Original Paint? 1958 International A-100

Pretty in pink isn’t something that a person usually hears about an old pickup truck. I don’t know if I’d call this 1958 International A-100 pickup pretty, but I really like the redesigned I-H trucks that appeared in 1957. This truck is listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $3,995 and there are six days left on the auction. This I-H is located in Edgewood, New Mexico. This truck has a pretty incredible history.

Speaking of pink, or paint, in general – the seller says that this is the original paint! No, I ain’t lyin’, y’all, as they don’t say in Edgewood, New Mexico. I don’t know how that paint-fade from pink to black could have possibly occurred on the doors. I thought that the black was a spray-can touch-up, but apparently not. The underside looks as solid as the top side does. The seller says that this truck “belonged to a captain at Kirtland Air Force Base here in Albuquerque. Sold in 1965 and used till 1977 and retired. Put up on blocks and left until June of 2017.” Hagerty lists a #3 good condition truck as being valued at $7,400. It doesn’t appear that it would take much to bring this truck up to that level.

This is one fine-looking truck other than that crazy two-tone paint. I really like the redesign that occurred in 1957 to celebrate I-H’s 50th anniversary, named the A-Series for anniversary. Being an A100 this is a half-ton pickup. You can see from this photo that the next owner will need to source a new windshield, hopefully that isn’t a deal-breaker. The body on this rig appears to be surprisingly solid and rust-free. I don’t see any rust-through anywhere and other than a few dents to take care of, the next owner should have a very nice truck when it’s restored. Or, maybe it’ll just be a work truck, it would be hard to go wrong with having a ’58 International in original condition to make trips to the hardware store.

Just when a person thought that they were sure to see huge chunks of missing sheet metal; nope. The interior floors and just about everything metal looks like it’s in decent condition. There appears to be some liquid on the floor which looks like rust, but it looks pretty solid inside. The box/bed looks pretty solid, too, but has lots of surface rust to treat. The more I look at this truck and read the seller’s description, the more I want it.

This Black Diamond 22o cubic-inch inline-six would have had around 115 hp. The seller says that after getting the truck, they “drained engine oil and refilled..filled coolant..put small gas tank under hood for fresh gas..cleaned points and after 40 years it started right up.” They also have the original air cleaner that wasn’t on when the photos were taken. They say that the “engine runs excellent no smoke or noise..most everything still works..the generator works..the clutch the brakes all work..the dash gauges including the speedometer still work..the wipers come on and the heater fan as well.” This sounds like one incredible truck, unusual paint or not!


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  1. Mark

    Two tone partial nose paint? Weird but Truck looks solid, maybe it was red and faded to pink color .

  2. JMC

    Having spent my life in the NE united states,I can appreciate how the tin on these old beasts can stay intact for years and decades.When I visit my cousins in the 4 corners area,I drool at the condition of older vehicles both on the road and sitting off the road.This truck seems to be typical of whats to be found out there.

  3. Rube Goldberg Member

    Great find. I think this may be a faded orange, indicating, it may have been a municipal truck when new. Not many people ordered orange pickups. I think the black is exactly that, 2 spray cans. The A series is a one ( and a half) year design, came out mid-57, so there are two kinds of ’57 IH pickups, the S and the A. In ’59, they went with the awful stacked headlights, but generally same cab, and merely replaced the single headlight and turn signal with a stacked quad setup, not quite legal in all 50 states in ’58. I don’t think they are as rare as some, as every farmer who had IH farm implements, also had IH trucks. Personally, I wouldn’t give them half of what they’re asking, and just drive it around town as is. It’s still just an old IH pickup, and drives like one, I’m sure.

  4. DB

    Pretty cool find, grew up with a 56 in the driveway, a 1/2 ton, no clue if A or S

  5. On and On On and On Member

    I like the side-mount spare.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    Binder actually had a salmon color for that series. I think it might’ve continued into ’59 and ’60 with the ‘B’ models. Looks like a good truck. Fixed up they even look good in this pink livery.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      That’s a beauty, Geo! I’d have no trouble driving a “salmon” truck like that at all. You have to sort of wonder what they were thinking by offering a work truck in that color, maybe trying to cash in on the 1950s bright and/or pastel color era?

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi Scotty. I’d have no problem driving one like that around either. Come to think of it, Binder offered that color into the ‘C’ series. My dad had a ’61 or ’62 C-110 that was the same color. Memory can be short at times….

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