Original 390: 1968 Ford Mustang GTA Coupe

If you fancy your Mustang Coupe with a bit of “oomph,” then this 1968 GTA might be just the ticket. It is packing a healthy 390 under the hood and is said to be a numbers-matching car. I have to thank Barn Finder Ikey H for spotting this great blue oval classic for us. Located in Trinidad, Colorado, the Mustang is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner is asking $23,000 OBO for the Ford, although he might be open to a trade of a different classic car plus cash.

The paint on the Mustang is pretty faded, but I believe that it started life as Tahoe Turquoise. The photos are a little on the inconclusive side, but I really can’t see any obvious signs of rust issues. The owner also makes no mention of these, so just maybe, this is a solid and rust-free vehicle. The body itself appears to be fairly straight, and the glass and chrome trim also looks to be quite good. The car is fitted with what appears to be a fairly fresh set of aftermarket wheels and new tires, and even though I’ve become a bit more conservative about such changes in recent years, I don’t really mind them. They have a sort of 1970s look about them, which I guess is more acceptable than some of the more modern aftermarket offerings that we see from time to time.

The interior of the Mustang is a bit of a revelation because it looks like if you fitted a factory radio and a new carpet set, it would come up quite nicely. The dash and pad look really nice, and the owner does mention the fact that the original seats are in good condition. We don’t get a look at the headliner or rear trim, but what we can see is really encouraging.

The 1968 Mustang Coupe was not a particularly heavy car, so when you jam a 390ci V8 engine packing 325hp under the hood, it is bound to grab your attention. For your money, you also score a C6 automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. The good news here is that the engine and transmission are said to be numbers-matching, which is just another factor in this car’s favor. It looks like there are a few aftermarket components gracing the engine bay, but it would still be possible to return the whole thing to stock condition. Having said that, Ford built so many Mustangs in the early years that I’m sure that the world probably won’t end if this one remains in a modified state. The owner says that the car runs and drives well, and if it performs as well now as it did back in 1968, then it should be a blast to drive. That would mean a 0-60mph time of 6.3 seconds, while the ¼ mile would be smashed in 14.6 seconds. Sounds pretty good to me.

If this 1968 Mustang is actually as solid as it appears to be, then bringing the physical appearance up to a decent standard would potentially be a fairly straightforward proposition. It would certainly be pretty easy to remove the aftermarket additions and wind up with a potent and original car. As I previously stated, I’m pretty sure that the world won’t actually end if the modifications were left in place. With the work that is apparently required to make the car presentable again, then the asking price is probably pretty close to right, although it never hurts to make an offer either.


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  1. 71FXSuperGlide

    I like it, and the fact it appears very solid certainly provides an edge of the numerous others of that age.

    Need to check the cowl areas as well.

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  2. JoeNYWF64

    Wonder why ford stopped offering also a COUPE mustang! – didn’t they sell LOT more coupes than fastbacks from ’65-78? Makes no sense!! Not sure about later ones. They had both in ’79-93 but the roof is so high, & calling the hatchback a fastback is just WRONG. IMO the roof is too high even on the coupe for those years. lol
    I’m sure EVERY ’79-93 mustang owner would not be upset if their car magically turned into a ’69 or ’70 overnight – in the same condition.

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    • CCFisher

      Whaaaaa? I’ll keep my ’86 LX 5.0 convertible, thank you very much.

      • JoeNYWF64

        I’m guessing you prefer the fuel injection, lighter weight, &/or 5 speed manual trans/4 speed automatic.
        I doubt though you prefer the boxy styling, interior & the door mirrors on the ’86.
        Just saw a ’69 mach 1 over the weekend at a car show. Have you seen 1 recently in the flesh, restored? Best lookin car ever made, if you ask me. & i’m a GM guy. & would be even better with the ’70 stang tailites.
        PS – friend of mine bought a new ’85 stang GT with the holley carb. Got terrible mpg & 1 of the outside door handles rusted off!
        The only front end of ’79 gen that is ok with me is the
        capri’s (the 1 that came after the german one).

  3. TimM

    Looks to be solid and in better condition than most we see here!! I do believe the 390 coupe is much more rare than a 390 fastback!! It’s worth wild endeavor if it can be bought at a reasonable price!! I think I would have to source a top loader and get rid of the automatic!!!

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  4. z28th1s

    I would like to see the Marti Report. It might be an original 390 car, but unless things have been changed over the years it doesn’t appear to be a GTA.

    Missing GT fender emblems, GT gas cap and exhaust cutouts in the rear valance to name a few. A GT car also shouldn’t have the pony emblem that is on the passenger side fender.

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    • Steve R

      You could get a 390 in a non-GT/GTA. There is no need for a Marti report, VIN will show which engine came in the car.

      Steve R

      • z28th1s

        Steve R, I’m well aware that you could get a 390 in a non-GT/GTA car.

        The Marti Report would show whether the car originally came with the GT package. That was the point I was trying to make.

        An ‘S’ code was the 390-4V and the ‘X’ code was the 390-2V.

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  5. CCFisher

    Very unlikely that it’s a GT. Even if it is, it’s definitely not a GTA. That was 1967 only.

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  6. Troy s

    Cool mods on a less seen big inch Mustang coupe,,,,kinda reminds me of Bob Tasca’s Mustang coupe that wound up motivating Ford to build the 428 CJ. Leave that 390 just as it is, no point in going backwards on performance. Hope it has a true dual exhaust system, give the C6 a bang-screech hop up, don’t know what gears it has, leave the aftermarket wheels.
    I like this car as it sits, and yes, there’s a ton of classic Mustangs for the purists out there. Keep this one hot.

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  7. MrMustang

    Doubt it’s a GTA as stated. If it is a GT then it is stripped down. No AC, no deluxe interior, no deluxe exterior, no remote mirror, no console, no GT cap, no cutouts for the exhaust which I am sure the 4bbl 390 cars had duel exhaust. My opinion, someone put a 390 in this car and is trying to pass it off as a GT. PASS!!! I hate it when people try to be deceptive. JMHO

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    • H5mind

      Honesty is like pregnancy- you are or you ain’t. Although it’s possible the seller doesn’t know about the Internet, it’s not likely. Pass.


    Lucky to turn a 15.5 sec quarter mile when new. Heads did not breathe well.

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  9. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    From z28th1s-“An ‘S’ code was the 390-4V and the ‘X’ code was the 390-2V.” That is interesting about the ’68 Mustang 390 “S” and “X” Code engine options. The same holds true for the ’68 Cougars. My ’68 XR-7 with the “GT Performance Group Option” is equipped with the 325 HP Marauder 390 engine. The X-code 280 hp 390-2V engine with Autolite 2-barrel carburetor was available in non-GT models.

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