Original Paint Pickup: 1977 Jeep J-10 4×4

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Jeepers! Does anyone even say that anymore? I’m guessing not, but it’s a good exclamation to describe this good looking 1977 Jeep J-10 pickup. This tough truck can be found here on eBay in Edmond, Oklahoma. There is a $14,950 buy it now price and the current bid is just over $1,000 but, of course, the reserve isn’t met yet.

If you’re the type of person who wants to stand out from the Chevy/Ford/Dodge crowd, what better way to do that than with a Jeep pickup? This truck doesn’t have four doors, a touchscreen in the dash, power everything and heated everything, etc. But, come on, it’s a Jeep pickup for cryin’ out loud!

The Jeep Gladiator pickups really had a cool grille that I love but those went away a few years prior to this ’77 model rolling off of the factory floor and by the early-mid-70s they were known as the J-Series, with the J-10 being a 119-inch wheelbase and the J-20 being a 131-inch wheelbase. Almost always, a shorter box/bed is preferable, at least in the looks department. You know what they say, when the box length goes down, the price goes up. I just made that up (crickets). You can see the original paint on this truck and that’s also preferable so a person knows what they’re dealing with.

The interior on this Jeep looks fantastic to me, at least from what’s shown in the photos that the seller has provided. The seats look like new but there’s a good reason for that: they are new! This is my favorite type of vehicle, one that looks original on the outside but has been restored on the interior and mechanically. One concession to the modern era is a “New pioneer blue tooth sound system.”

That does not look like a 42-year old engine or engine compartment. This 4×4 has AMC’s 360 cubic-inch V8 with 195 hp. The seller has done a lot of work on this truck: “Rebuilt Motorcraft carburetor, New dual exhaust, All new shocks and horizontal stabilizers, Sliding glass rear window, Leaf spring suspension, New front shackles and bushing, New turn signal switch, New OEM wiper arms and blades” and much more. Are there any Jeep pickup fans out there? What would you pay for this sorted 4×4?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Woody

    Solid ‘ol ride with nice patina and a/c but the BIN price is high,I would take the Wagoneer any day for the asking!

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    • r s

      A/C where? I don’t see it.

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  2. Sam61

    Ditto…great PU…$11,000 would be a deal. Preserve, use, enjoy.

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  3. Kevin

    J10 is 1/2 ton and came in two wheelbases 119″ & 131″. J20 was 3/4 ton and came only in 131″ wheelbase.

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    • Danno

      Wasn’t there also a J3000 and J4000?
      I love these old Jeeps, if I could choose only one old truck to restore and drive it’d be one of these.

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  4. Dave

    Some of these sellers really need a reality check! My 2016 Patriot only cost $4000 more than this truck. Still…if you had a new one when you met your wife and are still married then how much are those memories worth?

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  5. Beaver Prince

    I am in love BUT when asked about driving it home to Utah I was told they would think not ?? But no idea why???

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  6. HoA Howard AMember

    Jeepers, I’m not sure. I think it went away with ainahey and cool daddio. It’s a shame I had such miserable luck with these, they were good trucks. It may look like a Kaiser, but the similarity ends there. AMC cheapened these up considerable, they had to, as the Kaisers lasted way too long. Not mechanically so much, but everything else I had problems with and severe rusters, which is why you rarely see any today. $15g’s is a bit much, and I see it’s up to $5, which is about right for these. I believe these got the worst gas mileage of most cars, like single digits, if that’s a concern.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Have to agree once again with the Pixel AutoSage, HoA, but it would be a decent stumppuller and run around town being manly IF it had a 4 speed……

      I wonder why it has a 2018 California license plate on the rear……..if its a Cali truck how did it get to Okiehoma………and if as the seller says he has 18 K in it, he may be better off waiting until they reach that market value….or he’s going to take a beating ….jess sayin

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    • r s

      A good friend of mine bought a 79 Cherokee brand new in charcoal silver / gray. It wasn’t all that old when one day he looked down on it from a 2nd floor window and noticed that the whole roof was breaking out in rust. When he got rid of it in not that many years, it was mechanically good but a rust bucket.

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  7. Tim

    Nice – but when are people going to learn not to punch new holes in the door panels and dash for sound systems. Ruins originality.

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  8. the one

    great truck. Gitcha there and back.

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  9. Joe Schlotthauer

    6K max….

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  10. Scott

    This is a nice truck but it is by no means a $15,000 truck. I’m sorry Sam61 but I do not think $11,000 would be a deal, I think it is about $1,000 over MAX price. Everything old is not a Gold Mine and people need a reality check. It is a good example and should be sold for a good price, not fund someone’s retirement.

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  11. Jeff

    Truck is also on classics.autotrader listed for 17 grand. It surprised me to see that it doesn’t seem over priced

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  12. JMB#7

    Definitely near the top of my list of classic trucks. However, I always go for manual transmissions. The way I look at it, the seller can ask whatever he wants. He just might not sell it for that price.Certainly a clean specimen and worth a higher than average price.

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