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Original Olds: 1936 Series F Sedan


The definition of what qualifies an older car to be called “original” is not all that clear, especially to sellers, it seems. It’s fine for an antique car to have had its wear parts replaced, but there are way too many cars called “original” that have been repainted or had their interiors redone. Every once in awhile, a car comes along that really does seem to be substantially original and cars like this one really stand out. It’s a 1936 Oldsmobile Series F-36 four door touring sedan (although the seller just calls it a 1936 Oldsmobile).


This nice old car is for sale on Craigslist in Rahway, New Jersey with an asking price of $11,995.


According to the seller, the car is all original except for a new wiring harness, and has only 42,000 miles showing on the clock. I see no reason to doubt this claim.


The seller also says he is the documented third owner of the car, has all the original paperwork and full history of the car, which makes it all the more attractive to those of us who really like original old cars. This is really a great example of a mid-1930s American automobile.


This Olds also has had its brakes rebuilt, which is definitely a good thing.


The interior looks beautiful. But I don’t know enough about this model year to determine whether the upholstery is really original or has had some work done to the front seat – do any of our readers know for sure?


This Olds looks terrific in this gray color.


As an added bonus, this car comes with a long list of parts the owner has accumulated. It’s pretty incredible to get all these hard-to-find parts: another engine, transmission, four fenders, steering box/column/steering wheel, shocks, hubs, glass, starter, generator, muffler, fuel pump, carb, door handles, window visors, brake parts, radiator, distributor, light lenses and gauges. Wow!


The Oldsmobile F-36 series cars were powered by a 213 cubic inch six cylinder engine connected to a floor mounted three speed transmission. The base price for this car was $820.


The trunk is incredibly clean.


This touring sedan was Oldsmobile’s most popular model with 66,449 units manufactured. Given its originality and the huge stash of parts that comes with this car, I think it’s worth pretty much what the seller is asking for it. This is a car I would love to own if I only had garage space for it. Congratulations and thanks to all its owners for preserving this car for the past 80 years!


  1. Walt

    Sure, It is a 4 door, But look at all the parts that go along with this sweet
    4. If some one has the space to keep all of this safe, It is hard to go
    wrong. There should be more ” Survivor and Original ” shows Huh !
    I fervently hope that there are enough ” youngsters ” to keep these
    vintage cars around for awhile.
    I mean where is the fun in ECU’s and injectors etc. Malama Pono !

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  2. Hoos Member

    Someone liked it enough. The listing is removed. Really great car. Love it.

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    • nessy

      The old listing was removed, he just updated it today. The car is not far from me. It’s a nice car and Oldsmobile’s are in my top 10 list but this car is still a little overpriced at 11k. The car was listed for 15k and then 13k a few months back. Another Olds, a 37 model which has a much nicer looking front end, was listed for 4000 about a month ago but it sold within the first few days of course. Sure it needed more work than this 36 but the price difference was huge.

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  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    That is a great car! Proof that they’re still out there. Preserve it and drive it. No better way to look after an artifact like this….

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  4. Staab

    Love the wheels and dog dish hub caps….

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  5. Matt Tritt

    This was a great buy for someone!

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  6. Puhnto

    Love everything about it!

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  7. RoughDiamond

    I like this Olds far better than the similar Chevy Master sedan featured a few days ago.

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  8. Cebo

    Nowadays, original means it hasn’t been Street rodded

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  9. JACKinNWPA Jack in NWPA Member

    As an old guy who has had/have restored and customised many collector cars and knows what original means, let me just say this. When I’m at a car show and someone asks if the paint on the woodgrain dash of this Chrysler original I have to say that it was painted to replicate the original look. Likewise when the next fella asks about the pinstripes on the wheels I need to tell him no that is not original but they were restriped in the style and color that they were when it left the factory.so after a while it gets eaiser to just say “yes”. And that’s where the confusion starts.

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  10. bcavileer

    Jack is spot on. When I found original woodgrain paint under the dash trim on my ’39, I had a plate made to duplicate the pattern. It was then primed, base coated and grained to the “original” pattern and colour. To me, imho that is restoration. Restoring the finish as near to original as possible. The dash had previously been painted over with brown rustoleum. That is not correct, was just plain butt ugly and had to be redone. These original examples are great for reference. And there is an AACA class just for them. Lets face it, at 60 or 70 years +…you just ain’t as pretty as you were. But with a proper facelift, go get ’em girls! Er or guys…

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  11. David Wilk Member

    This Olds turned 80 this year. First, I hope I last that long and second, I hope I look as good when I do :)

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  12. Charles

    The lower portion of the front seat has been changed. Cannot believe how large the horns are on this car! When blown, they must make the whole car shake! Nice car, has been well car d for over the years.

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  13. Mark S

    The thing about original that gets me is when you see a so called original car that is for example still wearing its factory paint, only its worn thin in places and rustina is present. This is not original they did not come out of the factory with rustina the shine is forever gone. In my mind to preserve is to maintain. And if your ok with changing the points or the battery then what is so different about changing the paint or the seat covers. The short answer is you don’t see the points or battery or perhaps the cutch disc. This is all a double standard oiling the fenders is not preservation new paint is.

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