Original 350: 1975 Chevrolet Camaro LT

There will be enthusiasts who will look at this 1975 Chevrolet Camaro LT, and they’ll decry the fact that the current owner has made modifications to a tidy classic. However, don’t sell this person short because all of the removed parts are included in the sale if the buyer wants to return it to a 100% original state. The good thing here is that these changes could be performed as time and circumstances allow. The Camaro is located in Mobile, Alabama, and has been listed for sale here on Craigslist. The sale price is $18,000, and I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Pat L for spotting it for us.

The seller purchased the Camaro from its original owner, who ordered and bought the car back in 1975. It has been garage-kept for its entire life, and this has helped it to remain completely rust-free. The Code 75 Red paint is described as looking good from 15-feet, although a closer inspection will apparently reveal a few marks and some minor touch-up work. The panels themselves are straight, with no signs of dings or dents. The majority of trim seems to be in good order, although the rear bumper has matching stains on either side from the exhaust. This is pretty heavy, and I suspect that it might not be able to be removed entirely with polish. The tinted glass appears to be in good order, while the original wheels show no evidence of damage or stains.

The Camaro is a numbers-matching classic and comes equipped with a 350ci V8, a 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. This V8 would have been producing 145hp when the car was new. That isn’t a lot and helps explain why the journey down the ¼ mile would have taken a leisurely 18.7 seconds. There is a good chance that the 350 now pumps out a few more ponies because it has been treated to a Quadrajet carburetor on an Edelbrock intake. For those who are worried about originality, we’ve got you covered. The original carburetor, intake, and air cleaner are all included in the sale. The current owner has treated the Camaro to new brake lines and brake hoses, along with rotors, pads, tires, plug wires, and fuel lines. He says that he uses the car as a daily driver and that it runs and drives perfectly.

The interior of the Camaro is a highlight because it presents superbly. While we can’t see it in the supplied photos, the owner admits that the headliner is sagging. That is one of the few faults that can be picked because the trim and plastic are in excellent condition. The carpet is new, and it demonstrates how a new carpet set can lift an interior. An aftermarket stereo has been fitted, but the original radio is included in the sale. The Camaro was ordered with air conditioning, and this has been updated with a new compressor and 134a refrigerant. Once again, the original compressor and bracket are included in the sale. Also included is a vast collection of paperwork and documentation that dates back to “day 1” for this classic. This includes the original Build Sheet, Purchase Order, and the dealer paperwork.

This 1975 Camaro LT might not be the most potent car on the block, but it is a rust-free survivor. It can be driven and enjoyed immediately, and all of the parts are there to return it to its original specifications. It has no immediate needs, and bringing it from its current impressive state to showroom fresh should not be a significant undertaking. It hasn’t been on the market for long, and I can’t help but think that someone will probably snap it up reasonably quickly. If you are hunting for a Winter project, maybe this is it.


  1. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Years ago I owned a 77 Camaro, 305 automatic, (also 145 horsepower I believe). The only modification I did was to add a “Hush Thrush” muffler which didn’t make much improvement in acceleration.

    But I am curious. What sort of horsepower improvement here could one expect by adding the Quadrajet carburetor on an Edelbrock intake?

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  2. Superdessucke

    A total dog when new but as the author points out, you could add a lot of horsepower to ’em pretty easy by getting rid of the emissions crap and doing a few mods. Probably more than 3 seconds off your quarter mile time.

    The 1975 model to have is the rare Z86 Gymkhana package. It had the Z28 rims and E60 x 15 tires and a special suspension. 3,711 were made. Most of them were probably Rally Sports but you could get it on any 1975 Camaro.

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  3. Troy s

    Thirty or more if a number is pulled out of thin air, but that’s not the whole deal. The seat of the pants test will be rewarding, as well as the howl of that unsilenced quadrajet carb. With the stock 2.73 gearing it has the 16’s are now a possibility. Nice car,
    and I wonder if the stock exhaust is still there. Needs to be improved on as well if it is. Improving the drive is always a good thing, 1975 wasn’t exactly a stellar year,,, one I hope we never have to go through again automotive speaking. By the way, were these 350’s only available with a 2 barrel that year?

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    • Tony Primo

      You could still get the 350 with a 4 barrel carburetor. It was rated at 155 horsepower.

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    • Robbie R.

      I had essentially the same car, bought in early 76 after it spent a year as a Hertz rental. Red, 350 2bbl automatic, cloth seats, no spoiler. Nice driving car, but had no power. A buddy of mine had same year w 4-speed manual that had the 4bbl, ran a little better. I kept mine for about a year, traded on a new 77 TA.

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  4. Paul Carder

    $18K for a bottom basement Camaro. He should be asking $50K, then at least we’d know he’s crazy.

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  5. LovesLS6

    My late mother owned this exact car, ordered new from factory but with no spoiler, white with tan vinyl top, tan cloth interior, and FR78-14 whitewall radials! Still, a “looker,” esp. as a 16-yr old driver! Std everything, meaning the 2bbl anemic 350 w/ cat con exhaust. I think that created the huge hesitation/stumble that could never be fixed by dealer. She kept the car for probably 17+ years until unfortunately the whole thing succumbed to greater-Peoria IL area rust & was sold for $600. I once rebuilt the carb, which was super-easy and made a big difference. Lots of memories in that car! Car felt heavy (esp those HUGE doors), yet also felt like >145 wimpy HP. I believe 350 could also be had w/ a 4 bbl that year, 3.08 axle ratio, etc.

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  6. Howard P

    Nice Car! Had a yellow 74 LT with black stripes. Loved that car even those it was rusted badly (Utah car). Had many good times with it and I looked good driving it which was the most important thing at 20 years old. As I remember it had trouble passing a gas station without needing to be topped off but other than that it was a pretty good car. Would be tempted to pick this one up but don’t have garage space and need to get last kid through college. Oh well sure the next owner will love it!

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  7. Jcs

    Great looking Camaro, but then again any car with factory crotch coolers is super cool in my book.

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  8. Frank

    Exhaust would definitely need an upgrade if it’s stock. These had the pellet converters and only flowed about 300 cfm.
    These cars are starting to get some attention, but I don’t think it’s worth the asking price.

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  9. Sean Baker

    I had a 75 LT that was metallic orange. My Mother bought it new in Dec 74. It was a 350 2bbl that had annoying tip in hesitation. A few year later the rear quarter panel rusted out and my Dad brought it in to get fixed. When the shop cut away the rot they found a GM Coffee Cup sitting on the rear subframe from when the car was built

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    • Robbie R.

      LOL. I also remember the hesitation/stumble mine had when you hit the accelerator.

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  10. Roudy

    My first car was a ‘76 Camaro. 6 cylinder, no A/C, 3 speed manual. Talk about basic transportation. Drove 70K trouble-free miles and traded for an ‘83 Berlinetta that had an automatic transmission and A/C. Both cars were reliable but not heart pounding.

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  11. Mikey P

    I am amazed that nobodies commenting on the price $18k can get you a nice Chevelle or Ol’ Skool Camaro!?!? Sure it’s clean and nice but it’s a 75?? It’s worth $12k on a good day tops!

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