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Original Panels: 1967 Chevelle Malibu


Oregon is one of those states where it seems like there are always some interesting cars hiding. Washington State also gets its fair share of survivors and oddballs, so I salute our Pacific Northwest residents who keep these classics on the road. This 1967 Chevy Chevelle Malibu here on craigslist is said to be a single-family owned vehicle that has survived with its original body panels intact. Although it’s a small block and automatic car, it is said to fire right up and have only 111,500 miles from new. 


I’ll admit, that paint looks better than expected for a car that’s been parked since 1999. The original Oregon plates are a treat, as is the vintage dealer license plate frame. The seller claims it was sold new by Ron Tonkin Chevrolet in Portland, so it hasn’t traveled far in that time. The chrome looks intact and presentable, and the grille is in excellent condition. In fact, it looks like it’s just a set of hubcaps away from rolling down to cruise night.


The rear quarter has been repaired for reasons unknown to us. Possibly rust or accident-related, if we’re to assume that if those are original panels, it’s an unfinished job that needs some paintwork to be complete. However, I’d want to know why it wasn’t finished in the first place and what led to the need for repair. The tail lights appear undamaged, but looking towards the driver’s door, there’s evidence of further work attempted.


The seller says the floors are largely solid, and they do appear pretty decent in photos. While I think the price is a touch high for an otherwise ordinary family car, it is getting harder to find vehicles with a traceable ownership history and remaining in presentable condition even after being stored. What do you think this Chevelle is worth? I’d peg it around $7,500, but that’s not a scientific answer; regardless of the final sale price, I hope it continues to be a preserved, survivor-grade example.


  1. Fred W.

    Destined to be an SS clone. Quarter panel repair must be from a hit, I’d check closely for frame damage.

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  2. dirtyharry

    It would be nice to see less floor pictures and at least one of the engine compartment. The seller says it has a small block (350). There was no 350 in 67, just the 283, 327 & 396. Maybe he is just sloppy with his description or maybe it has a later non-original 350. This appears to be another 2 speed powerglide car. Some hate that, some say don’t change it. I describe a powerglide car as having 2 gears, 2nd and 4th. Not the best driving experience, but certainly adequate. I think it is worth the money, there are just is so few 50 year old cars left to work with. The great thing about this Chevelle, is you can build it any way you want and probably not hurt the value when you are done. My neighbor installed a crate motor and a 5 speed in his and it did sell for big money here in So Cal.

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    • Ralph Terhune

      The 350 did come out in ’67. It came in the Camaro, Chevelle and full size cars.

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    • Clint

      396 is a big block. Only the 283 and 327 were available in 67 mid size cars.

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      • Norm Wrensch

        I beleive the 396 was available in 65, and I know I had worked on a 66 SS 396 when I had my repair shop. I know that one was original.

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  3. rdc

    One of my favorite Chevelle years. The other is 1970. They just look right.

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  4. Andrew Brown

    all paint looks good soaking wet.

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    • PaulG

      I especially love it when the hose is in plain view, and the water is dripping from the front bumper in the photo…

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      • Jimmy Member

        What is wrong with washing a car, he is not trying too hide it.

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  5. grant

    +1 for andrew. It’s been drizzly the last few days.

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  6. Blueprint

    So wet the hose is still there. Bet that Blazer in the back is worth more, provided it’s not stored outdoors with no roof.

    Ron Tonkin … a guy well-known for selling red cars ;)

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  7. Art. M.

    The 350, with a 3.48-inch (88.4 mm) stroke, first appeared as a high-performance L-48 option for the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. One year later it was made available in the Chevrolet Nova, and finally in 1969 the rest of the Chevrolet line could be ordered with a 350. (Source: Motor Trend and Wikipedia)

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  8. Mike R

    Decent find, but needs paint and interior. At least without the vinyl top you can assess the rust that might have been hiding under the roof…

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  9. fordfan

    A coworker’s dad has a 67 2 door post sedan without the flying buttress rear window. I’m 58 years old and don’t remember ever seeing one back in the day.
    I had a 67 post 2 door tempest as my first car, so I thought all had the same roof lines
    I thought it may have been an export model but I saw one when I googled it

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