Original 454: 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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Sometimes, tackling a project build is not viable for a dedicated enthusiast. Time, space and lack of required skills are all valid reasons why this happens, and there is no shame in buying a classic that is a turnkey proposition. That is what this 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo offers its new owner. From its spotless presentation to the original big-block under the hood, there’s plenty to attract prospective buyers to this gem. It needs a new home, with the seller listing it here on eBay in Lumberton, North Carolina. The bidding sits at $15,300, and if you’re not already tempted, their decision to list it with No Reserve could be the tipping point.

Chevrolet introduced its Second Generation Monte Carlo in 1973, and while it was no longer a genuine Hardtop, the Colonnade Coupe body still looked classy. The seller describes the Dark Red paint on this car as of show quality, and scrutinizing the supplied photos supports that claim. They include images indicating the car underwent a frame-off restoration, helping to explain its overall condition. The paint shines richly, the panels are laser-straight, and there is no evidence of rust. The deep paint shade is contrasted by sparkling trim and chrome, with the Rally wheels adding a sense of purpose. This was the first year manufacturers fitted the mandatory five mph front bumper, and I believe the Monte Carlo carried this feature better than many cars from that year. The original owner ordered this classic with Soft Ray tinted glass, which looks as immaculate as the rest of the exterior.

Buyers in 1973 could order their new Monte Carlo with a couple of versions of the company’s 350ci small-block, although some pushed out the boat and selected the 454ci V8. That big-block pumped out 245hp, which fed to the rear wheels via the mandatory three-speed Turbo 400 automatic transmission. Power steering was a standard feature and undoubtedly a blessing when considering the weight of the V8 hanging over the front wheels. The seller states this car features its numbers-matching drivetrain, although the motor might produce a few additional ponies. It exhales through headers and a dual exhaust, which will help its cause. It would have covered the ¼ mile in 15.7 seconds in stock form. However, I won’t be surprised if it can better that figure courtesy of the big-block’s improved breathing. This Chevy rolls on new tires, and its engine bay presentation is as immaculate as the rest of the vehicle. It runs and drives perfectly, with the seller floating the idea that the successful bidder could fly in and drive home behind the wheel of their new toy.

With the rest of this Monte Carlo presenting superbly, its interior continues that theme. The original owner ordered it trimmed in Dark Red cloth and vinyl, which looks good for its age. I don’t think it’s perfect because there appear to be some marks and discoloration on the front seat. However, I’m unwilling to commit 100% to that observation since I can also spot some imperfections in the photo, which may indicate the perceived flaws are nothing but a trick of the light. The dash and carpet look spotless, but the state of the remaining trim and upholstery is pure speculation. I can spot a couple of aftermarket gauges mounted in the dash to the left of the wheel, but there are no further additions. I’m surprised there isn’t air conditioning, and the original Window Sticker confirms the Chevy wasn’t ordered with that option. There is a rear defogger, while the AM radio will relieve boredom if the new owner embarks on that suggested cross-country journey.

There’s no denying this 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a jaw-dropping classic, and its engine promises impressive performance for a vehicle that emerged during The Malaise Era. Therefore, it is unsurprising that it has already attracted thirteen bids. Its overall condition and specifications mean the bidding could top $20,000 before the hammer falls. Regardless of the final figure, this classic is mere days away from finding a new home. Are you tempted to make it yours?

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  1. Al camino

    I have a hard time believing that someone would spend that much money and time on a car that isn’t worth big bucks,I have a 66 corvette big block car and don’t want to thru what this guy went thru

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  2. David Kesling

    And a free bottle of royal crown cola…on the floor

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  3. Tbone

    I believe it. Sometimes money doesn’t enter the equation if you have a strong attachment to a car. Or a woman. I’m surprised I have any money left.

    Like 26
  4. Robert Mulhall

    all you need to do is take the timing chain and gears off and get a set from a 1990 big block chevy and install them…they ran about -11 degree cam timing in the 73 smog engines…

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    • Robert Mulhall

      1 1970 gear set…

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  5. angliagt angliagtMember

    I prefer the earlier models,
    but this sure looks clean.

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  6. Stan

    I’m partial to Fords, but I’d love to have this Chevrolet in the driveway. Gorgeous color and paint. Beautiful interior, bench seat 👍
    The big motor option came std w a lively 3.42 gear ⚙️ to help it get out of the hole.
    Beautiful Colonade Monte Carlo.

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  7. Randy b.

    These only came with a 10 bolt axle?

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  8. Howie

    I had a 73, but it had the 350.

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  9. Lathebiosas

    Cool car, nice resto. Seems like it’s riding a bit high though?

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    • Steve RM

      I agree with Lathebiosas. It looks high to me also. If it is stock I’d still bring it down a little. Nice paint job.

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    • John S Dressler

      New aftermarket springs can do that to a car sometimes.

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  10. Jay McCarthy

    No bucket seats or console, I think it’s topped out at this price

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  11. Glen

    Add vintage air and it’d be damn near perfect.

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  12. Chris Cornetto

    At one time long ago we raced circle dirt and these Colonade cars along with the Torinos of the same Era were the top picks. One of ours was a blue version of this with the half vinyl top, 454,th400, and a 3:42 ten bolt posi, tilt column and a 6 way power bench seat. I bought it from the original owner for 500.00. I remember him giving me all the original paper work, window sticker, service records and so on. I dared not say a word of what this car’s fate was to be. The car lasted one season, had its driveline extracted and was replaced with a 455 Cutlass. What a difference 35 years makes. It is nice some survived the great purge of the late 80s and 90s.

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  13. JackMember

    Nice car and it does look like it is a little high and something must have happened during the frame off restoration. The 454 would still have had a lot of torque and makes this a lot more fun to drive than those with the smog 350 options in 1973.

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  14. George Mattar

    Had a 76 Monte this color in 1983, paid $1,800. It had 99,000 miles, swivel buckets. Quarters were rotted. Got GM quarters from a dealer at cost through my friend’s body shop. Two new front fenders as well. Fixed it myself with his help. New paint. Drove it daily until 204,000 miles and gave it to my brother. One of the best cars I ever had. Toyota like quality. Never let me sit.

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  15. bone

    That’s a lot of “original owner ordered” sentences, but from the look of the invoice, I’d say it was an off the lot purchase, which is more likely as there were plenty of these at dealerships .

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  16. Anthony

    I’ve got one with a 454. Runs well plenty of power,lights the tires no problem. I put a little more gear in mine. Really nice to drive and you couldn’t restore a beat one for 20 grand. Nice color too.

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