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Real Deal: 1969 Meyers Manx Dune Buggy

Genuine Meyers Manx dune buggies are one of the more desirable finds from the kit car era when seemingly every other business was a guy who could create fiberglass molds and slap them on a Beetle chassis. Unlike some of the other well-known kits, the Meyers was shamelessly copied over and over again, making real-deal cars built by the pioneering brand a special find. This genuine Manx listed here on eBay has been off the road since 1981 and will need a proper restoration.

A few years ago, I was attempting to sell a knock-off of a Manx and it shocked me how many fans there still are of these vintage buggies. You can see the appeal when you see the wide appreciation for them in Facebook groups and other social channels, and the rabid enthusiasm their fans have for spotting the differences between the numerous varieties. Perhaps that’s the best quality of a Manx: leaving no question that it’s the top banana in the dune buggy kit car world.

I love listings where the sellers include photos of the car in road-going condition, and you can see this Manx with its proper top and license plate in this photograph. Yellow is a great color for one of these, and the rare Anser slot wheels remain on the Manx to this day. The seller reports that the Manx is #2890 of 4000, and is recorded within the official company registry. No word on what became of the original windshield frame or top.

The Manx does have an engine and transmission, but the seller notes the drivetrain is in non-op status at the moment. The floor pans are rusted, like so many others, so those will need to be cut out and repaired at some point. Many of these were left outside to gather rain and other debris when sitting with no top protection. Thankfully, unlike other dune buggies, a genuine Manx project is almost always worth restoring.


  1. alphasud Member

    My boss owned one at the first shop I worked. Beautifully restored with a 120hp engine. It was so fun to drive around. He wanted more speed so he fitted Nitrous foggers to each port. That’s when things got silly! The bark that engine made when you hit the juice was more fun than any ride at a theme park. Lots of thumbs up and smiles you wouldn’t get in a Lambo.

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  2. angliagt angliagt

    I remember seeing one of these when they were new.
    The Meyers seemed to be the best made of the bunch.
    I also had one of those COX gas powered models,
    cool toy!

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    • Mr.BZ


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    • Phil B.

      Oh man!! I had one of those Cox dune buggies. It was purple metal flake. A friend of mine had the sand buggy. We would race them on the snow all one winter in 1973. I remember we would be on the school bus and both our coats smelled like Cox glow plug fuel!

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      • Howard A Member

        Cox fuel had nitromethane in it,,

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  3. JW454

    I can’t imagine how rare those wheels would be. First, I don’t recall ever seeing them in the “Wide Five” VW pattern configuration before.

    This would make a fun toy.

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  4. Enesset

    This upsets me because I’ve built a tagged 1969 Manx for Baja and our grandpa had one when we were kids so now I’m worried my brother will have to buy and build this one…..argh! 8-)

    @75ChevLagunaS3 for Baja racing Manx pics! 2018 NORRA Baja Mex1k

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  5. piston poney

    we have one and a body and a few random parts as well

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  6. Chris

    Had a 72 Dune Bug …..Loved it ,fun car to drive

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  7. mark mitchell Member

    Looks like a great project. The VIN is on the rear of the central tunnel, and I’m sure its still there unless someone ground it off. I have a very similar Manx in the same color which I bought from the original owner/builder. He installed a 140 HP Corvair crate motor when the car was new. Really flies compared to a stock 40 HP VW!

    I met my childhood hero Bruce Meyers at the Pismo Vintage Buggy Reunion a couple of years ago and we hit it off. I was invited to hang out with Bruce, Winnie and their gang for lunch, dinner, and a movie. “Old Red” (prototype Manx) was parked right next to the camper where we were gathered, and I assisted in getting it unstuck. We talked for 6 or 7 hours and I got to hear a LOT of great stories! Will never forget that day!

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  8. angliagt angliagt

    I’m amazed at just how approachable the car heros of our
    youth usually are.Most of them are “real people”.

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  9. Euromoto Member

    Bruce Meyers failed to patent it and the rest is history.

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  10. brock steele

    Used to be a place on Grand Bahama Island that rented cars, there whole fleet was dune buggies. Don’t know if they are still in business or not.

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  11. Enesset

    The fact this sold for $7600 is BANANAS

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