Original Irish Green: 1968 Porsche 912

When I came across this 1968 Porsche 912, I just had to take a closer look. Back in 1999, I was visiting a friend out of state and he had a ’68 Porsche 912 and he loaned it to me for the day, it was a huge amount of fun. Now his was a sort of butterscotch color which looks fine on krimpets, not so much so on a Porsche. But this example, wow! It’s my favorite color, Irish green. Located in Stockton, California, this beautiful 912 is available here on eBay with a current bid of $25,678.

The Porsche 912 was produced between 1965 and 1969, and then again in 1976. The idea was to provide Porsche handling, style and panache by offering the venerable 911 with a bit less under the boot, essentially a 1.6 liter, flat four-cylinder engine, not the flat six found in the 911. And if there’s a rub, that’s it – the sound of one of these reminds me of a hopped-up VW. But they don’t operate like one. While being down on power compared to a 911, they do have taut, flat handling, great maneuverability and that complete Teutonic feel that only comes with a Porsche.

The 1.6 liter “boxer” style engine in this 912 looks just right. The seller has recently had maintenance performed and states that, “The car runs and drives great, engine pull strong and transmission shift good.” So, there you have it. The owner claims all four cylinders are running at 130 lbs. on this 76,846 mile motor. Power to the wheels is via the typical four-speed manual transaxle.

Inside, you are greeted to a seriously beautiful black leatherette interior – not a spec of anything out of place, or a spec of anything on any of it – it just oozes Porsche. Check out that sharp four spoke steering wheel!

Porsche’s of this vintage are known to rust if left to their own devices in the wrong environment. Being a California car has certainly helped this example’s cause but this 912 is exceptionally clean for a 51-year-old sports car. Note the underside, completely solid. I can detect no issues with rust or corrosion here or on any body panels.

As I stated at the outset, I love that color and according to the owner the paint is original. The finish has a lot of depth for being a half a century old. It was a high quality application to start with but clearly this 912 has been pampered – it looks too good to believe otherwise.

Normally, in the past, I wouldn’t have given a Porsche too close a look. I recently had the opportunity to hot-wheel a GT3 around a road course in Fontana, California and I was impressed beyond measure. Now I understand the reverence that people have for this storied mark. And as for my green buddy here, my experience with my friend’s 912 twenty years ago obviously made enough of an impression on me to want to take a closer look at this 912, especially with it being as much of a stunner as it is. So, how about you, would you be OK with a powered-down version of a super car like this Porsche 912 or would you have to subtract a 1 and hold out for a 911?


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  1. Kurt

    130 pounds means brand new. Very pretty but can’t touch a 911 or even a souped up VW bug for performance.

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  2. JMB#7

    I wish I would have picked one of these up, before the Porsche bubble made it to this model. Back in the ’80s you could pick up a nice 912 dirt cheap.

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  3. Jack Quantrill

    That “butterscotch”, was called Bahama Yellow. This green one will go high!

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  4. Beebo

    200 lbs less at the rear = better balance than a 911. And, with today’s technology, a Type 4 can be installed, with an easy 180hp, and the original engine stored. Win Win Win. Great car.

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  5. Dougie Member

    It looks fantastic. But I remember the days (yes, I’m old) when you couldn’t give a 912 away. As a driver’s car, they were severely underpowered. It has absolutely no comparison to a 911, which was a wonderful car. Which is unfortunately why the average Joe cannot afford to own one.

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  6. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Wow! Does this bring back memories. I’m not a small car type of girl, but in 1972 I had a brand new MG Midget. Only for two years then got rid of it. While I had it, though, I met a guy with a 1968 911, in the same British racing green with black interior at a party. It was like, five in the morning, in NJ, in March and he wanted me to drive his Porsche. I mean, there is no comparison to my MG and I really didn’t want to drive it, but he kept insisting. It was the one day in March we had a light dusting of snow.
    I finally gave in, just to shut him up and we took his 911 out for a spin.
    Picture this…… Back country roads, light snow, 19 year old girl driving,. And he tells me to get the tach up to five and shift it into 5th gear, which puts us somewhere around 140 mph.
    We came up to a curve in the road which was much sharper than it looked, and I took my foot off the gas to slow down and the rear spunout. My concern was hitting the six Oak trees which lined the curve. But, we slid sideways and ended up hitting a small cement “bridge” and telephone pole. The speedometer broke at 95 mph.
    The fortunate thing that happened, and I believe the reason we weren’t killed, (no seatbelts) was I hit the telephone pole right on the dashboard, on the passenger side door. Still, it got pushed in about two feet.
    He had a cracked head, as did I, because our heads hit each other. I broke my right wrist on the gearshift. But, that was all. Amazing, huh?
    Obviously, the car was totalled.
    That was my first car accident, a 911 Porsche.

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    • ccrvtt

      Great story! Thank you very much!

    • Kurt

      That was indeed a great story,glad you’re OK.

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  7. Kurt

    No takers, probably because the price is too high (no bids at all!). I agree with putting a Type 4 engine in it, which would still be legal under California law, but leave the 912 insignia intact.

  8. Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

    Ah, Irish Spring Green. Manly yes, but I like it too…

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