Originality With Style: 1971 Chrysler Newport

Update – The seller misidentified this one as a New Yorker. Our post has been corrected.

Over the weekend, I wrote a brief article on a 1967 Chrysler Three-Hundred sedan and like the fool that I sometimes am, I got the year wrong – it was a ’68 and marked so obviously that if it had been a snake, it would have bitten me. Thanks to one of our sharp BF readers for politely pointing out my error. So… let’s try this again, only this time with a very clean, presentable 1971 Chrysler Newport, located in Odessa, Missouri and for sale here on Facebook Marketplace for $6,000.

This Chrysler, like most domestic cars of this era, is large and in charge and very appropriately brown. Earth hues were all the rage in the ‘70s and this Newport does not disappoint in that department. It’s listed as having 112,000 miles but it’s a beauty, no doubt about it. This Chrysler wears its third year “fuselage” styling beautifully. As for motivational power, we know that the ’71 Newport came equipped with a 440 CI V8 engine of either 335 or 370 HP. The owner, unfortunately, didn’t include any engine photos or details, so we can only speculate as to which version. The 335 HP variant came with a single exhaust system and this example has dual but it could have been added later on.

The interior is beautiful! There are, unfortunately, no comprehensive images, just snapshots of various parts. In totality, it looks really fine. I chose the best, complete, image that’s available with this listing and it nicely illustrates the condition of the upholstery. Research tells me that this Newport has the optional vinyl & leather combination.

There’s no reference to rust or corrosion on this Newport and from the available images, it doesn’t appear that there needs to be. The panel alignment looks spot-on, especially the sealed gap between the hood and front bumper. I can find no evidence of rot or surface rust on the exposed body panels but I’d definitely want to take a look at the underside of this car. It’s supposedly a California car which would explain its sharp condition but it’s also 48 years old so it needs a closer inspection.

Back in the day, when I thought of the big three in luxury lines, I always included Cadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler, and in that order. My, how things have changed since 1971. Chrysler has been sold and bought three times now and with last week’s announcement, it’s going for four with PSA. Chrysler, itself, is down to essentially two models, the great but very aged 300 and the Pacifica mini-van (I don’t consider the new Voyager mini-van to be an additional model). It’s sad and I don’t know what the way forward will be for Chrysler. With that in mind, let’s revel in the past and enjoy nicely preserved examples like this Newport; big power, big size and big luxury for a reasonable price. Is anyone interested in taking a closer look at how Chrysler used to be?


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  1. William Shields

    Hate to tell you my friend you may have gotten the year right but you got the model wrong.
    It’s a Newport not a New Yorker.
    Still a cool car though.

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    • Jim ODonnell

      Thank you for your response. The listing has it as a “New Yorker” so I defer to the owner’s identification of his own vehicle.

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      • Ed

        Zoom in on the name on the C pillar.

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      • Jeff Stork

        As sellers are sometimes confused, as in this case- perhaps best to verify before publishing? The Newport badge on the sail panel is certainly a starting point.

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    • Santo Lumby Sheilds

      That a boy Billy my old friend.

  2. chillywind

    This is a big car, amazing it doesn’t have dings and dents through years of parking lots and garages.
    I can just smell the hydrocarbons being behind this behemoth in traffic.

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    • Johnny

      What,s that smell coming out of new cars? It smells like rotten eggs. I,d rather have this car any day. The any of the junk coming off the assembly line today. Its a 100 % American mad car. Hit the interstate and cruise all day doing 90–if you don,t get caught. They road really nice and would get about 14 mpg and didn,t beat you to death.

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  3. Dennis Marth

    My parents had a 1968 Chrysler New Yorker back in the day. I drove MGs and Saabs, little quick and agile machines with no power anything. I borrowed their Chrysler to take a date to a party one time, having never driven the beast before. All went well until the first time a applied the brakes. It was as close to getting launched thru the windshield as I ever want to experience. Power brakes so powerful and sensitive that I drove in relative fear for my life the rest of the way! I never asked to borrow that car again.

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    • Stuart

      My Mom borrowed my grandmother new ’68 New Yorker one morning to take us to school and had the same experience with the brakes!
      Back then we never wore seat-belts especially for such a short ride.Needless to say a car load of kindergartners went flying, good thing the interior was so padded!

  4. Del

    Looks like a good deal.

    But why advertise on Facebook ?

    • 71FXSuperGlide

      It’s odd. Not on the local CL, and the FB listing doesn’t work for me.

      Price seems pretty reasonable given overall condition.

    • Boatman Member

      Facebook worked for me when others did not. And it’s free. CL is not now.

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  5. Dave Doughty

    I had a ‘69 Chrysler Newport Custom, I felt like I was looking off the deck of an aircraft carrier sitting at the wheel. It had an extra foot button to automatically search for radio stations along with the standard head light high beam switch. Fun car!

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    • Tony, Australia.

      Dave, my 62 Imperial has the same switch for the radio stations, I forget how many times I’ve changed the station instead of dipping the lights. My radio tech used an Epson printer motor to fix the station seek motor when it went bad, who’d of guessed? I know what you mean about driving an Aircraft Carrier and mine is grey like one as well.

  6. Bill z

    I had the same car while in a band and in college in the eighties. 7 body trunk. Five across in the back seat. Collected dings like flies in a dumpster. The great white hope … motor mount, master cylinder on the face through the windshield power breaks, voltage regulator power steering hose snapped when the motor lifted and smashed the air cleaner. Bologna skin tires in the snow. Miss those days.

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  7. steve

    Battlestar Galactica , 440’s where meant for these kings of the interstate, they should never had put them in E bodies!

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  8. Matt Adkins

    My dad had a 71 Chrysler new yorker they look the same but i think the new yorker had the rear wheel skirts on it my dad’s did defiantly remember that 440 stock had nothing but power and the weight of the car still didn’t discourage the 440 it got out there no problem pedal to the metal the front end would lift up like a plane hats off to the good old days

  9. Ken Carney

    With my big brood, this would be perfect. All that room and a
    cavernous trunk to boot! My back is thanking me just looking
    at it! I think I’ll call my doctor and see if he’ll prescribe it for me!
    I can just see Robert Young driving one on Marcus Welby, MD
    although I think his was Ice Blue not the brown we see here. If
    you get sleepy driving this one, pull over!

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  10. Sal

    Great cars.
    And a hardtop (non pillar car) to boot.
    Power locks are great on a 4 door of this size.

    I’d be on my way down there now if I didn’t already have two of these land yachts.

    For anyone interested..
    Dog leg of the rear quarter and the fender area behind the front wheel are where rust first appears. If those areas are clean, you’re probably good to go..

  11. dave

    just as an FYI, The 440 was not the only engine option.

    Could have been had with a 2bbl 383 or a 4bbl 383 also

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    • Johnny

      Or a 400. Its what is in the one outback. Great riding and comfortable cars. Cruiseing at 85 will get about 14mph. It,s what we got one night coming back from Ill. The 440 is alot harder on gas.I tried out a New Yorker and wouldn,t buy it.Because when I shoved the gas down. I saw the gas gauge go down. haha

  12. Hollywood Collier

    I wont swear to it…..but I had this same car with a 360 maybe?? All I know is that motor warmed up in the winter faster than any other car I had. I had heat before I got to the stop sign. Lol

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  13. Terry

    4 Door Hardtop

    L1C: 383 275HP 1-2BBL 8 CYL
    Jefferson Avenue, MI, USA

    117659: Sequence number

    E61: 383 cid 2 barrel V8 290hp
    D32: Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
    GT8: Dark Tan Poly Exterior Color
    E2L2: Trim – Unknown, Vinyl Bench Seat, Unknown Color
    BL1: Sandalwood Beige Int. Door Frames
    918: Build Date: September 18
    041331: Order number

    V1T: Full Vinyl Top, Tan
    H51: Air Conditioning with Heater
    R13: Deluxe AM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
    L31: Hood/Fender Mounted Turn Signals

    P41: Power Door Locks
    S61: Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column

    B41: Front Disc Brakes w/Standard 10in RR Drum
    G11: Tinted Glass (all)

    R31: Rear Seat Speaker(s)
    N51: Maximum Engine Cooling

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  14. handsonman

    This reminds me of my dad’s 70’s Chyrsler LeBaron ..
    That thing was a huge square tank of a car, and wouldn’t even fit in our garage.
    I used to joke about how big it was, and pop would just laugh and say that ain’t big. As I recall it had a 440 4bbl .
    My mom drove an Old’s Delta 88 with a 455 in it.
    I miss those days and mom and dad..

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  15. Steven Bell

    Not ALL big Chryslers (as well as Dodge and Plymouth) came off the factory line with big block motors – 383, 400, 440 (the 383 and 400 are “B” engines, the 440 is “RB” engine in chryco-speak). Anyways in 71′ the Newport could be had with the brand new 360 small block or the 383 (which was on its way out by that time to be replaced by the 400 in 72 and onward). The 440?.. might have been an option but def not standard in the Newport.

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