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Original 383: 1969 Dodge Charger SE

The owner of this 1969 Dodge Charger SE had grand plans for the car, but these never came to fruition. Rather than seeing it deteriorate further, he has decided that it needs to go to a new home where someone will be willing and able to return it to its former glory. It will be a significant undertaking, but it could make sound financial sense with values continuing to increase. If you feel up for the challenge, you will find the Charger located in Powell, Tennessee, and listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $17,999, and all of this has been enough to generate phenomenal interest to this point.

Advancing years can take a toll on humans, but it can have the same impact on classic cars. That is the case with this Dodge because much water has passed under the bridge since this formerly triple-green Charger rolled off the line. In the intervening years, a previous owner removed the green vinyl top, and they also applied a coat of yellow paint over the original Dark Green Metallic. However, tired paint and missing vinyl would seem to be the least of its problems. The buyer will need to deal with rust, and there’s plenty of it. There are significant issues with both rear quarter panels and the roof, while there is also some visible in the rockers, lower door corners, and trunk lid. Once we climb under this classic, we soon discover that the external issues are the tip of a large rust-berg. The floors are history, as are the trunk pan and drop-offs. The state of the frame rails is unclear, but I would probably brace for some issues on that front. Encouragingly, the owner says that the doors open and close easily, suggesting that this bodyshell hasn’t deteriorated to the point where it twists like an old sneaker. The grille and glass are in good order, but some trim pieces are probably only good for the bin.

Apart from the radio, this Charger’s interior appears to be complete. Once again, the buyer will need to spend some money, but I would clean everything thoroughly before compiling a shopping list. I believe that the seller could be right when he says that the console and dash would respond positively to that type of treatment. I also agree that the dash pad looks good and that the wheel may be okay. However, the shopping list will still include seatcovers, a headliner, and a carpet set as a starting point. There may be more, but the cleaning will need to come first. The owner doesn’t furnish any engine shots, but he says that the Charger is numbers-matching. Its drivetrain includes a 290hp 383ci V8, an A-727 transmission, and an 8¾” rear end. Dodge offered buyers more potent versions of the ’69 Charger, but with a ¼ mile ET of 15.8 seconds, this was still a respectable performer. This is the point where potential buyers will need to make some choices. The motor is missing a few peripherals like the engine fan, water pump, pullies, radiator, and distributor. Otherwise, it is complete but is a non-runner. Reviving it should not be difficult, but that 383 is ripe for a few upgrades that would make this a fire-breathing beast. Even upgrading the motor to factory Hi-Performance specs would drop the ¼-mile time to 14.9 seconds. However, further carburetor, exhaust, and camshaft upgrades could slash that figure even further. For potential buyers, the world could be their oyster.

I admit that returning this ’69 Charger SE to its former glory will be a significant undertaking, but I think that we’ve all seen ones in worse shape brought back from the brink. The buyer will need to choose the path that they wish to follow. Whether they opt for a faithful restoration or create something more potent will be a matter of personal preference. Values are increasing steadily, but I think I can sum up this classic and its desirability with one single fact. There are currently 218 people watching this eBay listing. That’s one of the highest figures that I’ve seen since I started writing for Barn Finds, and it seems to indicate that there are plenty of people who like what they see. Are you going to join them, or do you intend to go one step further by parking this SE in your workshop?


  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    18K? Good Lordy.

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  2. DrillnFill

    It’s like the husband that owned this car said “I really like the “Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry” stripes, but his wife said “but I only like Bumblebee stripes” so they compromised and did both 🤣

    This car needs “Graveyard Cars” level of help to get put right. Hopefully someone can bring this car back from the brink

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    • Robert

      Pardon me but that car isn’t worth the powder to blow it to hell, what a pile of rusted junk. Probably get more for it as scrap metal, maybe.
      Some of the junk on Barn Find is just that, junk and it needs to be called out for what it is !!!

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    • Kman

      Or Junkerup Chris Birdsong. It might take him more than a week to do though.

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  3. Terrry

    I still can’t believe the insane prices these are getting, especially in this dilapidated shape. But then again, I never cared for these even when they were new, except maybe the ’68 Charger. All the others? Nope, not for me.

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  4. Mike Walsh

    Aren’t those Western wagon wheels? Who would put truck wheels on a car? Lol , $18,000? Ridiculous.

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    • piston poney

      thos are vectors, there not “Western wagon wheels” and there not truck wheels, the general lee had them and thats what made them popular, and thats all im going to say

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  5. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Price dropped to $16,999, owner is smartening up – LOL!

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  6. george mattar

    I would rather buy $17,000 in SpaceX stock than waste it on this hillbilly POS. While I love 69 Chargers, there is no way this project is worth the money. While it is better than many Chargers on this site, the word Titantic comes to mind. The seller says the interior will clean up. What? You better have deep pockets and plenty of time.

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  7. CenturyTurboCoupe

    No words for that paint scheme other than to say I would be embarrassed to have it in my garage with the doors closed!

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  8. Gerald Ramey Jr

    I’d order a bunch of body panels from AMD, get some orange paint, put a big ol’ Confederate flag on top, weld in a real roll cage, and make a General Lee out of it! Yee Haw!!

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