215hp to the road via a four-speed manual transmission and a dual-range transfer case. The transmission features a “granny” first gear, meaning the Pickup should be able to climb over obstacles with the V8 barely ticking over. The seller believes this motor received a rebuild under the car of a previous owner but holds no documentation confirming this. However, the engine runs perfectly, with no smoke, smells, or odd noises. Those considering dropping a bid are reassured by their claim that it is a turnkey proposition.

I am slightly disappointed by the seller’s interior shots because they raise as many questions as they answer. It looks serviceable, although the seat will eventually need a new cover to present at its best. The door trims and painted surfaces look surprisingly good for a workhorse, and the floor features a rubber mat. The dash is the mystery because there are a range of holes, suggesting that a few switches and other components are missing. However, the seller appears approachable and may be willing to answer questions to clarify any doubts.

This 1963 Dodge W200 Power Wagon is a great classic from a golden era in American vehicle manufacturing. It is a practical vehicle that will provide immediate enjoyment to its new owner, although lifting its presentation to a high level should be straightforward and satisfying. However, preservation has found favor with many owners, allowing these vehicles to proudly wear their survivor badge. That leaves one question to ponder: Which path would you choose?


  1. Avatar photo Euromoto Member

    Looks like the owner took that chainsaw to the seats…

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  2. Avatar photo BA

    Well a 440 magnum six pack naturally! Make it a real Power Wagon!

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    • Avatar photo Kenneth Selby

      The Husqvarna is there to drown out the road noise !

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      • Avatar photo Gregg

        Ha! good one! You made me laugh!

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  3. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    Now that’s a REAL truck! I’d love to have it,but don’t
    have a real use for it.

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  4. Avatar photo HoA Member

    Oh, the empty beer bottles are such a nice touch, as if to typify who might want this old fire truck. Note to seller, time to lose that stereotype once and for all. That box may or may not be original, and red 4×4 pickups with a winch, were typically for rural fire dept. use, and that’s what this is. Fact is, we’ve seen these before here, still in their fire fighting gear. 26 alleged bids, around $7500, a plausible amount for what you are getting, but like all these, a new Ram 2500 it ain’t gonna be,,,in fact, the “test drive” could turn someone off forever on these.

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    • Avatar photo Nevada1/2rack Member

      Good eye, Howard-that it previously served as a fire truck would explain the holes in the dash where the switches for the auxiliary equipment would’ve been.
      This brute will sell in the silly money range IMHO though it’d be a good one to have as a working truck as is but there’s no way THAT’S gonna happen..

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    • Avatar photo Midway

      Yes the ride and steering are for the true truck driver and brakes are not power disc, I have a similar 68F250 4wd that drives like a 60’s international school bus. But boy are they fun to drive.

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    • Avatar photo Rw

      Those are not real beer bottles they’re Mich Ultra..

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  5. Avatar photo Nelson C

    As anvil tough as these are this one has that all too common bent in the middle sort of look. Not it may be the body lines of the cab but I can’t unsee it. Having a 215 hp V8 doesn’t seem like a big deal until you understand that this rig is about gearing. Start with the 4-speed transmission with the creeper first and go straight to the axle ratios which were probably 4:1, give or take a little. And speaking of those axles, they’re going to feel like they are attached directly to the frame. Howard is right in that one test drive is going to cure some people.

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    • Avatar photo Erich

      Yeah, I’m guessing rotten, sagging cab corner mounts. The pic of the passenger side looks less saggy at first glance because of the pic angle, but if you look close, the lines don’t flow right on that side either.

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  6. Avatar photo Rw

    Harry Vanderspiegle’s truck,if you know you’ll get it

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  7. Avatar photo Timmy V Member

    *chiropractor not included

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  8. Avatar photo Charles ross

    Love it however it might be the angles but the bed appears to be sagging a little where it meets the cab probably just needs new bed mounts .

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  9. Avatar photo Rodolfo Plasencia

    Please make sure its not chassis bent or about to break in the middle. In my opinion the horizontal line of the top of the bed should be parallel to the line by the side of the door and fender side lines. Before you pay or bid ask for photos of the chassis right between bed and cabin and under the union of area where they meet, but taken the pic by the side the best they can so you also save the trip. Is a nice truck but be ready to throw away $7K or, to be reinstalling it a new chassis! Which is sort of hard to call that fun!

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