Original Beauty: 1966 Ford Thunderbird

T-Bird Landau

While not perfect, this 1966 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau is in really nice shape and benefits from being in the same family since new (until being consigned/sold to the folks selling the car now). It’s listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $200, but I’m sure the reserve is considerably higher. This is a terrific listing, with a lot of detail and many extremely clear and detailed photographs. 67,000 original miles, cold air conditioning, all accessories working and the original window sticker and owner’s manual are just some of the delightful features of this Thunderbird. I grew up with ’64-’66 ‘Birds in the family; the ’66 Town Landau was my uncle’s favorite car of all time – I wish I could add this one to our garage! This one has had many parts recently replaced or refurbished, and while it isn’t perfect, it’s a car that you could be proud of anywhere. I’d love to hear that a Barn Finds reader has picked this one up!

Thunderbird Landau Interior

If you think the outside looks good, you will be blown away by the inside! If it weren’t for the few signs of wear and age, you could almost mistake this photo for an old Ford ad! I would actually like to see this car in person, so that I can see if it really looks this good or if it’s just the photos! So do you think this Ford would look this nice in person or are these wonderful photos a bit deceiving?


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  1. RickyM

    Beautiful car. Just love that interior shot looking through the windsceen. I agree it could be an advert photo!

  2. JW

    One of the nicest interiors of the time, beautiful car. I had a friend who had one of these in fire engine red with a black top.

  3. PaulG

    Wow, while not my favorite T-Bird, I can appreciate this, and the ad; this company must spend a ton on photos and e-bay fees. Click on other items, there are a few interesting vehicles at this dealers lot.

  4. Clay Bryant

    Good lookin’ car.I see where the tie-rods were replaced then I looked at the underside crossmember and oil pan.Someone really smacked the nose of that thing on some pavement somewhere but it’s still a good driver.Everyone has had a “Smoky and the Bandit” moment at some time,even T-bird owners.

  5. phoneman91

    Beautiful car! And it is nice to see good professional photography in Ebay. Too many cars have extremely bad photos of them in Ebay. It is possible to know before the end of the bidding which cars will have competitive bidding and which will not. Even when the car is a nice one -if there is bad photography—–the car will not have the bidding it deserves.

    So tired of people who take pictures into the sun-and the facing side of the vehicle is in dark shade and is all, but invisible.

    But back to the Tbird: it is always telling when a old vehicle has had caring owners-and this Tbird has without a doubt!

    Some caring bider and would be owner- buy this Tbird!

  6. Ed P

    This car was somebody’s pride and joy. It needs a new owner that feels the same way.

  7. phoneman91

    Yeah-you can always tell when an old car has had a caring and good owner. You can spot them twenty feet away.

  8. Dolphin Member

    I’ve never owned a ‘Bird but seeing this I can definitely understand the draw. The average person getting into that front seat today will be blown away by the detail and creativity that Ford put into it. It’s the exact opposite of today’s pastic interiors.

    The small ‘personal car’ size that Ford talked about back then seems just right here. If this was owned by somebody with a good job back in ’66 there would probably also be a Ford wagon for family travel.

    This seller has done a great job with the listing, especially the photos. It looks like all their listing have lots of great pro photos. Good looking cars plus good photos and presentation are hard to beat.

  9. krash

    great photos….

  10. Achman

    I had a ’66 Tbird Town Hardtop when i lived in Florida. Mine had the “Q” code 428 Police Interceptor engine….it was not an especially fast car, but sounded amazing with dual cherry bomb mufflers…actually quiet on the highway, but lovely when you got on it. Valets loved it. Two-tone, turquoise with a white top section, black interior.

    This looks like a very well-kept car, in a great color. Interior in great shape, underside rust-free (the rockers and rear quarters are very susceptible to rust) and it appears the A/C might even work as evidenced by the newer lines. Parts are easily available, some at your local Autozone, and you will not see another one at a cruise night. You can show off the sequential taillights and the swing-away steering wheel (just confirm that the retaining pin is not broken off or worn smooth, otherwise the car will drop in gear unexpectedly) and it is a great highway cruiser, although mine got 12mpg..this should do 14-16. Someone will get a very nice car, a great classic with huge style, room for four, and not much cash.

    Geez, do I need another?

  11. jim s

    now at $13000. has disc brakes, i do not see cruise control, and no photo of the swing-away moved toward the center. these were great drivers when new. i hope this one gets used as a daily driver but it may get bid to high for that. great find.

  12. Clay Bryant

    Why would the last bidder bid himself up from 10k to 13k with no challenging bids in 7 minutes time?I’m no detective but…………………….

    • jim s

      a very good question. the automatic bids took it to $ 5015.

  13. Josh Staff

    We just heard from Warren (the new owner of this T-Bird) and it is currently on its way to Auckland, New Zealand! He spotted it here on Barn Finds and after a number of phone calls with the seller, decided to take the plunge! Getting it shipped to New Zealand has been a difficult task, but the car should arrive at the port soon. Once he gets all the paperwork taken care of and made any necessary changes to make it street legal there, he is going to give us an update!

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