Original 402/4-Speed: 1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS

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Occasionally, a classic car will come along that has you struggling to find the words to describe it. That is the case with this 1970 Camaro SS/RS. It presents superbly, and hiding under that stunning interior is a drivetrain that lifts its performance from a pony car into muscle car territory. The owner has decided that the time has come for the SS to find its way to a new home where someone else can appreciate a true classic. The Camaro is located in Paso Robles, California, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner hasn’t specified a price, so it sounds like serious parties will need to contact him to talk turkey. I have to say a huge thank you to Barn Finder Pat L for spotting this stunner for us.

Before we look at the overall condition of the Camaro, it is worth noting that the Moon hubcaps that it wears are not original. Beyond that, I believe that the vehicle is as it would have been when it rolled off the production line. The owner doesn’t indicate whether the SS is an original survivor or whether it has received any restoration work in the past. The Forest Green paint shines beautifully, with not a flaw or defect to be seen anywhere. The panels are laser straight, and the gaps are tight and consistent. In fact, the gaps are tighter than you would typically expect from a Camaro of this vintage. It may indicate that there has been past work, or it could just mean that someone with an eye for detail has minutely adjusted everything carefully. The chrome, including the distinctive split front bumper, is in excellent order. The glass is as flawless as the paint, and all of this combines to make a positive impression. I haven’t touched on the topic of rust, but as you are about to see, there’s nothing for potential buyers to lose sleep over.

The only word that I can think of to describe the Camaro’s floors and frame is spotless. There is no evidence of rust or corrosion and no evidence of any fluid leaks from the drivetrain. When I scrutinize the underside shots, I am positive that the SS has undergone a rotisserie restoration and that the work was only completed recently. There hasn’t been an opportunity for anything to get chipped or dirty, and once again, it all looks showroom fresh.

If you are searching for a classic with stunning performance, you may have struck automotive gold with this Camaro. It is a full numbers-matching car that features a 402ci V8, a 4-speed Muncie transmission, a 4.10 Posi rear end, power steering, and power brakes. This V8 is the L78 version which brings a whopping 375hp to the party. That makes it capable of demolishing the ¼ mile in a neat 14 seconds before it runs out of breath at 138mph. Those numbers were impressive in 1970, and they’re still nothing to be ashamed of today. The originality of this car extends beyond the major components and includes items like the carburetor, alternator, and manifolds. The engine bay presents superbly, and it doesn’t flatter to deceive. The owner says that the SS runs and drives perfectly, and as he rightly points out, this is 1-of-600 examples of the Camaro built during 1970 to feature the mighty L78 motor.

The more that I look at this Camaro, the more that I’m convinced that it has been meticulously restored. It isn’t that unusual to see examples from this era with well-preserved interior trim. This car takes it to another level. I was going to say that it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor, but even that term is mildly insulting. When you look at the state of the black vinyl trim, the seats, and the carpet, it looks like no one has ever even sat in this car. There is not a mark or defect to be seen, and while I am not a fan of this term, it really is a time capsule.

If you have a passion for American performance cars, I would be surprised if you aren’t impressed by this 1970 Camaro SS/RS. It is original and appears to be flawless. If the buyer replaced the hubcaps with the correct ones, it would look like it was waiting at the dealership to be collected by its first lucky owner. The seller doesn’t indicate a sale price, so that leaves us to speculate a bit. Given its overall condition and originality, I think that anyone expecting a sale price of $80,000 could be in for a disappointment. I believe that the price is likely to be well above that figure, and if it went into six-digit territory, I wouldn’t be surprised. If you are seriously interested, you will need a healthy bank balance or an understanding bank manager. I don’t have either, so all I can do is sit back and envy this classic’s next lucky owner.

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  1. J_PaulMember

    My reaction can be boiled down to one word – WANT

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  2. JCAMember

    Gorgeous. Lose the dog dishes though. So many great wheel choices for these…

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    • Craig Hanson

      All you have to do is buy the car and you can place any wheels you’d like on it.

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  3. TV

    Just about perfect, except for the price.

    Like 9

    What is with the 402 ci talk? The L78 was 396 it’s entire life until the 427s appeared.

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    • Keith

      Chip you need to do your homework on the 396 engine especially the 70 model year.By the way the 427 came out in 66 a year after the 396 engine. You are never to old to learn new things.

      Like 1
  5. Big Len

    Agree with JCA – Lose the baby moons. They don’t look right on this, but everything else does.

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  6. KC JohnMember


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  7. gbvette62

    The baby moons are absolutely original and correct for this car. The base hub cap for 70-72 Camaro’s, even the SS’s, were baby moons with a Chevrolet bow tie in the center. I can’t make out the bow ties in the pictures, but I find it hard to believe that a car restored to the level that this one appears to be, would have anything other than the correct, factory installed dog dish caps.

    The bow tie baby moons were just standard on the Camaro, they were the base wheel cover on most, if not all, 70-72 Chevrolet’s.

    Like 42
    • Brent

      The bow ties are on the baby moons. You can see them in the Craigslist post.

      Like 11
    • Purple sky

      Optional rally wheels 14″ were great looking too. I never see anyone using the rally wheels, but 14″ must be killer revs on highway runs. LOL

      Like 1
    • 3Deuces

      The factory supplied the same bow-tie baby moons on my ’70 RS/SS 350 new … they’re correct. I eventually swapped out the steelies for the same year 5-spoke Z/28 wheels, looked so much better!

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  8. Ike Onick

    Opening bid should be $100,000. Let the games begin.

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  9. Newport Pagnell

    I don’t think GM built them this nice.

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  10. CarbobMember

    Gbvette62 is absolutely correct.The baby moon hubcaps are what Chevy offered. As he said they had the bow tie logo stamped on them. I know because I bought one new. Mine was a base model with the six cylinder and three speed manual.

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  11. Bakyrdhero BakyrdheroMember

    Another vote for the dog dish hun caps. I love the subtle look of them.

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  12. Sam Shive

    The ONLY Camaro I Like. Love The BOWTIE Baby Moons, Had a set on my 61 Bubble Top

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  13. JOHN R GOODMANMember

    I was never a fan of the original baby moons on anything back then, let alone the embossed ones Chevrolet used, but I love them now, I wouldn’t change them at all.

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  14. JOHNMember

    I was never a fan of the original baby moons on anything back then, let alone the embossed ones Chevrolet used, but I love them now, I wouldn’t change them at all.

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  15. Autoworker

    I am lovin’ this car. Owned a ’71 Rally Sport , War Bonnet Yellow and Buckskin interior. It was a 350 auto car. Wish I had it back.

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    • martinsane

      Same but mine was a 70 and a half. And absolutely adore the 2nd generation Camaros.
      Nitpicking but didnt all RS cars from the branding get referred to as RS/SS. Id never heard the SS coming first.
      Id also be curious of that color being a stock color. It looks great but seems unstandard.

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      • Craig Hanson

        Its the factory paint color, Forest Green

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  16. PaulG

    Nice car, but I don’t think I’m the only one who wonders why the authors don’t reach out to these sellers w/o a price listed to inform them of this site, and to inquire into what ballpark they are playing in…

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    • Pat LMember

      Hey Paul G., I submitted this tip and I don’t search ads without prices. I could swear that it was listed at $125,000.

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  17. JCAMember

    I think the rear panel on the ’70 SS 396 is supposed to be painted black… this one is green

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    • Craig Hanson

      It’s black and looks original.

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  18. JoeNYWF64

    I think the rear tail panel IS black – the lighting is not the best back there in the pic.
    I guess the engine air pump has been removed.
    Would like to see the rear underneath – i suppose 396 cars got a rear sway bar, like the 350 z28?
    Could you specify a dealer not install the hubcaps & either put them in the trunk
    or leave them with the parts counter guy(for a credit)? I would try just chrome lug nuts on bare wheel, before they were scratched up by the hub caps(or other wheel covers).
    Best to have a lift for this one – u’ll spend some time cleaning underneath to maintain that look, if you take it out even on occasion on the nicest days.
    These days, unlike back then, there are SO many landscape contractors with the leaf blowers blowing all the junk around on any nice suburb street who will NOT usually wait till you pass – best to take car out only on a sunday when they don’t work.

    Like 5
    • Kegger

      The pump is on the motor, it may just be in a different picture. Its definitely only a Sunday driver.

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  19. Ike Onick

    Buy the car and put whatever hub caps you wish on it. Jeezy Peezy ladies! Relax and get back to your knitting. This car is darn near perfect.

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  20. ed casala

    Cool car and it brings back a lot of memories. Anyone know how much he is asking for it?

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  21. Mark

    Too much money for any Camaro.

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  22. Patrick

    4 speed 402 ci. Hell yea. I don’t care what wheels are on it. I want it!!!

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  23. 454RATMember

    I have a set of the baby moons with the bow tie. Like new. I don’t have them on anything, but they are still neat to have. Jealous?

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    • Tom

      Jealous because you have a st of hubcaps? Uhh…no…

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  24. bruce baker

    Those “baby moons” look so much better than the “dog dish” caps that my split bumper 1973 RS Camaro had on it when I bought the car in 1978. The problem with after market rims is they get stolen with the car left for dead on the ground. The original owner kept the original equipment In his apartment. His new hot girlfriend set him up so the new rims could be stolen by her real boyfriend at the movies.

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  25. Piros1

    Price us now listed at $90,000.00 firm. I always wanted one of these but not green and it would have the optional wheels. These were from early years of driving and I don’t remember seeing many SS or RS with the black wheels and moon caps but memories do fade and that was a long time ago.

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  26. George

    402? Don’t you mean 396?

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  27. Kevin

    Wow,since there’s been a lot said about the hubcaps, lets set the record straight, dog dish caps are flat,and baby moons are not,there’s a clear,obvious, difference, yes I’m splitting hairs, due to having to read 30 comments on the damn hubcaps, their both cool,but I personally would put 15 inch rally’s on it,or cragar s/s,a stunning car to say the least,and it’s also clearly the L78,top dog 396,not the 402,which were bored out 396s but always had less horsepower etc.

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    • 454RATMember

      I thought ALL 70 Chevy 396’s were actually 402’s. Not true? Less horsepower? Really?

      Like 4
      • Camaro guy

        They were bored .30 over = 402 Chevy didn’t change the name to SS 402 and as for the wheels if this were mine i would put 17″ Torque Thrust D’s with the black spokes I know someone will badmouth that idea but hey my car my choice just sayin

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  28. mgreene

    Just imagine trailering this Camaro home behind that menacing black big block 67 El Camino featured here on June 6th. What an amazing pair of cars these two would be!

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  29. Keith

    actually the 402 did start in the later part of the 69 production run. Might of been a month of 69 cars getting that 402 upgrade engine.Around 600 L-78 camaros built that year. Fast car with that 4:10 screw in the back.

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  30. Keith

    Only year to get that nice 12:bolt rear end in the back.I want it and just going to have to come out of retirement to buy it. LoL

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  31. Jim Kirkpatrick

    When the 1970 first come out l thought what a different style and it grew on me.
    But I let a good one get away. In 1979 a local guy had his 70 for sale. It was a 402/375 with GM aluminum heads L89 option. Red with black interior. I could kick myself for not buying it for $2500. But like I said it was 1979. Beautiful car just like this 70 SS. Maybe some day I will find one this nice. I have owned 5 camaros. A plain 70 With 350, 71 RS A/C, 79 Z28 4 speed that I bought new and a 92 RS Heritage package that I bought new, and one that I have owned for 41 years is a 1968 SS 396/350 hp 4 speed. This green camaro is one that I would love to own. The only thing I might change is to put a set of 1970 Chevelle super sport rims on it. Well maybe a set of Winters snow flake L89 heads. This time I would not hesitate.

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  32. Brian K

    This car is a freaking touchdown! That green looks so good on this car. Matching numbers too. I feel like I’m reading the Want Ads in 1985.

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  33. Burger

    Put some Cragars on it and relive your trailer park fantasies !

    While Mopar smoked the scene with their new E-bodies, Chevy and Ford just #@!’d up their winning Camero and Mustang designs for the sake of change.

    I hope the new owner has a nice mullet to match ! 💥

    Like 2
    • Ike Onick

      Seems to me GM and Ford sold more “Cameros” and Mustangs than Mopar sold “E” body cars. I could be wrong. Please let me know if I am.

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    • JCAMember

      Uh, no. This car is a ’70, before the new designs which were generally around ’71. And the auto makers didn’t want to change the designs for “sake of change”, they did it because they had to. Nixon created the EPA in ’70 that forced bigger bumpers, lower compression, safer, uglier, bigger cars with more affordable insurance rates. And the E bodies suffered the same fate by ’72. The Mopar B body on the other hand lost its winning design in ’71. Now that car, like the ’71 Road Runner, was the poster child for Craigers, air shocks and trailer parks

      Like 2
      • Burger

        For this 50’s-60’s car lover, as the decade closed, those were pretty grim times. From the ever more bloated and shapeless cars to the trailer trash that got their mitte on the cool older stuff, … America was changing. And not for the better.

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      • JOHNMember

        For clarification the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) were responsible for “bigger bumpers” and a host of other safety related standards. EPA standards were related to emissions, that ultimately reduced the compression ratio’s and ushered in a host of ever more stringent emission control systems.

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  34. RH

    $90,000? Lay off the bong….

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  35. JoeNYWF64

    42k+ miles on it & no dents in the doors or cracks in the steering wheel?
    The undercarriage would have had to have been steamcleaned.

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  36. Andy G.

    Beautiful car. I’m critical by nature, can’t help it. For a car advertised at $90k I think there should be better pictures and more of them. Like hire a pro?
    Obviously there’s enough there for a serious buyer to know if he wants to contact the seller and I can only assume at that price range it’s being advertised somewhere else as well. Is that black overspray on the orange panel underneath? I know I know, the car is awesome and I’m just getting picky (sour grapes) since I can’t afford it.

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    • Craig Hanson

      The overspray underneath is actually how they were from the factory.

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  37. 454RATMember

    The overspray on the floorboards is replicating the way it came from the factory. When the car was painted at the factory, from the side, overspray got on the floorboards.

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  38. John Gialanella jr

    I owned a 1970 SS 396 L-78 from 1989 to 2002. But it was not as nice as this one. It was a numbers matching Camaro. It had the long tapered dual snorkel air cleaner. 4 speed Muncie M-21 and 4:10 12 bolt posi. it had headers on it. Very fast. My present Camaro is the other SS 396 in 1970 the L-34. It is numbers matching also. It has headers too.

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