Original Paint Survivor! 1974 Ford Bronco Ranger

First generation Broncos continue to be solid collectibles and this specific one is no exception. The highlight of this 1974 Ford Bronco is the fact that it still wears its original paint. Some small parts have been refurbished and refreshed, but overall it is pretty amazing. Found here on eBay with a current bid of $35,000, the condition is certainly driving up the price. Located in San Juan Capistrano, California, the seller doesn’t say the vehicle has been in California its whole life but does say “…has enjoyed a mild climate since day one.”

It’s refreshing to see numerous clear and large photos in the ad. The seller certainly wants to show off the fact that this Bronco is a stunner. While the original paint is showing some wear on the hood and cracks/crazing on the white trim, it is an honest survivor. The seller is up front that it is not 100% original. The carpet is new, the engine has been rebuilt and there is a mild suspension lift. Overall though, the majority of the body and interior are original.

The engine is a 302 cubic inch and has been rebuilt. The transmission is the rebuilt original column shift C4 automatic and “the original power steering option provides effortless control, and she comes to a halt with power disc brakes up front featuring a fresh booster.”

As mentioned above, the carpet is new but amazingly the seat and door panel upholstery is said to be original. The rest of the interior looks great and besides the cassette deck, is period correct. You have to love the pattern of the upholstery and the brown seats look great with the painted interior parts and new carpet.

How high do you think the bidding will go? If I was in the market for an original style Bronco, this might be the one I was bidding on. Hopefully, the new owner will enjoy it and preserve it like the previous owners have. It’s been modified and updated enough that driving it won’t hurt the value. How about you? How high would you bid and what would you do with it if you were the winning bidder?

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    up to 40 large–are you kidding me, is this real or are his buddies bidding it up? Smog era. Lifted. I must be missing something. I know these are popular right now.

    Good luck!!

  2. dgrass

    An original paint survivor would imply that the car is all original, down to its factory paint. This is not a factory original example. Using dishonest clickbait to gain views is something usually frowned upon due to the deception involved.

    Clickbait: content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.

    Sorry, not trying to be negative.

    • Todd Zuercher

      The paint looks original (and the cracking decals as well!) although there are aspects of the truck that definitely aren’t original (suspension, disc brakes, power booster, etc).

      • tasker

        would still like to have it at my place!

  3. John m leyshon

    The market dictates, like it or not…I’m even at a loss…77 bids pushing forty four
    ? I’m in the wrong business… What company writes the policy, maybe I can sell insurance lol…

  4. John m leyshon

    Should look for a Cadillac Ambulance instead…

    • Jett


  5. dennis

    If this number is real it would break the bank for this type of Bronco. Restored ones at auctions reach these numbers. I think the high bidder with -0- feedback will not perform if he winds up the high bidder.

  6. Southbound

    It will bring crazy money.
    302 / Auto is very desirable as well as the Ranger or Sport package. Chrome trim and a nicer interior. Just needs A/C.
    There is a shop in northwest Florida that does only early Bronco restorations from bone stock to Coyote equipped screamers. Some are 200K and they can’t build them fast enough.

    I owned a really clean 72 sport. 302 and 3 on the tree with dealer add on A/C. Sold it for 6500 bucks in the mid 80’s and made money. Never dreamed the market would be like it is. I enjoyed mine for many years.

  7. Howard A

    Got to admit, this thing is really nice. The inside almost looks like a Ford brochure. I don’t ever remember 1st gen Bronco’s looking like this. They were used as plow trucks, and wasn’t until the bigger Bronco’s, like I had, that you began to see more fancy Bronco’s at the soccer games. Just flabbergasted these are mid 5 figure vehicles. Hope the new owner likes a choppy ride. They didn’t call them Bronco’s for nothing,,,very poor ride.

    • Jett

      If I was a farmer, rancher or outdoor enthusiast in 1974, I’d be more than happy to trade a car-like ride for capable off-road ability.

  8. half cab

    Nice looking Rig. Would love to have it .

  9. chrlsful

    they have softpac leafs for em now Howard, better frnts too.
    Nice thing bout these is U can do anything U want to them –
    application is the 1st Q, go frm there (DIY too).
    But – U don’t start at $57K+ (as sold).

  10. W9BAG Member

    Do I see dual gas tanks of this ? While not a fuel economy setter, it must have a fantastic range. A really great ride !

    • Jimmy

      Yes dual gas tanks, the first couple years you could only get a single 12 gallon tank on these because most were 6 bangers but as customers started ordering v8s in them they had to add a addition tank with another 10 gallon capacity to give it more driving range between fill ups. My 73 with a 351W which was not stock had the dual tanks.


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