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Original Miles? 1971 International Harvester 1110


This 1971 International Harvester 1110 pickup here on eBay could be a survivor or a truly nice high-mileage example. Unfortunately, given the wonkiness of old-school odometers, the seller can’t tell for sure. In this instance, a repaint at some point in the truck’s life makes deciphering the mystery even harder to figure out. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jim S. for the find! 


Coupled with the repaint and confusion over whether this International has 19,000 or 119,000 miles is the fact that the interior has been kept in great shape. Although the title says it has 19,000 miles, we all know our various state vehicle agencies don’t play detective when title documents are issued. They either go off a visual check or what’s on the bill of sale. Still, I think it’s safe to say this truck didn’t lead a hard life.


The 304 engine is said to run well, to the point that the seller says you could even drive it home. With the manual column-shift transmission, I might be a weakling and opt to have it shipped. Plus, with a nearly-rust free body, I wouldn’t want to risk driving it through the winter slop we have on our roads in the northeast right now. There is some minor rust near the tailgate and driver’s side rear fender, but those should be easy fixes if you choose to restore this International back to showroom condition.


So, how do you think the odometer questions should be handled? Personally, unless I’m paying through the nose for a 100% original specimen, I wouldn’t be too worried about it. The price is fair, and with no reserve at the moment, bidding is a touch over $4,000. With the interior in such good shape and the seller’s claims about the mechanics being in drive-it-home condition, I’d just buy it to enjoy as a classic driver that you won’t feel bad using for household chores.


  1. Avatar photo Jeff

    Cheapest thing in that warehouse!

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  2. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    I love that old IH. Seller has a lot of IH parts for sale too.

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  3. Avatar photo James

    Very nice old International.. The seller is admitting that the mileage might be off by 100K and after looking at the photo of the oil change stickers and engine,pedals, etc., I would agree.. Even though, if someone is seeking a ‘part time’ pickup, infrequent driver, this one would easily fill the bill – that 304 and transmission is bulletproof when maintained – the chassis and running gear was over engineered but very elementary at that time as well, and working on it would be a breeze. Wish I needed it…

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  4. Avatar photo Texas Tea

    A nice old ruck, but certainly a 119,000 mile truck. The orange peel in the paint looks like something I would do and I have no clue how to spray paint correctly. No matter, still a solid old IH.

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  5. Avatar photo RON

    Love it. as for the miles would not bother me. It looks good enough to be and if you love nice old trucks how can you go wrong. I love old IH’s almost as much as Studebakers Great find

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  6. Avatar photo Texas Tea

    P.S. where is the blower motor assembly for the heater core?

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  7. Avatar photo AlphaRoaming.com

    I learned to drive on one of those with a long bed and manual 4 speed on the floor. It drove like a truck! ;-)

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  8. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    I would lean toward the 119K miles on it. The wear on the brake and clutch pedal pads is sufficient to show many more than 19K. Looks like a nice solid truck; one that can be used and enjoyed.

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  9. Avatar photo Paul B

    Someone buy this and keep it. Big Three trucks are fragile junk compared to these. Really. A friend had an IH of this vintage — he swore by them — and I couldn’t believe how tough and overbuilt it was.

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  10. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Ugly military green that I’d have to paint. To bad it doesn’t have the 401 in it

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    • Avatar photo Dave Wright

      The 392 was the big engine I these.

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